Without Joining The Pack!

Discover How These Biblical Truths Have HELPED THOUSANDS of Ordinary People With Little or No Sales Experience Outsell Even Ruthless Competitors In As Little As 30 Days - Without Having to Compromise!

How Is This Possible?

People often ask me how I discovered the Bible could make such a profound difference in sales. The answer is simple. I was scared, desperate and needed to make a good income on straight commission while entering a highly competitive, price sensitive market where wolves abounded and nice guys finished last! In that business you were expected to make one sale out of every four or five presentations and no one expected a sale in your first month. They did expect two sales your second month and four sales per month thereafter. (In the two years I was with that company, I never saw anyone make six sales in their first 90 days, but that was the goal they gave me.)

It’s So Simple, It Only Makes Sense

My employment began mid January and I spent the first two weeks learning the product and getting acquainted with current customers. My first full month was February and instead of shooting for one or two sales, I wanted ten. I believed that if God had called me to the marketplace, then He would equip me and everything I needed to learn about sales training I could find in Scripture! I further reasoned that if a farmer planted four rows of corn in good soil, he expected all four rows of corn to produce a harvest. Why should I expect any less in sales if I made presentations in good soil? I purposed in my heart to follow the lessons in Scripture and marinated my mind in the book of Proverbs, especially chapter three.

Shocking Proof!

By the end of February, I had made 10 sales and by the time I had been there ninety days, I had closed 22 sales! That was 3 ½ times the goal they set for me that had never been made. Not only was it an unprecedented sales accomplishment for a rookie, but those 22 sales were made from only 22 presentations! The national closing average was 25% but I was enjoying a 100% closing ratio! By the end of my first year, that ratio dropped to around 90% but I had set a record for the most sales in a single year, even though it was my rookie year!

The Biggest Payoff…

The next thing I knew, I was the sales manager over the rookie department which consisted of five reps. Now it was time to prove what I had learned was in fact, transferable. In just 10 months, sales for my department were up 430% over the year before and I was promoted to the position of company sales trainer! But here’s the best part, the platform God was giving me created receptivity in my sales team to know the source of my secrets and three of them opened their life to Christ during that year. One more who initially rejected my message called me years later to tell me that my witness and challenge to him was the catalyst that later brought him to Christ. Believe me folks; people pay attention to people who are successful in an area where they want to succeed. Succeeding in sales will give you a platform that mediocre results just won’t give you. I’m not saying that’s the way it should be, but I am saying generally, that’s the way it is.

Another Rookie Blows The Lid Off –
Quadrupling His Income In 1 Week!

Since releasing this valuable, one-of-a-kind teaching I have received countless testimonials from individuals that were either struggling to make a living or wanted to find a selling system that was compatible with and preferably based upon their Biblical values. One fellow called me who couldn’t wait for the course to come out and I shared with him the following key principles:

How to…

  • Create a Climate of Trust Based on 7 Aspects of the Life of Christ
  • Earn Respect based largely on the teachings of Solomon
  • Develop a Need Before You Proceed
  • Win the Heart Before Negotiating the Deal based on the Canaanite conquest
  • His first week in sales he earned four times his previous weekly earnings and closed 8 out of 8 presentations! Now of course, not everyone will experience that result, but it doesn’t have to be that extraordinary to be extremely worthwhile!

You will learn How To:

  • Close more sales by asking more questions!
  • Negotiate more effectively without force or manipulation!
  • Overcome the root of fear in every objection!
  • Gain cooperation by unlocking the motivational secrets of the Ten Commandments!
  • Clarify your value proposition!
  • Recognize buying signals, avoid price tensions and master trial closes!
  • Sustain your motivation!

People Have Paid Thousands For Portions Of This Knowledge

Components of this classic sales system have been taught covertly at Fortune 100 companies such as Lucent Technologies and Sysco Foods and at thousands of businesses in United States, Canada, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. Clients have paid thousands of dollars per hour for this training, but now it is available in a full 12 hours of audio teaching!

If we charged what it was worth, you probably couldn’t afford it.

Our challenge was to produce a professional sales coaching program that was second to none in presentation and more importantly, with winning content – without having to charge an arm and a leg. We of course need to make a fair profit, just like you. Your investment for this proven, effective, non-manipulative sales coaching program is just $277. That’s just $23 per recorded hour of training materials. I am sure you’ll agree your success is worth much more than that small investment.

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Or Your Money Back!

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When you order, you will receive a link to download the entire 12 hour audio program along with the digital version of the Selling Among Wolves book.

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