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"It’s not often I have the opportunity to learn something totally new to me. Michael Pink’s adaptation of the truths of the rainforest to success in business is unique and fascinating. I was unprepared for how intricately woven these principles are."

"I believe business leaders at all levels can benefit from the information in this book. The procedures it recommends can be applied to virtually any business of any size and purpose."

"I am of the opinion the information in Rainforest Strategy can be a positive factor in your future and the future of your business."

Zig Ziglar

"Be inspired by these exciting, mindset changing ideas."

Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup For The Soul

7 Wealth Secrets 

You'll Learn...

  • Grow Towards the Light - The Power of Vision
  • The "No Pest Zone" - How to Accomplish Much More in a Fraction of the Time 
  • The Photosynthesis of Ideas - 3 Non Negotiables for Turning Vision Into Provision 
  • The Strangler Fig Phenomenon - Know and Flow With The Cycle to Maximize Results
  • The Brazil Nut Effect - Getting What You Want With What You Have
  • The Orchid Element - Creating Irresistibility in Your Marketing

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The Natural Strategies Revealed in "Rainforest Strategy" Have Already Helped Countless People Dramatically Grow Their Business!

From Michael Q. Pink:

Natural law massively outperforms man's wisdom. As eminent biologist and famed Princeton professor, Edwin Conklin stated, "Man cannot change a single law of nature, but can put himself into such relations to natural laws that he can profit by them."

The wisest man that ever lived was Solomon...

He was also the wealthiest. See the connection? But how did he become so wise? He studied how God made things work – through natural law! It was his father, King David who taught him, “the works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them.” So Solomon studied them.

As a result, Scripture records that he spoke of trees and animals, birds and fish, even insects. So profound were his discoveries, that world leaders either went or sent their emissaries to learn what he had discovered. In one year alone, he received over $1 BILLION as grateful gifts from those wanting to access his wisdom and grow their wealth.

1000 years later, the Apostle Paul affirmed that God uses the created order to reveal the secrets of his dynamic working power. (Romans 1:20) But you don’t have to be the son of a king or an apostle to access this wisdom. It’s available to anyone.

Consider George Washington Carver... He was born a slave in 1864 and was once traded for a horse. His future prospects were bleak, but he followed Solomon’s example and earnestly studied the created order (natural law).

He famously said, "I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. If you listen carefully, you can learn more from the flowers and trees than from books, because the flowers and trees speak with the voice of God.”

He invented plastics, many cosmetics, paints and hundreds of other witty inventions. He was honored by U.S. presidents, compared to Leonardo da Vinci, had a battleship and a nuclear sub named after him.

Oh yeah, he also earned a Masters degree in botany and went on to teach his wisdom at the first black college in America, founded by Booker T. Washington in 1881 (Tuskegee University). Students were taught everything from hygiene and Bible to natural law and trades. Many of them were former slaves themselves.

Amazingly, during that time of teaching Biblical wisdom and natural law, Tuskegee produced more millionaires than Harvard, Yale and Princeton combined!

The Backstory...

Wealth Building Secrets Encoded in Natural Law

Reveal How You Can Literally...

  • Be 10 Times More Productive
  • Grow 13 Times Faster
  • Be 20 Times More Likely To Succeed
  • Dominate Your Niche

I’ve spent over 40 years following in their footsteps, studying both the Word of God and the works of God.

I’ve traveled to and studied some of the most remote, productive ecosystems on earth and been given uncommon access to Smithsonian white papers that detail the way God’s creation works.

I've even taken multiple groups to the Panamanian rainforest to introduce them to the wisdom of God as revealed in the rainforest and applied to business. Incredible stuff!

What I have learned over decades of research and application, has not only revolutionized my life, but it has helped my clients experience explosive growth. Here are just a few examples…

  • Helped a $22 million stagnant company jump their sales to $30 million in under a year!
  • Helped a business education company go from virtual insolvency to a 7 figure profit in 90 days.
  • Helped an established 3rd generation, 5-star bank experience about a 50% revenue increase in 1 year.
  • Helped a 130 employee home health business to high efficiency in months so they could sell their company. 
  • Transformed a struggling three man sales team into the fastest growing real estate brokerage on the INC 5000 list. 
  • In two weeks, helped a major manufacturer with a decade old problem of late orders, reduce that failure rate by 90%. 
  • In 1 year, turned a sales force of 85 that lost $1,000,000 into a team of 50 that actually grew revenues and made $1,000,000! 

