God's Best Kept Secrets for Succeeding in Life & Business Without Breaking a Sweat or Joining The Pack!

101 Little Known Biblical Strategies And Powerful Secrets Discovered in Nature For Multiplying Your Sales, Succeeding in Business And Growing Your Faith!

"I cannot think of another "self-help" book that equals it! It is so packed with insight that I read it twice to absorb the content and I recommend it without reservation."  Peter J. Daniels, World Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

"It's nothing short of amazing! With easy-to-apply formulas and step-by-step instructions, this series contains over 100 life-changing secrets and it only takes 1 to change your life." David & Jason Benham, Nationally Acclaimed Entrepreneurs


Taking Back The Gates introduces spiritual laws and foundational truths to help you succeed in the marketplace without having to work crazy hours or compromise your values. It taps into the realm of the supernatural where faith and grace collide to produce amazing, even miraculous results.

 You’ll learn how to live by faith and produce more than all the striving in the world could ever do. That’s because living by faith  is supposed to make life easier, not harder.


The bible contains a Divine Blueprint for success in life that God dictated to Moses that when applied to business gives you a huge advantage in the market.

Whether it’s the Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul, the Presentation Strategies of the Apostle Peter, the Communication Secrets of Jesus, the Moses Questioning Strategy or more, the Divine Blueprint unfolds amazing strategies that have been proven highly effective in the marketplace.


In The Race is Not to the Swift, Solomon points out that the race isn’t always to the fastest person.  That’s because there is an incredible, little known game changer found buried in the Hebrew text of the Bible nearly 10,000 times, but almost never translated.

That game changer points out that perfectly timed, divinely orchestrated events happen. By recognizing and cooperating with them, there is great success with relatively little effort and no stress is required.


The Perfect Business Model unsheathes the hidden wisdom God built into His creation and applies it to business.

When 7 conditions exist, trees have a virtually 100% success rate (compared to about 5% for startup businesses). They produce a product on a schedule following precise and consistent practices which can be emulated by the business. Due to their near-perfect success rate, it makes sense to study the processes that make them so successful.

Book One: TABLE OF CONTENTS - Taking Back The Gates of Commerce            (Click to see Subjects)

Chapter 1.     Taking Back The Gates of Commerce

Chapter 2.      First Things First

Chapter 3.      Walk With God - A Game Changing Strategy

Chapter 4.      The Bible: God's Instruction Book for Life and Business

Chapter 5.      Thinking the Thoughts of God

Chapter 6.      How to Defeat the Giants in Your Life

Chapter 7.      The Coming Wealth Transfer - Not Quite What You Think

Chapter 8.      The Generosity Factor

Chapter 9.      Discover the Genius in You

Chapter 10.    How Freshly Poured Wax Can Save Your Business

Chapter 11.    The Power of Now

Chapter 12.    Godly Indignation: Rocket Fuel for Your Business

Chapter 13.    Destroying the Yoke with Prosperity

Chapter 14.    The Necessity of Desire

Chapter 15.    Hesitation - The Killer of Dreams

Chapter 16.    The Power of Understanding: How to Get it & Why it Matters

Chapter 17.    Mercy and Truth - The Unfair Advantage

Chapter 18.    Imagination: The GOD CARD

Chapter 19.    Problems are Your Provision

Chapter 20.    The Bigger Your Problem, The Bigger Your Opportunity

Chapter 21.    The Lies We Believe Are What Hold Us Back

Chapter 22.    Seven Wealth Building Secrets of Isaac

Chapter 23.    Faith That Actually Works

Chapter 24.    All Things Are Possible, or Was Jesus Just Kidding?

Chapter 25.    You Only Think You've Been Trusting God

Chapter 26.    Never Give Up - Taking Back What's Been Stolen

Chapter 27.    Miracle Restoration

Chapter 28.    Nice Guys Can (And Should) Finish First

Chapter 29. The Mustard Seed Fallacy

Chapter 30.    Finding Abundance Right Under Your Nose

Chapter 31. The Rule of Three for More Effective Communication


Book Two: TABLE OF CONTENTS - The Divine Blueprint                                                 (Click to see Subjects)

Chapter 1.      The Moses Questioning Strategy

Chapter 2.      Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul

Chapter 3.      Presentation Strategies of the Apostle Peter

Chapter 4.      God's Divine Blueprint for Success in Life & Business

Chapter 5.      Seven Marketing Secrets Discovered in the Scroll of Isaiah

Chapter 6.      God's Success Formula

Chapter 7.      The Great Business Commission

Chapter 8.      The Three Step Persuasion Process Jesus Promised

Chapter 9.      How to Change Your Life Forever

Chapter 10.    High Probability Selling (The Parable of the Sower)

