January 21


Three Things That Drive Value & Profitability

By Michael Q. Pink

January 21, 2015

presentation, profitability, value

When it comes to succeeding in business, there are three areas I want to draw your attention to today that greatly affect your success, your value and your profitability. They are the product you bring to the market, the performance or support / service you provide during and after the buying process and the packaging / presentation of that product.

It is the last one… The packaging or presentation of your product or service I want to discuss today. When it comes to your product or service, even if it’s a digital download, the presentation / packaging has a crucial impact on value perception, pricing and expectations set for the customer.

Enjoy this video as I walk through a few examples and three critical factors to build into the packaging / presentation of your value proposition.

Michael Q. Pink

About the author

  • Two Buck Chuck, brought tears to my eyes and I’m not even drinking it. We have Dr Jurd’s Jungle Juice at the Wollombi Tavern. Same concept I think. Really bad alcohol with a story to accompany it’s marketing. A story most people can relate to. Moving through the highs and lows of life, ultimately ending in success, with a bit of the Aussie larakin spirit thrown in. Thanks Michael.

  • This is very relevant. Everything you say is so true and I like how you can bring forth a great story “on the spot”.

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