July 7


How To Be Happy – Despite Being A Billionaire

By Michael Q. Pink

July 7, 2014

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PJD AutoI had the privilege of spending an hour on the phone with the most amazing man I have ever had the privilege of speaking with. He had agreed to do an interview with me for your benefit as well as mine. What I learned from him left me speechless!

How often do you get to pick the brain of an 82 year old Christian billionaire?

It was amazing to me that Peter Daniels was an illiterate, 26 year old Australian brick layer from a third generation welfare family who gave his life to Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham crusade in 1959, and then radically changed everything about his life to become an amazing success. He taught himself to read, went on to read 6000 biographies, studied history, philosophy, economics and more.

He has three ambassadorships, six honorary doctorates and has given more than 4000 seminars worldwide, all while building and growing a number of very successful businesses. When I say he has “given” more than 4000 seminars, he really has GIVEN them. No charge. Not even for expenses. Just like this interview.

I delved into his early business ventures which all failed for various reasons. He not only shared about his business background, but also his marital success and spiritual walk. It was there that I found his most profound secrets. When you hear about what kept him walking the straight and narrow and what his daily habits are now, I think you will be quite surprised.

There was one story he told about giving that shocked me.

It truly blew me away. The whole interview is an outstanding example of what God can accomplish through one ordinary man who wanted to see how much money he could give away in his life while allowing his legacy to impact the world for 300 years after he’s gone.

After the call, he confirmed he would make himself available to answer questions directly from those of you who are not just “information gatherers”. This is crucial to him because he doesn’t want to listen to and answer questions from folks who really are only curious. He really wants to help people and his advice is incredibly valuable. In fact, he has been paid $1,000,000 for a one-hour session and $250,000 for spending 15 minutes defining one company’s mission statement.

Watching this video is a prerequisite to attending the private online session

He will not be selling anything. It is not going to be a selling webinar. It will be part of my MPI Business Institute and offered to members of that group. I realize that a good number of you have filled out the form to indicate your interest in the MPI Business Institute and want to be invited to the first webinar that explains what it is all about. I anticipate doing that next week. So be watching for that announcement.

If you are not familiar with the MPI Business Institute, you can check it out here. For a more in-depth look at the kind of topics covered, you can check out the Bible Incorporated Seminar page here. Hope you will join me in the MPI Business Institute where you will have lots of opportunities to be trained and mentored by some pretty incredible leaders.

Michael Q. Pink

About the author

Michael is America's leading authority on applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business and has authored 19 books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves and God's Best Kept Secrets. Using that knowledge, he has helped thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs experience radical transformation in their lives and careers, including helping a start-up with 3 struggling sales reps turn the corner and become the 16th fastest growing company on the INC 500 list. 

  • Michael, thank you for bringing Mr Daniel’s life of wisdom and steadfast faith to us in this interview. I’m rather speechless at the moment; challenged in so many ways that I will listen to this a few more times as the wealth of direction, Christian character, and personal introspection he brings to the fore will not be digested easily. A voice, a word in season. Bless you.

    • Thank you Jenny. I was speechless at the interview’s end myself. He then offered to meet LIVE via the web with folks who are serious about being Christian business leaders. We will do that through the MPI Business Institute. He is a man who does not suffer fools. He is a generous hearted warrior for Christ.


  • Dear Michael,

    Thank you so much for making this available to many of us….by focusing on the central story of the Bible that is the Bloodied Lamb…many greater things can be accomplished and impossible dreams fulfilled as long as those would branch out of the Cross!

    May I propose that Jesus is the valued Core of the 80/20 principle!

    Look forward to your interview…

    More blessings,


  • Michael,
    What a deeply inspirational and challenging interview. Thank you for sharing. What an honor it was to hear such wisdom.

  • That was incredible! Michael, thank you so much for asking my question. This has really challenged me to dream much bigger and set goals that are far greater than what I currently have. Inspiring!!

    • Thank you Vijay for asking the question… (o-:

      Hope you have your name on the MPI Business Institute list. That way you will receive an invitation to be part of that which will include Peter Daniels follow up interview where listeners can ask questions directly.

    • Thanks Vijay!

      Hope you have your name on the MPI Business Institute list. That way you will receive an invitation to be part of that which will include Peter Daniels follow up interview where listeners can ask questions directly.

