"I am the Lord your God who teaches YOU to profit and leads YOU in the WAY you should go." (Isaiah 48:17)

The Most Comprehensive, PROVEN Sales and Business Training Programs Ever Developed

From Scripture and Natural Law!

Problems are your provision. Find & solve them! (Num 14:9)

Market your solution. Get 

noticed and SELL! (2 Kings 4:7) 

Expand your boundaries. Multiply the franchise. (Is 54:2)

Membership Coaching and Mentoring

GOD'S BUSINESS SECRETS (All Inclusive Business Training & Coaching)

Whether helping an insolvent education company generate $6 million in profit in 12 months or transforming a demoralized sales force of 3, into the 16th fastest growing privately held company in America on the INC 500 list, God's Business Secrets were the key to our success. 

During these remarkable business transformations, I was learning and applying what I was learning from God's Word and in particular what I call the Divine Blueprint that God gave Moses in exacting detail. For me it served as a sort of Rosetta Stone for decoding the "ways of God" for business. 


I meet weekly with a private group of entrepreneurs, sales people and business owners on ZOOM. The format typically includes some instruction followed by tackling whatever members of the group are wanting to improve.

That might be their website, advertising pieces, email strategy, sales proposals, whatever needs help. Members have 24/7 access to an online library of over 150 videos ranging in length from 5 or 10 minutes to an hour. We deal with the Science of Selling (Level 1), Strategic Selling following unique and highly effective Biblical strategies (Level 2) and Power Principles (Level 3).

Audio & Video Course Options

Genesis Business Model

One day I asked God about His enterprise we call Planet Earth. Each day He did something specific with the end result that this enterprise we all live on, is self-sustaining, self-replicating and flourishes without any help from man.

I wanted to understand the logos (logic) behind the way He built this place. I thought it would be a phenomenal business model. My favorite part is Day 7 when He rested, because the systems were in place! Click HERE for details.

RainCatcher's Secret

Are you tired of being the rainmaker? Is everyone looking to you to “make it happen”? How would you like to simply follow God around and catch the rain He freely showers? The Rain Catcher’s Secret reveals the seven ancient paths found in that ancient dwelling place of God, the Tabernacle
of Moses, that can transform you into a highly productive, peace filled, God chasing, revenue accelerating, rain catching, business professional! Click HERE for details.

Destiny of the 3rd Millennium

As a personal tutorial Destiny has no equal and has been applauded globally for its practicality and results in the fields of entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership.

Covering such topics as goal setting, time management and economic security, it's been said that this program has created more millionaires in the church than anything in history. Click to view Peter Daniels last granted interview!

7 Wealth Secrets of the Rainforest

The rainforest is the most diverse, lush and productive place on the planet. The shocker is that it produces a super abundance of supply despite having shallow, acidic soil due to high rainfall washing the soil away.

Despite this, God gets abundance from scarcity is what every business person needs to know. This 7 hour series explores 7 key factors for its success. CLICK HERE for Details

Selling Among Wolves (Classic)

Audio Coaching Program (Download only)

Discover how these Biblical Truths have HELPED THOUSANDS of ordinary people with little or no sales experience outsell even ruthless competitors in as little as 30 days - without having to compromise!

This Biblically based digital sales training program debuted on American Family Radio in 1996 and quickly became the standard for Christians in sales who wanted to succeed in sales without joining the pack! CLICK HERE For Details

7 Laws of Persuasion

How the Holy Spirit Persuades the Heart

Jesus said in John 16:8, "And when He has come, He will convict (convince) the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:" How the Holy Spirit does that is nothing short of spectacular.

Even this verse reveals the three critical steps every prospect must go through in their thinking before they will change to your product or service. DETAILS HERE...

Negotiating Secrets of Paul

They say you don't get in life what you deserve... You get what you negotiate. That is often the case. Successful negotiating is a critical skill that can be worth great sums of money and substantial peace of mind to you.

This three hour series develops 31 strategies from the Apostle Paul's letter to Philemon which despite going against cultural norms, it changed the course of history in that region. Available soon.

The Moses Questioning Strategy

When Moses was getting ready to take the children of Israel into the Promised Land he knew they would be met with RESISTANCE which meant there would be RISK and if successful, there would be a great REWARD.

