Peter J. Daniels


How An Illiterate Welfare Recipient & Bricklayer Gave His Life To Jesus, Started And Failed In Business 3 Times, THEN BECAME FABULOUSLY WEALTHY.

Peter J. Daniels, now almost 90, gave me what he believes is his last interview on earth. In it, he explains his secrets for success and impacting the world for Christ and how you can too. I can't wait to share it with you!

When Peter Daniels gave his life to Jesus...

He wanted to see how much money one man could give to God's work in a lifetime.

He taught himself to read, studied the Scriptures faithfully, read thousands of biographies, and began a journey that earned him six honorary doctorates, three ambassadorships and a deposit of wisdom and wealth rarely seen since Solomon.

He also had a unique "giving program" that he recorded for me privately under the condition that I would take notes and destroy my only copy of the recording. Naturally, I agreed to his request!

Passing On The Inheritance Of His Heart...

Earlier in his life, the question arose as to what would happen if he were to die before passing on the incredible wealth of wisdom to his children and grandchildren. How would they acquire the treasure of wisdom and knowledge more important than tangible wealth?

It's one thing to leave a large inheritance to your offspring, but it's quite another, and much more important to leave them the inheritance of your heart. So Peter Daniels launched an ambitious effort to record exactly what he learned and successfully applied along with dozens of precise (and now proven) formulas so that his children would be able to carry on and further the legacy.

A Very Special Offer...

I bought that program a few years back and urged him to make it available digitally. He has since done that and given me permission to share it with you for a small fraction of what I paid. 

This man doesn't need the money. He is fabulously wealthy and debt free, but before he leaves this earth, he earnestly desires to pass on to others what took him a lifetime to learn, but resulted in untold wealth and influence. 

I asked him to join me on a webinar and speak to you as if YOU WERE HIS ONLY HEIR and this was HIS LAST TIME to give you advice for SUCCEEDING IN LIFE AND BUSINESS

Those kind of parameters have a way of focusing you... 

And so does being in frail health... He is almost 90 years of age and is struggling with advanced Parkinson's.

Initially he accepted my invitation, having worked with me before on a couple of interviews, but had to cancel due to the crushing impact of his condition.  Then, without notice, he got a burst of renewed vigor and set a time for us to record an interview in just 48 hours. 

Even though I was in considerable pain from surgery the day before, and fighting excruciating spasms during the recording, I knew both the gravity and substance of the interview would be unmatched in my life

On such short notice, we couldn't coordinate a LIVE webinar, but what we got may even be better because after the interview in subsequent emails, he gave me additional, very personal insights into his success strategy which I will treasure the rest of my life and will be sharing on the webinar.

His final words at the end of the interview when I asked him for his concluding thoughts, were so forceful and powerful. You won't want to miss them!

Furthermore, in my subsequent communication, and previous interviews with him, I have gathered some priceless information that is transforming me and I believe will do the same for you. 

I can't wait to share it all with you and I know you will be blessed. And some of you, perhaps most of you, will want to take advantage of the program originally created for his own family.

So, if you want your opportunity to be mentored by a man through what he created to pass on to his kids (so they too could be fabulously wealthy and happy and following Christthen join me for this exclusive event where Peter Daniels leaves us with his last public words for success in business.

To give you an idea of the value world leaders and international business figures placed on his wisdom, he was paid $1,000,000 just to sit on a corporate board. 

A Texan once paid him $1,000,000 for 15 minutes of advice and made $120 million from it! (Peter Daniels gives great advice!)

World leaders valued his wisdom so much that he was given three ambassadorships. 

I can't stress enough how valuable his insights and wisdom are. That's what we'll be sharing on the LIVE webinar Thursday, May 6th. As I mentioned, Peter Daniel's portion is recorded but I will be LIVE and sharing things he has told me confidentially and now released me to share.

Hope to see you there. It will be LIVE on Thursday evening at 8 PM Eastern Time (New York) on May 27th. Seating will be limited so I suggest you register now...