  • WOW that was amazing! I too will be going back to listen again. This man is the example that I (we) should all be following in the marketplace. So much wisdom … so much generosity.

    Michael could you have the 4 questions that he posed at the end of the interview transcribed and shared? They will have great value to all of us.


    • Good suggestion Steve. Consider it done! It’s up and live now. Please share with others.

      Thank you,



  • I wrote down several comments Mr. Daniels made…”What IF it Does work….

    But, those four questions at the end were powerful.

    • Hi Brent… So excellent that you picked up on that. I have thought about that very statement many times. Appreciate you posting a comment. Please share the link to this post if you feel it will help your friends.



  • I recently came across Peter J Daniels on the internet. I had not heard of him previously. I have listened to all of his you tube videos as well as on a church website. It is great to hear your interview of him. Thank you very much!


  • Michael I heard Peter Daniels speak about 40 years ago at a Christian Business Men’s meeting here in Cleveland,OH. What a blessing and encouragement to me to hear this testimony at 82 for me at 85 to keep on building a new business as a way to share the Lord Jesus in the Marketplace.

  • Thank you so very much for taking the time to interview Mr. Peter Daniels. This was an amazing interview. I have 3 pages of notes to share with my husband when he gets home. What an inspiring man. May the Lord grant me the wisdom to dig deeper and apply the things I am learning.

  • Michael,

    Thank you for sharing the interview with Mr. Daniels. I read about him, but have never heard him speak. That was great information that he covered regarding our own potential. Some of the comments that were made at the beginning of the interview regarding the US economy certainly got my attention. Not to say that I am ignorant of the fact of what is or has taken place, it is just what can I do as a Small (Beginning) Business owner do to combat/or survive this. At my current place my assets are in the work of my hands and the Lord’s. I do my part to vote for who I am led to vote for, Tithe, sow into ministries, and work a full time job as well as build my business. At this point, I am lost as what else I can do.

    Thanks again for sharing this great man of God!!


    • Hi Will;

      Thank you so much for posting and sharing this blog post with others. Most likely, your best opportunity for positioning yourself to be in a good place when things unravel is your own business. I don’t know what kind of business it is, but generally speaking that is your best natural hope for financial freedom. Statistically, 74% of all millionaires achieved their success as an entrepreneur, 10% as an executive, 10% as a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc), 5% from a sales career and 1% from acting, sports, etc.

      I’ve asked Peter Daniels to provide more direct help to folks in the MPI Christian Business Institute, which he has agreed to do. Be watching for some important emails in that regard. The point of the Institute is to help kingdom minded entrepreneurs make solid strides in their business, obtain the financial strength they need and use that strength to make a difference in our time.



  • I appreciate Peter J. Daniels’ wisdom and thoroughness. I want to call attention to the truth he said at 56:21 in answer to Vijay’s question – “You’ll have a lot of people wanting to take your money away from you – mainly Christians.” This is another key to know so that what God has blessed you with is not stolen through manipulation, deception or betrayal. Especially in the last days, many Christians will be lovers of money and may feel entitled to financial blessings or even be greedy and will subsequently work all types of tactics to get money away from you. I saw this happen a lot in the prosperity churches. If we are not as wise as serpents, we will lose the money over which we have been made responsible. I know this is why we should appreciate God’s wisdom and His timing when it comes to wealth. I think Peter J. Daniels would agree it is important that we not only acquire knowledge for finances but that we gain wisdom before we have it and know that many, especially in our own household of faith, will try to use you to take money from you as long as they can.

  • Hello Micheal,

    I just went through your interview of Mr. J Daniels, and really, it was remarkable. Having listened to several interviews, podcasts etc, it was heartwarming beholding your respect for the guest. I enjoyed listening to you handle the interview, as much as I heard him speak. It was great.

    I do have a question, though I probably am coming up a year late. Reading through an article that Mr. Daniels was featured in, he asked the same questions he stated toward the end of the interview. And I listened to your response to it.

    It’s been a year plus since I read those questions; strangely I have been unable to figure out a description as to what he exactly means. Trying to relate that with my career goals which is business, public speaking, and ‘providing a more productive belief platform for the less privileged in my location’; I have been unable to completely grasp how to answer those questions.

    I would be glad if you can help, in response to this comment, or probably, in an upcoming article.



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