January 23


The Good Ship America Has Been Taking On Water – Has To Turn Back.

By Michael Q. Pink

January 23, 2022

Yesterday, I awoke with Deuteronomy 11:6 emblazoned across my consciousness. I was not readily familiar with it, but felt there must be a reason this was impressed upon me. It reads… “and what He did to Dathan and Abiram the sons of Eliab, the son of Reuben: how the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, their households, their tents, and all the substance that was in their possession, in the midst of all Israel”

It’s referencing what happened to those who assumed they had the right to the governmental authority that God assigned to Moses. See Numbers 16 for shocking details. The implications are profound, but I wondered if perhaps it was just wishful thinking on my part, so I kept it to myself.

But then, this morning I awoke after another vivid dream and decided to share both with Judy. She had the same interpretation as me and said it was the most prophetic dream she had heard from me and insisted I should record it.

So here it is…

It was a lovely day and Judy and I went down to the dock and boarded a wooden boat to take out to sea. It was not a modern boat made of fiberglass. It was more like the kind of boat you would see a few hundred years ago and about the size of the fishing boat you might imagine at the time of Jesus. 

We got on the boat without hesitation and headed out to sea. It wasn’t long before I noticed that the water outside the boat was almost up to the gunnels. (The gunnels are the lip of the boat, that are like the rim that goes around the edge of the boat.)   

Normally the rim of the boat, (the gunnels) would be a few feet above the surface of the water, but I noticed with some alarm that the water was within a few inches of the rim. We had been taking on water quickly and didn’t realize it. Any wave of normal size could easily have gone over the rim, filling and sinking it.

We were in serious jeopardy and immediately turned back to shore to dock the boat, knowing that even turning back could be enough movement to allow water in over the lip of the boat and sink us. When a boat is sitting that low in the water, it doesn’t take much movement inside the boat to shift the center of gravity and begin to take on water over the lip of the boat.

There was an urgency to get back to the dock before we took on more water and the boat sank.

We made it back to the dock and I immediately tried to reach the owner to tell him that his boat had taken on a lot of water and was filling up quickly and it would soon sink if we didn’t find a way to pump out the water.

I also tried to get other people’s attention, looking for anyone who could help us save the boat or it would surely and very soon, sink. The sense of imminence was palpable. The need was urgent. People on the dock saw my concern, but were unmoved. They were about their own life, not caring that the boat was filling quickly and would soon sink without urgent action.

I awoke without knowing the outcome...

We believe this is a picture of America. She has been taking on water through her many leaks which have gone on relatively unchallenged. Whether it's Marxism via BLM, or Socialism via current government leaders passing bloated budgets with unsustainable debt, or the insanity of "Defund the Police", America is sinking fast. 

Four years ago, Judy posted this remarkable 2 minute video on her Facebook page of Winston Churchill in 1950 giving what I consider to be a prophetic word for our day. Before I shared my dream with her, it resurfaced on her page and she reposted it again. Interesting timing!

In the dream, I was calling on the Owner for help. God is the one who owns the boat (America). I was also trying to arouse people to help. I believe this speaks of our American culture that is so preoccupied with life, much of which is vanity and frivolous.

Education has gone to pot, and according to Fox News today, is filled with "queer studies", Critical Race Theory, etc., and that's just at the kindergarten level. It gets much worse. The generation coming up has no idea of the real world. And while we sit on the sidelines and perhaps say, "Tsk, Tsk", the good ship America takes on more water.

Who would have thought that we would ever have a government that in plain old communist style, would force medical procedures using an experimental gene therapy purposely mislabeled as a vaccine? And if you don't submit, they will take away your livelihood, limit your means of travel and even where you can go. As I write this, no American can fly to Hawaii without submitting to that tyrannical mandate. 

And even more surprising than that, and something I never thought I would live to see... a populace where many willingly and foolishly submitted with no questions asked. Just mindless obedience. My God!!!... what kind of citizens have we produced?

My astonishment in the dream and in real life is the Americans who seem incapable of critical thinking, who see a ship almost sinking and keep right on going there self-absorbed way.

How will this all end?

