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Genesis Business Model (Regular)


  • Lesson #1: Day 1- (Part 1) Four conditions that must be cleared up before launching your business. The 7 step chain reaction to the entrance of light.
  • Lesson #2: Day 1- (Part 2) Three roles of light. Seven spheres of life. The first three questions God asks man and how they apply to you. Five claims God has on your life. Four components of a vision. Seven questions to clarify your vision.
  • Lesson #3: Day 2- God created the firmament. Two sources of wisdom. Authority structure. Guiding principles / values. The motivational secrets of the ten commandments.
  • Lesson #4: Day 3- (Part 1) – Work your land. Four-fold operation strategy. The force of habits. Short-term revenue strategies / Long-term revenue strategies.
  • Lesson #5: Day 3- (Part 2) -Trees as a business model. Three major responsibilities of any business.  Seven Roles of  a business. Marketing secrets of the tree.
  • Lesson #6: Day 3- (Part 3) – Solving problems is the key to your success. Sources of problems you can solve.
  • Lesson #7: Top ten reasons companies fail and how to avoid them.
  • Lesson: #8: Day 4- Let there be lights in the heavens. Management strategy. Seven roles of management. Four phases of a business. Sixteen qualifications for leadership / rulership
  • Lesson: #9: Day 5 – Building out your sales process. Tracking metrics.
  • Lesson: #10: Day 6 – Picking your team. What the animal kingdom can teach about team building. Four traits to look for when building your team.
  • Lesson: #11: Day 7 – God rested. Let the systems work. The three pronged business system. Time management. The 7-fold Genesis mandate.

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