With that in mind, Moses had 7 questions he had to have answered before planning the invasion. The implication and application to sales has put millions of dollars into my clients businesses. There is nothing else like it! Available soon.

Isaiah Marketing Lessons

In Isaiah 11, the prophet reveals what is known as the 7 Spirits of God. The context is how they will help people recognize the Savior when He came to the Earth.

The role those seven Spirits or characteristics of God play when announcing something that is coming is what every sales person and entrepreneur needs to know and model when promoting their product or service. Available soon.

Getting Clear on Vision

Without a clear vision, people cast off restraint. They have no disciplined approach to their job or business. But with vision, people can move into the future with confidence.

Even in nature, everything grows towards the light and the primary purpose of light is to enable VISION. This series will help you develop your own vision from a Biblical perspective. Available soon.

MOSES Blueprint For Success

There is an actual blueprint found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and confirmed in the book of Exodus that reveals in intricate detail the design, size, colors, materials and purpose of a physical place that exists to this day in Heaven.

Its 3 levels reveal 7 ancient paths to wealth, wisdom and the wonder of God. Available soon.

God's Perfect Business Model

Romans 1:20 tells us that the hidden things of God are revealed in His creation. Kings sent emissaries to Solomon to hear him teach about natural law modeled by trees. The principles it models and he used, made him the wealthiest man of his time.

Only 4% of business startups are still in business with one or more employees and generating a profit after five years. Contrast that with trees that have a 100% success rate when 7 conditions are met. Available soon.

Individual Subject Modules

Whole Brain Selling

The buying decision is 90% in the heart and it is the right brain that informs the heart. 10% of the buying decision is made with the mind and it is the left brain that controls the logical, rational process of decision making.

Learning how to communicate with and to both sides of the brain can quite literally multiply your sales. Whole brain communication is a non-negotiable skill if you want to get those sales you know you should have. Available soon.

The Genesis 1:28 Mandate

The Genesis Mandate is a 7-fold mandate for mankind to emulate. It is the first thing God ever spoke to man. Think of it as the FIRST GREAT COMMISSION.

When you understand what God prepared for you to do and what His intent for you in your business is, it will set you free, light your fire and propel you forward. You were meant to lead and not follow, to be above and not below. This will help you get there. Available soon.

Jesus Communication Strategy

Jesus Christ is and was the Master Communicator. When He spoke, worlds were formed. When He came to Earth, the masses followed and sat in rapt attention on hillsides and lakesides and any place He spoke.

They said He spoke as one having authority. That was no accident. His use of questions, stories, contrasts, etc., lay out for us how to create impressions and messages that stick! Available soon.

The E.A.S.Y. Close Process

When I was young, I was told to memorize something called, Twenty Ways To Close A Sale, none of which I was comfortable with and none of them seemed to work well.

You don't need 20 ways to close a sale. You don't need some kind of hard close. You need to follow the process that cooperates with how God wired folks. When you do, the sale almost closes itself. Available soon!

How To Create a Climate of Trust

Based on the life of Jesus

Jesus asks us to trust Him for our eternal salvation. The stakes are unimaginably high. So how did Jesus model His life that we would be inclined to trust Him and held accountable to God for our decision?

Trust is the most important factor when doing business and making sales. How to create trust is summed up for us by the Apostle Paul in 7 powerful points. Available soon. 

Motivational Secrets

Of The Ten Commandments

The 10 Commandments are not a list of ten things to deprive us of a quality life. On the contrary, they not only protect us, but they guard and protect the legitimate motivational needs we all have.

When you understand what they protect motivationally, you will much more easily be able to gain the willing cooperation of others. Available soon.

Retrain Your Brain: 12 Mind Hacks

Inside the Tabernacle of Moses there was a table with 12 loaves of bread for the priests that was replaced weekly. 

Those 12 loaves which they ate, represented the 12 tribes of Israel whose names literally identify 12 mindsets that if we internalize will reshape our beliefs, redefine our actions and reclaim the destiny God has for us. Learn to think like God thinks. Available soon.