If you think you can ignore the ship taking on water because you expect the church to get an emergency evacuation any day now, you're part of the problem. He's coming back for a glorious church that is about His Father's business, not one that is oblivious to, and unconcerned with the passengers on this ship that are sinking and don't know it.

My dear friend, our work is cut out for us. It will be difficult and I believe the degree of difficulty will be even more apparent than ever in the coming month. But I also believe that if you're reading this, then you are up for the task. God put you here on this planet, at this time, not to be an onlooker, but rather to be the salt and light of the world.

Any takers?

Michael Q. Pink

About the author

Michael is America's leading authority on applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business and has authored 19 books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves and God's Best Kept Secrets. Using that knowledge, he has helped thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs experience radical transformation in their lives and careers, including helping a start-up with 3 struggling sales reps turn the corner and become the 16th fastest growing company on the INC 500 list. 

  • For the last 2 days in a row I have opened to this verse in 2 different bibles…"Is not My Word like fire?," declares Yehovah, "and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?"

    I believe we are to speak His Truth Loudly and Clearly to All!

  • "He's coming back for a glorious church that is about His Father's business". That sentence jumped off my screen and slapped me across the face. Am I 'about my Father's business', or just 'treading water' ?
    Thanks for sharing Michael.

  • I believe in what your dream and prophetic interpretation. Thank you for Sharing and choosing me to share with. Shalom !!!!!!

  • I share your concerns, Michael. I have a book at the publisher right now on the subject. That said, I'm more concerned about the people who are perishing than our nation itself. We need a full fledged awaking and soon.

  • When I read your dream, dear brother, I had to wonder if the old boat was America or if it was the American Church. Judgment begins in the House of God. A nation, like a Church is a community. We are divided and have lost our sense of community in both. When I compare our current man-centered “Church” and I.e. what the Church in Northern Mozambique, where Heidi Baker ministers, looks like it’s a sinking ship. This past week in Ethiopia the Orthodox Church celebrated their feast of Epiphany. Millions of people in day long celebrations of Yehsua’s baptism for 3 days all across the country. Yes, its legalistic but when was the last time we’ve seen anything like this in America? Pew Research Center’s stats of American Christianity say with numbers what you saw in your vision. We do not war against flesh and blood. If that is our spiritual battleship, we’re ripe for the taking by the real enemy. In my opinion, without a real man groaned for and God initiated revival, it’s all done but the paperwork. We will never remedy a spiritual problem with a political solution.

    • Hi Louis… I can see your point(s). Judy and I watched Heidi Baker last night at Jesus Image church in Orlando. Very impactful!

      I also agree that there is no political solution to a spiritual problem. But I would hope to see a spiritual solution to the political problems we have.

      Bless you dear brother, Michael

    • I'm sure noone wants this more than God. It's a matter of not making another Ishmael. Hearing Him and asking Him how we can be His hands and feet in this rebirth.

  • I'm in. Let's assemble a battle plan strategy to get America back. Satan has a strategy and part of it is to keep the Church apathetic. Thus we must assemble a strategy.

    • Agreed Roger… I’ve been seeking the Lord concerning this. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      Blessings, Michael

  • Fellow repliers – Praying in tongues for your spirit to dominate your soul, and to order your path, making a difference, let's not neglect the basics of love and authority. Helps our praises also :-).
    To quote a minister I heard: "When it gets tight that's when I know show time is coming. He is faithful!"
    May the peace of the Moravians be ours.

    Thanks so much Michael!

    • Thanks for posting Georgia!

      Love what you shared about "when it gets tight, that's when I know show time is coming. He is faithful!"

      Tell me more about the peace of the Moravians.

      Blessings, Michael

  • What a powerful dream! God gives lots of us prophetic dreams, just like He said He would (Joel 2:28-29).
    It is to my astonishment so many have taken in this 'water' so willingly without even slight resistance. There is only what I can call a demonic blindness to what's going on. Is it not strange that any promising treatment has been completely taken away for use? I was bedridden from the illness and was given a series of infusions which turned it around and I started getting well, as did many others I've spoken with and learned about. It no doubt saved my life, but they've now taken down that antidote. Why do they not treat those who are injured by the inoculation? Why can't we all see that?
    Everything is suppressed. No one wants to talk about it, they are afraid.
    We've been raised up for such a time as this.
    Father, you give wisdom freely, you've given us gifts for each other through your multi-faceted grace, give us wisdom, willing hearts, boldness, good health, and a good boat. Please don't let our ship sink. In the Name of Jesus, amen.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Jackie. You have a great perspective and one which I share.