The above examples were of great companies that were stuck. In every case, Biblical strategies and Natural Law were employed to unlock the team’s potential and pole vault them into uncommon success.

""Michael Pink gives us all a lot to learn and apply in his interesting new book. I know you'll be as fascinated with his insights and conclusions as I was."

Pat Williams, Senior VP,

Orlando Magic NBA Team

"I have greatly enjoyed reading Michael Pink’s new book, Rainforest Strategy. It will have an impact on anyone in business—particularly those in leadership positions.

The rainforest model for the book is intriguing. Michael has included so much biological and scientific information—it is bound to grasp the interest of any reader, particularly how each event in the rainforest relates to and illustrates a business principle.

The techniques Michael outlines will help make any product successful and should even be considered during the development process. Irresistible!"

Pat Williams, Senior VP,

Orlando Magic NBA Team

"What does a rainforest have to do with success in business? Plenty, according to my friend Michael Pink in his book, Rainforest Strategy. It’s not surprising we can gain valuable insights to succeed in business from nature. 

However, it requires someone to help us extract and understand these secrets in hidden places. (See Isaiah 45:3.) Michael reveals hundreds of valuable business principles revealed in nature that you can apply to succeed in business and life. If you’re looking for an edge, you’ll gain many valuable tools here. I highly recommend this groundbreaking book."

Os Hillman 

Author, The 9 to 5 Window and TGIF: Today God Is First

"The rainforest is worth saving and, in fact, must be saved. Michael Pink has the most brilliant and original way to do it: get make-it-happen wealth builders and businesspeople to start thinking of these ideas and models and being inspired to these exciting mind-set changing and improving ideas. We will get rich and save the environments simultaneously."

Mark Victor Hansen, 

Coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The One Minute Millionaire

"Michael Pink has a gift for seeing universal truths in the world around us and translating them into the business world with eye-opening clarity and practical relevance. The truths in this book will transform your business. 

The strategies and action steps Pink includes offer the chance to convert sometimes ephemeral truths into concrete actions that are duty-bound to take your business to the next level."

Rod Thomson 

Former Executive Editor for the Gulf Coast Business Review

"Groundbreaking! Michael Pink has delivered a top-notch blueprint for any CEO or entrepreneur who wants to take their business to new levels." 

Tim P. Rogers,

President, Rogers Promotional Marketing

"In over a decade and a half of friendship with Michael Pink, I have repeatedly seen him turn timeless truths into practical takeaways for life and leadership—and now he has done it again—this time through a remarkable and revealing journey through the rainforest. Throughout this book you will find the soil of your heart and mind being seeded with fresh insights and perspectives as Michael unearths the seven secrets hidden within it. This is truly a great resource for business beginners, a hands-on encouragement for those growing their companies, and an outstanding tool for marketplace mentors."

Dave Buehring,  

Founder and Team Leader, Lionshare Leadership Group

"This is the most powerful business book I have ever read. I will make it required reading for the senior executives in our firm."

Kent Humphreys,

CEO, 410 Investments

"Michael Pink has raised the bar! This book will help you do twice as much in half the time... with a lot less stress. These rapid-growth business strategies adapted from the rainforest, are simply brilliant!"

Peter Lowe, 

Founder of Get Motivated Seminars

"I would like to commend Michael Pink for his unique approach and insight into business. In this book, he teaches us the lessons of nature, whereby we can learn the biggest secrets of wealth building. I strongly recommend this book to all, as it is a new approach, a new understanding, and fresh insight into this sphere of life. I believe that it will be a blessing to all who read it."

Sunday Adelaja, Senior Pastor and Founder

The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations Kiev, Ukraine

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Michael Q. Pink

I’ve traveled to the upper Amazon and Central America numerous times to study the rainforest as a business model. The things I have learned are incredibly potent and efficacious (That means – they work!) and I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life truly helping as many people as I can.

My primary business focus is to raise up and equip Godly entrepreneurs and sales professionals who want to succeed in a significant way without compromising their integrity and then use their platform of accomplishment and their financial success to advance God’s kingdom in a deliberate and meaningful way.

I hope you will join me on this amazing journey!