July 22


The Hidden Key of Wisdom

By Michael Q. Pink

July 22, 2023

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Buckle up… This one goes deep.

It seems that a lot of people want to be considered wise.

Wisdom, after all, is a highly valuable trait, which is why I suppose that Solomon said that wisdom is the principal thing, more valuable than rubies and nothing can compare to it. (Proverbs 4:7, 8:11)

But what does wisdom look like, and how does one apply that in the business realm and specifically in sales and marketing? When you know how to do that well, you could quite possibly double your sales success rate!

In short, wisdom is the product of logic.

Logic comes from the word, “logos”, as in “In the beginning was the word (logos) and the word (logos) was with God and the word (logos) WAS GOD.” (John 1:1) Hence, wisdom truly is the principal, chief, “absolute” thing.

That being the case, it only makes sense that when our emotions or fears get activated, we do as Moses instructed, and “bring our hearts to wisdom”. (Psalm 90:12 YLT).

That’s not to say that emotions should be tamped down or denied. They are a wonderful thing and should be experienced to the full. But when it comes to decision making, logic should prevail. And if that is in line with your emotions, all the better.

The ultimate sales process is to win the heart, then satisfy the logic. Leaving either out, is a disservice to your prospect and lessens the chance to be of service to them.

Here’s a great example…

Last Tuesday evening, I hosted a LIVE webinar on the topic of God’s Best Kept Secrets. (Catch the amazing REPLAY here!) It was a very passionate presentation of the wisdom and ways of God as they pertain to success in life. I talked about Biblical laws that helped me assist a struggling 3 man agency to become the 16th fastest growing company in America on the INC 500 list.

I shared the principles of Natural Law which models exactly how to get the riches in glory (Phil 4:19) into tangible form on earth. (Profound!)

There was a ton of revelation dished out that night and the response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Unfortunately, the site glitched and folks were unable to buy the God’s Best Kept Secrets book series.

That’s fixed now, but it gives me the opportunity to share something important with you… You see, people were fully engaged and their heart was all in. They not only wanted the books, but also the $1 offer for access to hundreds of training videos inside the Jesus School of Business. It was an incredible offer with hundreds of dollars of bonuses which expires Tuesday, July 25th night at midnight.

When they were unable to act on that desire, due to a technical glitch, they moved on mentally and emotionally. That’s quite normal.

But here’s where “logos” (logic) comes into play… The emotion had waned. Now they need to apply logic (logos) to see what’s really in their best interest. (Believe it or not, my books are not for everyone!)

Some people attended the webinar simply because they love learning about God and His ways, but have no personal interest in starting or running a business, nor are they in any line of work related to sales or marketing. They just love God and seeing His wisdom. That’s cool.

It would be like me attending a webinar on the wonders of God discovered in deep space. I would attend, but have no intention or interest in a career in astronomy, although I might study it further just for the fascination of it.

But I suspect that most people who attended are actually engaged in the marketplace. They’re either in business, want to start a business or have some role in sales and marketing that supports a business. And the vast majority of those folks loved the insights, strategies and proven wisdom that I shared that when applied could easily multiply their own sales, revenues and income.

But when the emotion of the moment passes, how should one make a wise decision? And perhaps just as importantly, how does one make a decision when emotions are high?

There are three major categories of why people don’t make a decision in their obvious favor. It comes down to (1) circumstances (such as time or money), (2) the influence of others (such as spouse or partner) and (3) self doubt.

So let’s look at some of the beliefs that people hold on to, that keep them away from acting in their own best interest…

TIME: “I’ve got a lot going on. I’m too busy right now.”

You may have heard this in response to what you offer folks. Truth is, they do feel very busy. Their life is full of activity and perhaps drama. So logic would ask a few questions. Here are some possibilities…

Macro approach: “When is the last time life didn’t feel busy? Do you think there’s a good chance you’ll be busy in the future? If it wasn’t for your concern about time, do you believe this would benefit you? Best case scenario, what impact do you believe this would have on your life? That being the case, if your life is likely to be busy in the future, doesn’t it make sense to get started sooner rather than later for the reasons you just gave me?”

Micro approach: “Are the things filling your life now, bringing you closer to your goals or keeping you from getting there? Sometimes doing the right things simply means to stop doing the wrong things… For example, the average adult spends 2.5 hours a day on social media and almost 5 hours a day watching television and none of that helps them achieve their goals. Is that an area you could cut back on to free up your time to change your life for the better?”

By using logic, you’re actually bringing their heart to wisdom so they can make a wise decision. That’s a good thing. It’s the right thing.