The Most Exhaustive Work on God's Wisdom & Natural Law Applied to Sales & Business

God's Best Kept Secrets

101 Secrets Pulled From Scripture & God's Laws Of Nature For Success in Your Life, Job & Business

In 2022, I asked God for a great idea for a "high ticket" offer. After all, I had spent over 40 years studying, gleaning and applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business with great effect. He told me that He didn't give me all those secrets so only those who could afford "high ticket" prices (which in the past had ranged from $5K - $20K and more) could have access. He then told me to make it affordable and put it in book form, holding nothing back. This highly acclaimed, Four Volume series is the result of that.

The Most Comprehensive, Biblically Based Sales Book Ever Written!

7 Secrets of the Sale

Hidden Strategies From The Bible
So You Can Work Less And Sell More!

Selling is the transference of passion. If you can talk, you can learn to sell at a very high level! Proverbs promises, “A man shall eat well by the fruit of his mouth, (That’s messaging!) And also, “a word spoken at the right time is very good.” (That’s timing!) Timing and messaging are what great sales systems are all about. If you want to learn a great sales system that will enable you to literally multiply your income, so you're not “destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos 4:6) then it's time you learned the 7 Secrets of the Sale, hidden in the Bible! 

Best-Selling Book - Over 400,000 Copies Sold!

The Bible Incorporated

A collection of "timeless texts and practical wisdom" and "real answers for real situations" from the Bible. Organized by topic

For the first time, Biblical wisdom is compiled in conversational format on 101 work and business related topics. No commentary. No fluff. Just God's Word pertaining to your professional life. In seconds, you can have access to the counsel of God addressing a myriad of work related topics that will give you the wisdom you're seeking and the peace you desire. Get your copy now and learn why this classic book has become one of the best selling Christian business books of all time!

Foreword by Zig Ziglar

Rainforest Strategy

The Planet's Most Successful Business Model!

Are you working with limited resources, yet have big vision? God created a working model of success (the rainforest) that produces more abundance than any other system on the planet, despite having relative scarcity (poor topsoil). He embedded His wisdom in the created order (Romans 1:20) so it could be observed, learned and emulated. How God gets abundance from scarcity is what every entrepreneur needs to know! Learn the wealth secrets that business leaders have learned from natural law established by God!


"Two weeks ago we asked Michael Pink to present his Biblically based sales training program to our Success 2.0 Webcast.

Not only was it one of the highest response rates ever for registration, but the content was so impacting our chat rooms filled up quickly and remained full for the duration of the event.

These strategies have helped corporate clients secure millions of dollars in immediate and ongoing revenue." 

Zig Ziglar

America's Most Loved Motivational Speaker

"Michael continued to help grow our sales efforts and the end result was that this company that I almost closed down a few years ago went from nothing to the fastest growing real estate brokerage company in the history of the Inc 5000 with over 11,350% 3-year revenue growth rate.

I can’t stress strongly enough, that if you want to grow your sales and/or grow your business, you need to get ahold of anything and everything Michael is offering.

Joe Johnson, PhD - Ranked #16 on 2018 INC 5000 List
And #20 Best Brokerage by Entrepreneur Magazine

"You are truly in a league of your own when it comes to Biblical strategy and Natural Law for sales and business. You’re like Simone Biles in women’s gymnastics… the all time best gymnast in the world. This is amazing!

I have no doubt in my mind or my spirit that you are the number 1 authority for Biblical strategy and Natural Law for sales and business and that’s who I want to learn from."

Dr. Joseph Peck,

The TIME Doctor

"Michael Pink is a salesman par excellence, a trainer coach extraordinaire, a seminar speaker of note, but first and foremost he is a man of Godly character with a passionate commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and a deep love for people.

His sales training course from a Biblical perspective has benefited both me and my fellow team members at Ambassador Steel Corporation. He will challenge and encourage you as well."

Daryl Doden,
Founder and CEO of Ambassador Steel Corporation

"I’ve been in the automotive industry most of my life as a tradesman, a workshop supervisor and a trainer... What did I know about sales? Nothing! After searching the internet, I settled on Michael Pink and his sales training… I read it. I listened to it. I repeated it to myself over and over again. After six months, guess who was the top performing sales person? According to their statistics, for 18 months I was the top achieving sales person. I couldn’t have achieved half of this success without Michael sharing his wisdom."

