November 18


Multiply Your Business With Vertical Markets (Matthew 28)

By Michael Q. Pink

November 18, 2021

The Bible is so rich with wisdom, not only for spiritual matters, but also for business.

But rarely does it explicitly say “Here’s how you succeed…” Of course, Joshua 1:8 does, but most of the time you have to dig a bit, and find parallels that can be applied to business.

One phenomenal example I recently uncovered is found in the last words of Jesus before His ascension in Matthew 28. In the prior two blog posts, I talked about “Go therefore” (marketing – lead generation) and “Make disciples” (sales – lead conversion).

This post is about the next clue… “To all nations” (vertical markets). I recorded this short video to explain. Enjoy… And as always, feel free to comment and share.

Thank you!

Michael Q. Pink

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  • Thank you very much Mr. Michael Pink for the topics on Sales, Marketing and Vertical Markets which are very helpful to the MSMEs.

    I highly appreciate the video, to the point with real life examples which we can learn from. Judah is super cute and a darling.

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