MONEY: As is often the case with folks with a cluttered, busy life, they also feel like they can’t afford it right now. And while they believe that to be true, in the vast majority of cases, if you were selling a luxury car for $5,000 instead of the $100,000 sticker price, they would find the money, even if the offer was only good for the next hour.

It’s often not about a lack of resources. It’s more about a lack of resourcefulness.

And that is directly tied to motivation, which finds its basis in what the Bible calls, “understanding”. It’s the realm of the heart. It’s the “want to”. It’s the desire.

They may say they have the desire to better their life, but their actions betray them. They won’t make the sacrifice. They won’t invest in themselves, unless it is for immediate self gratification. Their desire is more of a vain imagination.

Real desire will always take action.

So what does logic say about the money issue?

“Come, let us reason together”Money is time in folded form.

When it comes to business education for example, you will eventually learn most of what I teach, even if you never buy my books or join my mastermind group or the Jesus School of Business. It will just cost you more. A lot more money and a lot more time.

And time is one resource you can’t replenish. Time is running out.

It’s non-replenishable.

You can only redeem it. For example, let’s say you really needed a lead pencil. How long would it take you to figure out how to make one? Where would you get the graphite? How would you form it into a long tubelike shape? How would you wrap it in wood? How about the eraser at the end of the pencil?

Maybe you could figure it all out, but it would take a long time and a lot more money. Or you could just redeem that time and buy one for $1. By parting with your money, you just saved a ton of time and even more money that you would have spent trying to get the elements that make a pencil.

How much more true that is for something like God’s Best Kept Secrets which took me 40 years to study, test and prove out in the marketplace. It has 101 amazing secrets that cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and decades of my life to learn, and you can get them for a few dollars in a download, or if you like, get the physical books as well.

And if you’re active in the marketplace, I believe you should get them, because as Paul said in Ephesians 5:16… “the days are evil”. And as Peter J. Daniels often says, “Invest in your mind!”

Here’s some more logic for you… You could take $1,000 and invest in the S & P and earn maybe $100 in a year. Or you can invest in your mind, join the Jesus School of Business, and quite likely add tens of thousands of dollars to your annual income when you apply what you learn. For most people, making just one more sale in a year would more than return their investment with a handsome profit.

Consider Eileen… She’s a physical therapist on a mission to improve the lives of others by achieving pain-free living and optimal health. After only a few weeks in the mastermind group, she deployed the new insights she learned and immediately doubled her results. Take a listen…

Or let’s say you’re making $50,000 a year but you want to be making $50,000 a month ($600K per year), but you just don’t know how. (Otherwise you’d be doing it.) That means ignorance is costing you over half a million dollars a year in lost opportunity.

If you’re determined and apply yourself, you might get there on your own. But doesn’t it make logical sense to learn from someone who has already learned what is necessary?

And if your answer is yes, then it comes down to whether you believe what is being taught, actually works. Is it credible? Can God’s laws be faithfully applied to success in life, specifically in your business or professional life? Have they helped others? And if you believe it has, then it comes down to what is usually the real root of the question…

Will it help YOU?

Will you be able to do like the others? Will you be able to get similar results or even better? That is the haunting question most folks are struggling with but don’t want to face. Do THEY have what it takes to follow the advice and the proven wisdom to get a favorable, even remarkable result?

It’s a fair question…

The good news is that you’re made of the same stuff they are. They’re not exceptional. Neither are you. Your result won’t be the same. It will be unique to your opportunity and proportional to your faith and effort. But as Henry Ford famously said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right!”

But what if you try it and it doesn’t work? That could happen. Worse case scenario, you would have learned a ton of valuable information about God and His ways.

But more importantly… What if it does? What do you think strong selling skills, great marketing knowledge, and solid business building strategies can do for you? I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

One thing I know, if you don’t try, you’ll be at a severe disadvantage and will most likely remain stuck where you are now.

In closing, I recommend you add sound logic to your sales and marketing efforts without forgoing the battle for the heart. And if you’d like to learn what’s inside God’s Best Kept Secrets (101 of them), you can get an in-depth look right here. If you’d like to catch the replay from the highly informative webinar, it will be here for a while longer.

Otherwise, I’d love to see you July 25th at 8 PM. Use this link to join the meeting.

Michael Q. Pink

About the author

Michael is America's leading authority on applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business and has authored 19 books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves and God's Best Kept Secrets. Using that knowledge, he has helped thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs experience radical transformation in their lives and careers, including helping a start-up with 3 struggling sales reps turn the corner and become the 16th fastest growing company on the INC 500 list. 

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