Early Life

“Unlimited Income – Get Paid What You’re Worth!”

Even as a young lad, Michael wanted to help people. He became an air cadet, took up the sport of fencing and won the 1969 Citizen of the Year Award for the city of Trail, British Columbia for raising more money and more sponsors to help people in need than anyone else.

He graduated high school early and by age 18 was living on his own, 4000 miles away from family and at age 19, answered an ad that promised “Unlimited Income – Get Paid What You’re Worth!”

It was a straight commission job selling life insurance and in his first week, he managed to sell 50 whole life policies and 40 renewals without contacting anyone he knew. He had unknowingly tapped into spiritual law that he now teaches as part of the 7 Secrets of the Sale.


Michael’s next sales job was selling copiers in 1976, but he was terrified to make cold calls and would sit in his car for 45 minutes outside an office, trying to get the nerve to go in and speak to the receptionist, and then think of a good reason to do something else and drive off without making the call.

Four years later, as he began to incorporate God into his sales career, he not only unseated Xerox who held a virtual monopoly in his area, but he also set the unofficial world record for the most individual copier sales ever made in a single day (according to the former CEO of Lanier Worldwide, Wes Cantrell’s estimation) and became the youngest sales manager in the company.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

In the early ‘80’s, while living in British Columbia, he caught the entrepreneurial bug and decided to compete head on with Pitney Bowes. He became a dealer for the Swiss made Hasler postage meter and launched “Postage Plus” with a major radio and billboard campaign in the Vancouver area. In short order, he had secured contracts with some of the most recognized companies in the province.

That accomplishment led to a sale of the company and the launching of a new venture called “Paper King” where he sold copy paper to businesses. It was a highly competitive business so Michael positioned his company as a "service provider" instead of a "commodity provider". Instead of "selling you paper like everyone else does", he explained to prospects, "I'll buy it for you, store it in my warehouse and when you need some, I'll have it delivered COD and save you money." He quickly built up a customer base and sold his startup to Canada Envelope.

In 1985, Michael moved to the U.S. and a few years later, started and sold a publishing company (Hidden Manna Publishing). 

It all began when the Lord challenged him to find what God was blessing and do that, instead of doing his own thing and asking God to bless it. When he asked God what He was blessing, he heard, "Blessed are those who publish the gospel."

He promised to do that, but asked God for a book idea he could write and publish. He received the idea for the book now known as The Bible Incorporated. With no previous publishing experience or industry knowhow, he published 25,000 copies of his first edition. 

Despite having no distribution outlets, and the reality that 80% of the books published in America never sell more than 5,000 copies, Michael was blessed to be able to sell out in just 8 months, despite there not being any internet on which he could market his books.

As ideas came to Michael, he would publish them and ultimately sold hundreds and hundreds of thousands of his books worldwide and in multiple languages.



In 1986 Michael began searching the Bible in earnest to learn Biblical principles and strategies that could be applied practically and successfully to the sales process.

What he discovered literally multiplied his sales and kept him at a multiple of the company required sales quota on a consistent basis while enjoying just over a 90% annual closing rate.

By 1996, he developed the first ever, Biblically derived sales training program, (Selling Among Wolves) and began a seven year run with a daily radio spot ultimately airing on 200 stations nationwide. As a result, he received extensive print, radio and national television coverage.

Since that original program, Michael discovered the Biblical blueprint God dictated to Moses, and how it contains the pattern for success in sales or business for those who care to investigate. The pattern modeled in Scripture has three levels one can choose to operate on. Most people are unaware of the three levels and never get past level one. Level one models two of the seven critical components required for success: Character & Competence. 

How these are developed is modeled inside the pattern God gave Moses. Level two reveals three components of success which amplify or multiply what is attainable on level one. Level three contains the last two of seven elements for ultimate success and can truly bring a 100 X increase to your business. This is all part of his new 7 Secrets Training Program.


In 2005, Michael began to explore the connection between the created order (Natural Law) and business. He discovered that the same principles that make the rainforest the most productive, most fruitful ecosystem on the planet, despite having poor soil conditions, will make any business just as fruitful.

Michael made five trips to the Panamanian rainforest where the Smithsonian World Headquarters for Tropical Research gave him access to hundreds of scientific white papers that clearly document the relationship between the way trees obtain and manage resources and the way a successful business operates. He continued his research in Tobago, Costa Rica and ultimately the Upper Amazon basin in the Ecuadorian rainforest.

What he discovered through his continuing research was the fact that natural law has a 100% success rate whereas only about 5% of business startups are still in business five years later, with a minimum of 1 employee and are profitable. By applying natural laws that he learned from the Smithsonian combined with God’s Word, it is possible to experience the same kind of abundance found so readily in nature.

In 2008, Michael wrote “Rainforest Strategy – The Planet’s Most Successful Business Model” with a generous foreword by Zig Ziglar and endorsed by key business leaders, including Mark Victor Hansen author of mega best selling book, "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and Wes Cantrell, former CEO of Lanier Worldwide.

This book reveals the seven wealth secrets of the Rainforest and how to practically apply those truths!

As that book got traction in 2009, Michael began taking entrepreneurs deep into the rainforest on special business training tours with lodging provided by the renowned Gamboa Rainforest Resort in the Panama Canal Region. It was the first time in his knowledge that a business training seminar not only conducted meetings in a five star hotel but then took students in the jungle to see first hand how the rainforest truly is a living model for business success!

Training and Consulting

After selling his publishing company to World Bible in 1993, Michael launched his sales training and consulting company (Michael Pink Innovations) which he has been operating ever since. In addition to publishing his own books, Michael was also published by Moody Press, Bridge Logos, World Bible and Thomas Nelson Publishers.

By 1996, after being prominently featured a few times in New Man Magazine, Michael created the first ever Biblically derived sales training program (Selling Among Wolves) that captured much of what had helped him succeed in his early sales career. 

This caught the attention of major seminar promoters and put him on the national speaking circuit with men like Zig Ziglar, Robert Schuller, and other significant business leaders.

In his consulting role, Michael's clients have ranged from small to medium sized companies who wanted to double their sales, to Fortune 100 companies like Lucent Technologies and Sysco Foods who tapped him to address their regional leadership / training meetings.

When it comes to business, Michael and his team are focused on rapid and substantial revenue growth. Whether helping a company stuck at $22 million in sales for three years leapfrog to $30 million in one year with Michael’s program or leading the sales effort for an insolvent education company to generate $6 million in PROFIT in just 12 months, Michael loves to help individuals and companies experience accelerated growth.

Personal Life

Michael resides in Southwest Florida with his amazing wife, Judy Ann where they get to enjoy a lot of sunshine and joy with their adorable Labradoodle, Judah.

They are a mixed family with three adult children, ten grandchildren and one great grand daughter! Judy’s son is retired law enforcement and former military. His three sons are grown and live in Mississippi where they are launching a family business.

Michael’s daughter is an acclaimed artist living in British Columbia and Michael’s son and his wife run a very successful online business that enables them to spend about six months of each year, living and working abroad with their five children.

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