Mark Reynolds, Top Performing Car Salesman


"I've grown multiple million dollar companies. There is nothing like this. It's Amazing! If you're seriously looking at increasing your world, you should get involved with Michael Pink. God has given him so many special gifts and you need to let him pass those on to you, like I'm letting him pass those on to me. So take action and get involved with Michael Pink and you will not regret it.”

Chris Davis, Home Star Realty Advisors
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

“When Michael showed up, there was such disharmony and just a real lack of unity in the business. Michael walked in peace and he helped bring a lot of peace into the business and helped get a process started and brought a lot of peace . From a business standpoint, our business has done very well. Anybody that works with Michael will find out that he always exceeds expectations." 

Robert Henderson, CEO

Henderson's Lineup, Grants Pass, OR

"What Michael knows and what God has revealed to Michael from His Word is second to none. Michael knows more about business and the Bible than anybody else I can think of.  He has been able to extract things from the pages of Scripture that nobody else has been able to extract. The success stories that he tells from his past experience are not exaggerated at all. What he teaches and what he can do for your business are second to none."

Tim Porter, Founder
God's Business Revolution

"Michael is a perfect example of seeking first the kingdom and having all the other things added to you. Any of his works, I highly recommend and I’m really excited about his new updated version of Selling Among Wolves that he’s going to be presenting. So don’t walk – RUN TO GET IT as soon as it’s available!"

Steve Sappington, President

Trinity Wealth Managment, Waco, TX

"I expected a high impact, super motivating program...what I got was much, much better ...I felt as if the speaker was sitting across from me, speaking in terms that I could not only understand, but could relate to also. I found myself rushing to listen to the next CD and eventually, to listen to that CD again. 

Since I have been using this program, I have seen my sales increase by up to 100% conservatively. I also signed our company's largest client...an account worth over 8.2 million dollars! I never would have called on them if I hadn't done what was suggested in the program."

Ken Dulaney, Sales & Marketing Director
Alliance Collection Service

"Michael Pink began to make a difference in my life the moment he entered it. I had great work ethic but the results just were not there. He turned all of that around beginning with one lunch. In one year I went from last to first on my team and never looked back.

Michael wore his faith like I wanted to. He is the best teacher of the art of selling I've ever known. In my opinion... Everybody needs some Michael in their life."

David Gentry


"The membership has overwhelmingly expressed their joyful appreciation for the time and energy you poured into your presentation. Personally, I was blessed to overflowing. 

You’re application of Biblical principles is without equal and you easily motivate us to use them in our daily lives. You are a truly inspiring teacher and we are blessed to have you as a friend and an educational mainstay of the NACFC (National Association of Christian Financial Consultants)."

Mark Minnella
President, NACFC

"Among the many benefits, 7 Secrets of the Sale provides, is a clear and concise process for developing a selling strategy with practical tactics for every prospect you care enough about to implement Michael’s teachings for. While not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to attend one of Michael’s live trainings as I have, modern technology allows anyone, serious about their business development goals, to experience the benefits over and over again for continuous improvement. I highly recommend this investment in yourself and your future.” 

Wes Holsapple, N.Y. Times and Wall Street Journal #3 Best Seller;

Masters of Networking - contributing author

"Far exceeded our expectations! I want to thank you for your excellent presentation...without a doubt, it far exceeded our expectations! ...Many of the people in attendance have been through a number of sales training seminars prior to yours but remarked that this was the best they had ever participated in. Not only was the material something we could begin applying immediately in a practical way, but it was highly entertaining in content and style."

Carl Jeffrey Wright, CEO
Urban Ministries International

"You were born with the heart of William Wallace… As one of America’s Greatest Teachers and Evangelists with a destiny to knight businessmen and women in the army of God. It is an honor to know and learn from you. You are one of my hero’s."

John Beehner, CEO

Wise Counsel

"On behalf of Coral Ridge Ministries, Dr. D. James Kennedy, and the CENTER FOR RECLAIMING AMERICA, please accept our heartfelt thanks in the 2005 Reclaiming America for Christ conference, and for your personal inspiration you brought to the conference through your unique witness and your Action Plan. Through your exhortation and information, attendees have been motivated, encouraged, and equipped to go back to their communities with their new tools and guidelines to make a difference for Christ!"

Barbara Collier on behalf of Dr. D. James Kennedy
Coral Ridge Ministries