Chapter 11.    Selling Among Wolves

Chapter 12.    Sixteen Qualifications for Corporate Leadership

Chapter 13.    Gaining Market Domination

Chapter 14.    Three Battles Every Leader Must Win

Chapter 15.    Communication Secrets of Jesus - Know Your Stuff

Chapter 16.    Communication Secrets of Jesus - Identity Shifting

Chapter 17.    Communication Secrets of Jesus - Word Pictures & Illustrations

Chapter 18.    Communication Secrets of Jesus. - The Power of Story

Chapter 19.    Communication Secrets fo Jesus - Speak With Authority

Chapter 20.    Communication Secrets of Jesus - 4 Ways to Establish Credibility

Chapter 21.    Communication Secrets of Jesus - Be Substantive


Book Three: TABLE OF CONTENTS - The Race is Not to the Swift                              (Click to see Subjects)

Chapter 1.      The Race is Not to the Swift

Chapter 2.      Good Luck Favors the Prepared

Chapter 3.      The Ultimate Shortcut - Discovering the "et" of God

Chapter 4.      Timing Trumps Everything

Chapter 5.      Outshine Your Competition: 17 High-End Service Strategies

Chapter 6.      Belief and the E.A.S.Y. Close Sales Process

Chapter 7.      Make Your Value Proposition So Compelling People Will...

Chapter 8.      A Winning Formula for Creating Unbeatable Offers

Chapter 9.      Binding the Strongman of False & Limiting Beliefs Increases...

Chapter 10.    The Proper Use of Bonuses and Guarantees

Chapter 11.    The Ephesian Model to Win Over Your Market

Chapter 12.    The W.A.S.P. Memory Method

Chapter 13.    Gaining High Resolution Clarity for Accelerated Growth

Chapter 14.    Vision Gives Pain a Purpose

Chapter 15.    Lead With Speed

Chapter 16.    Leverage Through Others

Chapter 17.    Top Ten Reasons Businesses Fail

Chapter 18.    How Incremental Improvements Bring Monumental Increase

Chapter 19.    Seven Laws of Multiplication - PROFITABILITY

Chapter 20.    Seven Laws of Multiplication - VELOCITY

Chapter 21.    Seven Laws of Multiplication - FREQUENCY

Chapter 22.    Seven Laws of Multiplication - SCALABILITY

Chapter 23.    Seven Laws of Multiplication - FEASIBILITY

Chapter 24.    Seven Laws of Multiplication - PROBABILITY

Chapter 25.    Seven Laws of Multiplication - LEVERAGABILITY

Chapter 26.    Twelve Secrets for Developing a Winning Mindset


Book Four: TABLE OF CONTENTS - The Perfect Business Model                                (Click to see Subjects)

Chapter 1.      God's Perfect Business Model

Chapter 2.      Seven Success Secrets of a Tree

Chapter 3.      Everything Starts With a Seed

Chapter 4.      Seven Success Indicators for Startups

Chapter 5.      Four Indicators for Picking the Right Market

Chapter 6.      Three Primary Nutrients Every Startup Must Have

Chapter 7.      Three Secondary Nutrients for Building a Sustainable Business

Chapter 8.      Micronutrients for Maximum Success - God is in the Details

Chapter 9.      Business Runs on Water

Chapter 10.    Connect to the Power of Light

Chapter 11.    The Warmth Factor - How Intensity Moves the Needle

Chapter 12.    Problems Are Your Provision

Chapter 13.    Seven Success Habits of Trees That Every Business Needs to Emulate

Chapter 14.    The Only Two Things That Can Kill Your Business

Chapter 15.    The Hidden Cost of Pests Can Sink You

Chapter 16.    Seven Natural Strategies to Maximize Productivity

Chapter 17.    Defeating the Pathogens That Defeat You

Chapter 18.    Flower Power - How to Make Your Offer Irresistable

Chapter 19.    Seven Laws of Natural Marketing

Chapter 20.    The Seven Phases of Growth

Chapter 21.    Seven Roles Every Business Must Fill

Chapter 22.    Brazil Nut Effect - How to Profit Without Cash


(Books sold individually on Amazon for $24.95 each)


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But the Apostle Peter admonishes us, that with all diligence, we should ADD TO KNOWLEDGE something called, self-control. (2 Peter 1:6)

Self-control is the ability to direct or control that which we know needs direction or control. It's the idea of personal "mastery".

