Michael Q. Pink
Michael Q. Pink
Refund Policy
Individual product purchases come with a 30 day Happiness Guarantee. In the first 30 days after purchasing a product from Michael Pink Innovations LLC, any customer can request and will receive a full refund.
All physical products purchased from Michael Pink Innovations, LLC must be returned in order to receive the refund.
A subscription to any of our teaching or membership products and services, can be canceled at any time for any reason and no further billing will take place. If the cancelation comes within the first 30 days of that subscription, the customer may also request and receive a refund for their first month.
Michael Q. Pink
Michael Pink Innovations LLC
P.O. Box 21193​
Sarasota, FL 34276​

Phone: (877) 293-2556
Who is Michael Pink?
Over the past 34 years, Michael has pioneered the application of Biblical Strategy and Natural Law to sales and business. He has sold hundreds of thousands of his books, Had his own daily radio spot for 7 years growing to nearly 200 stations nationwide. Most recently, he led a fledgling sales organization from three struggling agents to the fastest growing real estate brokerage in America, and the 16th fastest growing company on the 2018 INC 500 list! 
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