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  • Grow Towards the Light - The Power of Vision
  • The "No Pest Zone" - How to Accomplish Much More in a Fraction of the Time
  • Photosynthesis of Ideas - 3 Non Negotiables for Turning Vision Into Provision 
  • Strangler Fig Phenomenon - Know & Flow With The Cycle to Maximize Results
  • The Brazil Nut Effect - Getting What You Want With What You Have
  • The Orchid Element - Creating Irresistibility in Your Marketing

If you're a member of the JESUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, all 4 courses are already included in your membership. (Details here)

I made this very same offer Thanksgiving 2021 and 2022. It was met with great success. Folks took advantage of the huge discounts that are only offered once a year.  This is the third and most likely final time this offer will be available

If you've ever wanted to invest in yourself to multiply your sales and build a solid business, and you're not enrolled in the Jesus School of Business, this is a great opportunity. I've created a short video overview of each course. Use the weeks remaining in 2023 to hone your skills and set you up for a big win in 2024! (Regular prices (or higher) resume in the New Year.)

"God's Business Secrets" Christmas Bundle (4 Courses)

Selling Among Wolves (Classic)

Audio Coaching Program (Download only)

Discover how these Biblical Truths have HELPED THOUSANDS of ordinary people with little or no sales experience outsell even ruthless competitors in as little as 30 days - without having to compromise!

This Biblically based digital sales training program debuted on American Family Radio in 1996 and quickly became the standard for Christians in sales who wanted to succeed in sales without joining the pack! CLICK HERE For Details

Genesis Business Model

Online Video Course

One day I asked God about His enterprise we call Planet Earth. Each day He did something specific with the end result that this enterprise we all live on, is self-sustaining, self-replicating and flourishes without any help from man.

I wanted to understand the logos (logic) behind the way He built this place. I thought it would be a phenomenal business model. My favorite part is Day 7 when He rested, because the systems were in place! Click HERE for details.

7 Wealth Secrets of the Rainforest

Audio Download Course

The rainforest is the most diverse, lush and productive place on the planet. The shocker is that it produces a super abundance of supply despite having shallow, acidic soil due to high rainfall washing the soil away.

Despite this, God gets abundance from scarcity is what every business person needs to know. This 7 hour series explores 7 key factors for its success. CLICK HERE for Details

RainCatcher's Secret

Audio Download Course

Are you tired of being the rainmaker? Is everyone looking to you to “make it happen”? How would you like to simply follow God around and catch the rain He freely showers? The Rain Catcher’s Secret reveals the seven ancient paths found in that ancient dwelling place of God, the Tabernacle
of Moses, that can transform you into a highly productive, peace filled, God chasing, revenue accelerating, rain catching, business professional! Click HERE for details.


"Two weeks ago we asked Michael Pink to present his Biblically based sales training program to our Success 2.0 Webcast.

Not only was it one of the highest response rates ever for registration, but the content was so impacting our chat rooms filled up quickly and remained full for the duration of the event.

These strategies have helped corporate clients secure millions of dollars in immediate and ongoing revenue." 

Zig Ziglar

America's Most Loved Motivational Speaker

"Michael continued to help grow our sales efforts and the end result was that this company that I almost closed down a few years ago went from nothing to the fastest growing real estate brokerage company in the history of the Inc 5000 with over 11,350% 3-year revenue growth rate.

I can’t stress strongly enough, that if you want to grow your sales and/or grow your business, you need to get ahold of anything and everything Michael is offering.

Joe Johnson, PhD - Ranked #16 on 2018 INC 5000 List
And #20 Best Brokerage by Entrepreneur Magazine

"I’ve been in the automotive industry most of my life as a tradesman, a workshop supervisor and a trainer... What did I know about sales? Nothing! After searching the internet, I settled on Michael Pink and his sales training… I read it. I listened to it. I repeated it to myself over and over again. After six months, guess who was the top performing sales person? According to their statistics, for 18 months I was the top achieving sales person. I couldn’t have achieved half of this success without Michael sharing his wisdom."

Mark Reynolds, Top Performing Car Salesman


"I expected a high impact, super motivating program...what I got was much, much better ...I felt as if the speaker was sitting across from me, speaking in terms that I could not only understand, but could relate to also. I found myself rushing to listen to the next CD and eventually, to listen to that CD again. 

Since I have been using this program, I have seen my sales increase by up to 100% conservatively. I also signed our company's largest account worth over 8.2 million dollars! I never would have called on them if I hadn't done what was suggested in the program."

Ken Dulaney, Sales & Marketing Director
Alliance Collection Service

"Michael Pink began to make a difference in my life the moment he entered it. I had great work ethic but the results just were not there. He turned all of that around beginning with one lunch. In one year I went from last to first on my team and never looked back.

Michael wore his faith like I wanted to. He is the best teacher of the art of selling I've ever known. In my opinion... Everybody needs some Michael in their life."

David Gentry