Knowledge without mastery has minimal value. And to mastery, we are to ADD PATIENCE (steadfast endurance). That's because mastery requires patience, (steadfast endurance) to achieve.

Under pressure, we always do what we've always done

If you want to change that - and gain mastery, so that you can find and fulfill the plan of God for your life, be that in ministry or business, education or government, or even the arts, you're going to need mastery.

THAT is why I created an Online Mastery Group inside the Jesus School of Business, where you can take the knowledge from God's Best Kept Secrets or any of the 30 courses, and turn that into personal mastery and transformation, with accelerated spiritual growth and measurable, tangible success in your business and professional life.

The thing about mastery and the steadfast endurance required to develop it, is that it's far more likely to succeed in a group context with other believers who are on the same journey as you.

I followed exactly what Michael said and presented to 35 businesses and closed 31 clients!

Eric beck, ceo, expert ownership

"I’ve known Michael for twenty years… He’s one of the fathers of Christian entrepreneurship. I consider him a mentor.  I just followed exactly what he said and presented to 35 businesses and CLOSED 31 CLIENTS.  I just want to say that it may sound good to you right now, but it is the truth. And if we follow God’s ways... and we work how God works, then we see the miracles He promised He would do."

When you join the Jesus School of Business, you get to participate in the Online Mastery Group for God's Best Kept Secrets, It's like having a gym membership for your soul, with the added benefit of a personal trainer to challenge, encourage and equip you. As Paul said, "Bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things."

In the Mastery Group, you'll receive access to multiple, short coaching videos weekly to help you apply what you learn in God's Best Kept Secrets. The Mastery Group utilizes the same 3-tiered learning strategy Jethro gave Moses in Exodus 18:20. (1. Give the WORD 2. Show the WAY and 3. Do the WORK)  

Not only will I be walking you through the 101 success secrets contained in the God's Best Kept Secrets series and helping you succeed in life, but as a BONUS when you join, you will also have instant access to 29 other professional training courses for entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, negotiating and more, available in the Jesus School of Business. (Over 180 short video lessons.)

It always amazes me how many folks go to the world to find their path to success. They listen to one guru after another with the belief that they can "eat the meat and spit out the bones".

But the Bible teaches that knowledge is like water, not a steak! You can't spit out the bones because water doesn't have bones! It's the toxins in the water that will kill you!

If you're drinking dirty water from a polluted river, it may be cool and refreshing at first, but it will kill you in 

the end. That's what the world offers... real water, mixed with a touch of strychnine and an ungodly host of bacteria and viruses. James calls this so called wisdom, earthly, sensual and demonic. (James 3:15)

Michael is the world's foremost authority on Biblical Strategy and Natural Law for sales and business.

Dr. joseph peck, ceo, empower 2000

Michael Pink has had a profound impact on my life, family, business, and outreach. His calling is empowering God's people to take back the gates of commerce. Michael is the world's foremost authority on Biblical Strategy and Natural Law for sales and business. God’s Best Kept Secrets is a WOW —the culmination of the most important secrets (principles) the LORD has revealed to Michael during his life.

No wonder there's only a 4% success rate for business startups! Yet God has a business model with a 100% success rate that doesn't require sacrificing your family or values. You'll never hear that model from the gurus! (It's in Book 4 of God's Best Kept Secrets.)

God offers wisdom from above that among its seven attributes, is PURITY. Wouldn't you rather drink from that water, that's like a pure mountain spring?

If you're a Bible believing, God loving, follower of Jesus Christ who wants to excel in your business or career, provide exceptionally well for yourself and family, while supporting important causes and advancing God's kingdom, and you'd like to learn proven Biblical strategies and tactics, instead of New Age nonsense, then ENROLL NOW in the Jesus School of Business.  


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Let me ask you a question...

When you were a kid, were you always the first one picked to be on the ball team? 

Me neither.

I well remember trying to get picked early, to avoid the inevitable embarrassment of being one of the last kids picked. 

Nothing seemed to work.

The rules for getting noticed and chosen didn't change when I became an adult.

It's always been the same... The world has a way of noticing and rewarding RESULTS.

Sure, a personal friend or family connection can sometimes give you a leg up, but if you don't produce results, you won't go far.

And without a proven, successful track record, you'll just get another mediocre job as a cog in someone else's dream. Maybe it won't be at the bottom next time, but without the right skills and without competence, (the ability to do something successfully or efficiently), you'll never achieve what God put in your heart to do.

UNDERSTAND THIS: God loves you, but He NEVER promotes incompetence.

I believe business leaders at all levels can benefit from the information.

Zig ziglar

Michael Pink's adaptation of the truths of the rainforest to success in business is unique and fascinating. I was unprepared for how intricately woven these principles are. The message awakened me to just how exciting and eye-opening new applications of old values can be.

The JESUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS will help you develop competence beyond your years and your peers! When I first learned how to apply God's Word to sales, I went from an average 25% success rate, to closing nearly 100% of my deals. My peers were speechless. I was quickly promoted and led my team to a 430% year over year increase.

That success gave me a platform to share my faith and several came to Christ. But that was in 1987. I've learned vastly more since then, and I want to pass that (and so much more) on to you.

Listen. If you’ve worked hard, poured your heart into succeeding... If you’ve bought the programs, gone to the meetings, read the books, watched them on YouTube, bought the funnels, downloaded the "swipe" files, even built the funnels, but still, had only marginal success at best, then what you’re about to learn may well be the single most important truth you'll ever learn and the only one you'll ever need for success in life and business. 

Does a Biblical, Word of God Based Approach, Really Work in the Real World of Competitive Business?

Well, I have self-published about 20 books, selling in the hundreds of thousands of copies, so I know a little about that. My first book was The Bible Incorporated - In Your Life, Job & Business. It compiled Scripture conversationally on 101 work and business topics and garnered sales in excess of 400,000 copies worldwide.

I've done corporate training with anything from Fortune 100 clients like Lucent Technologies and Sysco Foods, to small and medium sized companies.

Whether it was helping an insolvent education company turn a $6 million profit within 12 months, or building and coaching a struggling sales team of three to become the 16th fastest growing, privately held company in America on the INC 500 list, I learned I could help just about anyone succeed big - if they were willing to put in the effort.

That brings me to now...

I believe we are entering a time of unprecedented shaking both financially and geo-politically. For those who are prepared, it will be a time of unprecedented opportunity. For those who are leaning on the "staff of Egypt" (ways of the world), they will experience a painful piercing. (2 Kings 18:21).

As I sought the Lord about this next season we're headed into, I felt strongly instructed to help as many folks as possible, as affordably as possible.

That meant curating over 40 years of applied wisdom from God's Word and His creation and putting it in print so people who couldn't afford thousands of dollars for training would have access to an incredible library of proven strategies they can apply for the rest of their life and be able to turn the inevitable problems headed our way into a mountain of provision.

Your application of Biblical principles is without equal.

mark minnella, president, nacfc

Your application of Biblical principles is without equal, and you easily motivate us to use them in our daily lives. You are a truly inspiring teacher, and we are blessed to have you as a friend and an educational mainstay of the NACFC” (National Association of Christian Financial Consultants).


(Includes God's Best Kept Secrets MASTERY PROGRAM)

Introductory Offer (LIMITED TIME ONLY): First month for just $1 (with $59.97 book purchase). Then, $59 per month. Your price will be locked in and never increase. Cancel anytime.

Price Coming later in 2022: $97 per month (for those not choosing the special Introductory Offer now).

Price in 2023: $147 per month for those who enroll in 2023. 

A lot of books are written to give you only a taste of what the author knows, in the hopes you will invest in some expensive training program they offer. While that may be a valid way of doing business, what I believe the Lord wants me to do, is put it within reach and then offer a monthly mastery group as part of the JESUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS where I teach in detail what you will read inside the God's Best Kept Secrets 4-book series.

Don't worry... it's not expensive either. If you can afford my 4-book set, you can afford to enroll in the JESUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS and have access to the monthly mastery group where I'll unpack the secrets I share in the God's Best Kept Secrets series and help you apply them to your life, job and business.

I'm not promising you'll make the top 20 on the INC 500 list like one of my clients did after being on the verge of shutting down their business. But you could.

I'm not guaranteeing that if you're struggling in sales, that you'll suddenly start closing 100% of your deals like one of my students reported, or that you'll literally 10X your income as another one of students claimed. But the tools to accomplish that will be in your hands. What you do with them is up to you.


Not only am I going to walk you through the strategies found in God's Best Kept Secrets for the next 12 months, but I'm also preloading the backend of the JESUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS with 29 in-depth sales training, marketing, business building and negotiating courses (180 videos) – all the business success secrets I learned along the way, that have previously sold for thousands of dollars.

Take The One-Year God's Best Kept Secrets Challenge And Have Full Access to ALL the Online Training Programs in the JESUS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Weekly Activation Lessons, LIVE Monthly Meetings, And a Forum to Ask Questions, Get Answers & Network With Other Like-Hearted Believers!  