      Keep strong!

      Blessings, Michael

  • Dear Michael and Judy,

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Hello Michael/Judy

    Just yesterday, I read the current issue of Imprimis on this subject by a Christian – best I have read or heard!

    Imprimis has a distribution of over 6.2 million readers monthly by Hillsdale College, which was founded in 1855 and has never accepted a cent from the government, yet thrives. This article is written by the college president, Dr. Larry Arnn. He shares with great wisdom, knowledge, and vision on this.

    With hope, logon imprimis.hillsdale.edu/the-way-out

    Respectfully in Jesus,

    Tim Kennedy


    • Excellent Tim! Thank you so much for sharing. Will have to check them out and get their newsletter!

      As per your request, I fixed the link.

      Blessings, Michael

  • Interesting dream. Don't think it only applies to America. The mindless sheep syndrome is so strong, everywhere . I have it in my heart that we are living through the biggest Con game played on humans , possibly in the history of man kind. Thankfully with Him all things are possible. But it needs to starts with each household. My personal prayer – "Lord reveal to us that which would strengthen us, and expand our tents, and give us the wisdom , lost over the ages, and held in heaven. So that we may become the people to serve and prevent the sinking"

  • Michael

    The time has come – I do not think ONLY fir the US, but actually world wide – who is led by the Holy Spirit and who are professional Christians.

    That demand a choice – not a easy one – but one each one have to make – and if it is to be led by the Holy Spirit – be prepared to start paying the price.

    • Hi Deon… I agree that it is not just the US. What happens here will affect the entire world.
      There will be a price to pay and that price will take many forms. Stay close to Him. Blessings, Michael

  • Holy Spirit…..guide me, guide each of us in what it is we are to be doing…..our role in Your plan for America. Have mercy, Lord!
    We are your sheep, we hear your voice ONLY and the voice of the stranger we will not follow.

    Thank you for sharing this Michael, God bless you and Judy!


    • Hi Adam…

      That’s right… Tune into the voice of the Master and His alone.

      Thank you for posting my friend!

      Blessings, Michael

  • WOW Michael, That's amazing! And it makes total sense. Yes I am also called to be salt & light as well as standing up and doing my part to "save America". I do see positive changes as people are taking a stand.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Jimmy… It is so encouraging to see folks taking a stand. Glad to know you are as well.

      Thank you so much for posting a comment!

      Blessings, Michael

  • Thank you Michael. Please know that it is not all doom & gloom in spite of how much ground satan has taken in all our institutions including the mainline churches. God is on the move & there is definitely a weeding & sifting going on. There are many amongst true believers that are standing for justice & righteousness & true family values in a variety of ways ! & wonderful national & international prayer groups that are on the front lines, as far as praying for Fathers purposes to come to pass in & through all this chaos. & churches that were unknown & /or never took the 501c3 exemption but have stayed open for worshipping our true King & caring for His people are experiencing revival!!

    • Hi Caren… Thank you for your uplifting comment with which I agree.

      It is definitely not all doom and gloom. This will be our finest hour!

      Blessings, Michael

  • I believe this is so true with only the Remnant hearing what the LORD is saying. I left everything behind in 1982 to go with the 700 Club. I was in the field calling on Partners everyday. God was moving like the Acts of Apostle. The ministry prayed 24 hrs. A day. I was sent to help people with Finance and Estate Planning. Their questions were does God have a PLAN, PROVISION, AND PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE. Only the Remnant knows. It took 7 years in the desert and another 25 years of preparation to know 12 principles, promises, presence, patterns, and process exercised with child like faith that will bring the life and glory of Christ Jesus.

  • Very Intense. I believe theses dreams. Help Lord, We need you to open our ears and eyes and do what you say.
    Thank you Michael

    • Yes… We all need to turn our hearts and our ears toward the Lord and His voice. And then simply obey. Well said LaVonne

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