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The Bible Incorporated Ebook

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Learn What God Has To Say About Business…

  • Winning Attitude 
  • ​Advertising
  • ​Time Management
  • ​People Skills
  • ​Contracts
  • ​Priorities
  • ​Borrowing
  • ​Beneficial Associations
  • ​101 TOPICS IN ALL

This book extracts the counsel of God from Genesis to Revelation on a wide variety of business and work related topics. It then compiles and consolidates the various scriptures into a smooth flowing letter format as if One Person wrote it all.
We, of course, recognize the Divine inspiration for the Word of God as coming from one Source, and therefore, the continuity of the Holy Scriptures should be no surprise.
As you read through a given topic, it is fascinating to see the harmony that exists, even though the beginning of a paragraph may have been written some 2,000 years before the last sentence included in that same paragraph.
The wisdom of God is given to us by Champions of Faith who acquired this wisdom through practical application of God’s known word. They include kings and ranchers, architects and farmers, judges, fishermen, contractors, and even a doctor. The principles they lived by and the truths they held fast are now shared in open view for all to see.
The King James Version was the primary translation used. Where necessary, 20th century words or phrases having the same meaning were substituted to be more readily comprehended by today’s reader.
For example, the word “ye” was written “you”. Also, in I Peter 2:12, we are admonished to have “our conversation honest among the Gentiles.” The word conversation is not referring specifically to our speech, but rather our life conduct, or lifestyle, and is quoted instead like this, “having an honest lifestyle among the Gentiles.”
Great care was given to maintaining the accuracy of the Word of God, and no compromises were made. There were, however, occasional words interjected to connect two or more scriptures such as “and”, “for”, “remember”, etc. Nevertheless, every scripture quoted is marked with a footnote and referenced to enable you to read the entire passage in its original context from the version of your choice.
I trust this book will become an invaluable reference tool of Biblical principles that we may all incorporate into our life, job and business.
Michael Q. Pink