Naturally, you'll want to have an idea of what you will learn over the next 12 months, so here's a short list of a few of the topics covered from a menu of over 180 lessons inside the online training...

  • How to walk with God, know His leading and be equipped to do great exploits. (Daniel 11:32)  
  • The seven questions you should ask that make selling, simple, pleasurable and completely stress free. (Numbers 13)
  • Close sales with confidence and ease, without using pressure, manipulation or deception of any kind. (Matthew 7) 
  • The seven non-negotiable requirements that guarantee a 100% success rate for any business startup. (Romans 1)
  • The Apostle Paul's 31 strategies for highly successful big (and small) ticket negotiations (Philemon 1) 
  • 10 Motivational Secrets of the Ten Commandments for gaining the willing cooperation of others (Exodus 20)
  • How to get abundance from scarcity, so you'll never be in lack again as modeled by the rainforest (Natural Law)
  • How to turn big problems into massive provision. (Numbers 14)
  • Seven marketing secrets you should never ignore (Isaiah 11)
  • Defeating the only two things that can kill your business (Natural Law)

Michael has an uncanny ability to connect the spiritual laws with the natural laws of nature.

Os hillman, today god is first

Michael has given us an extraordinary book that combines the natural and the spiritual to reveal God’s Best Kept Secrets that will allow you to gain incredible insights into the nature of God in a way that will allow you to apply them in your business life for success as well as all areas of your life. 

Every week, I'll make multiple short "activation lessons" available in your portal with the practical actions you need to take to develop mastery in that area.

Once a month, I'll do a LIVE session with the group and field any questions, and give any guidance I can. There will be a place where you can post questions to me during the month that I will either answer back directly in our private Facebook group or as part of the LIVE monthly session.

Every month I will feature someone and do a deep dive on their career or business. It could be you. It will be a free consultation for whoever it is, and a great lesson for everyone else.

Joining God's Best Kept Secrets is not about making you a zillionaire. It's about true fulfillment that comes from developing your God given abilities to add value to the lives of others.

It's not about world domination, but it is about having dominion over the sphere God has called you to.

It's about drilling down into eternal truths that if applied will help you succeed more than you ever dreamed possible.

It's about gaining a platform of success from which you can be a witness for Jesus Christ to impact many!

It's about overcoming fears and lack and doubt, and in the context of community, with a river of wisdom constantly flowing your way, being transformed into the fullness that God intends for you.

It's a lifetime pursuit, but it's filled with the joy that can only be experienced by those who accept the challenges, face them head on and persevere until they win.

And I created this platform to help you get there.

Care to join me?

What Others Are Saying...

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why the need for online training, teaching and fellowship in a group if I already have the books?

It's the same reason that people who own bibles, still go to church to hear teaching and build supportive relationships. It's the unpacking of truths and their application to your life, so you can experience the exhilarating joy of success and freedom that comes from living the fruitful life God intends for His kids.


Will more training and LIVE sessions be available after the first 12 months?

I have never stopped learning and I don't intend to. I recommend the same to you. After the first 12 months, you will have completed the God's Best Kept Secrets course and any other optional training that is included with your membership, but you are free to remain in the group to keep developing your skills and gain access to new and advanced training that may be developed. 


Will I be able to get personalized coaching from you in this group?

Not in this group. But there is an online coaching group that meets with me on Friday's for advanced, in-depth coaching. Membership in that group includes everything we do in the God's Best Kept Secrets group PLUS the personalized coaching and mastermind work we do together. Go HERE for details.  However, on our monthly online meetup, I will be glad to answer your questions there. You may also be selected for a deep dive review of your business or career that I will do in the group setting. It's completely optional, but a great opportunity to get coached in a group setting.

Am I obligated to stay in the group for 12 months?

This program is about expanding your freedoms, not limiting them. You can stay as long as you like and cancel anytime.


Can I prepay for the full year and save money?

That is a popular option. By prepaying the year for $590, you save over $100. It's like getting two months FREE.


How long will I have access to the training?

You will be able to access the content for as long as you are a member. But you are also free to download the notes provided and make your own copy of the video lessons, as long as you don't share them in any public forums.


Is there a money back guarantee?

We offer a full 30 day Happiness Guarantee. If for any reason we did not meet your expectations, you can request a refund for any thing you've purchased in the previous 30 days and get it. No hassle. No problem.


If I have more questions, how can I reach you?

The quickest way to get a response is by emailing us at admin@michaelpink.com.  We will be glad to answer any questions and assist you in your decision.