"Be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY... FILL the earth and SUBDUE it." (Genesis 1:28)

Embedded in Nature, Encoded in Scripture And Modeled in Creation

God's Natural Laws and Biblical Secrets For Starting a Business, Accelerating Sales And Scaling Up

What You Will Learn in My FREE Training Session...

  • God's Perfect Business Model With A 100% Success Rate
  • 7 Elements Every Business Needs In Order To Succeed
  • 7 Roles Every Business Must Fill In Order To Grow
  • Top 10 Reasons Businesses Fail & How to Avoid Them
  • What The 7 Days Of Creation Teach About Business
  • The Moses Blueprint for Success
  • The 3 Value Related, Non-Negotiables of Business

Helping Entrepreneurs STABILIZE Their Business, MULTIPLY Their Sales And MAXIMIZE Their Profits For Over 25 Years!

"Michael continued to help grow our sales efforts and the end result was that this company that I almost closed down a few years ago went from nothing to the fastest growing real estate brokerage company in the history of the Inc 5000 with over 11,350% 3-year revenue growth rate.

I can’t stress strongly enough, that if you want to grow your sales and/or grow your business, you need to get ahold of anything and everything Michael is offering.

Joe Johnson, PhD - Ranked #16 on 2018 INC 5000 List
And #20 Best Brokerage by Entrepreneur Magazine

"I've known Michael for 20 years. He's one of the fathers of the Christian entrepreneur movement. I decided to do what Michael taught when I was speaking at a conference he was hosting. Following his process, I had 35 business owners show up for my presentation and 31 of them became clients! What Michael teaches may sound good to you right now, but it is the truth.

Eric Beck, Former International Director for E-Myth Worldwide. Founder of TotalIntegrationNow.com

"What Michael knows and what God has revealed to Michael from His Word is second to none. Michael knows more about business and the Bible than anybody else I can think of.  He has been able to extract things from the pages of Scripture that nobody else has been able to extract. The success stories that he tells from his past experience are not exaggerated at all. What he teaches and what he can do for your business are second to none."

Tim Porter, Founder
God's Business Revolution

"You are truly in a league of your own when it comes to Biblical strategy and Natural Law for sales and business. You’re like Simone Biles in women’s gymnastics… the all time best gymnast in the world. This is amazing!

I have no doubt in my mind or my spirit that you are the number 1 authority for Biblical strategy and Natural Law for sales and business and that’s who I want to learn from."

Dr. Joseph Peck, The TIME DOCTOR

"I've grown multiple million dollar companies. There is nothing like this. It's Amazing! If you're seriously looking at increasing your world, you should get involved with Michael Pink. God has given him so many special gifts and you need to let him pass those on to you, like I'm letting him pass those on to me. So take action and get involved with Michael Pink and you will not regret it.”

Chris Davis, Home Star Realty Advisors
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist