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Rainforest Strategy – eBook

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Wealth Building Secrets Encoded in Natural Law
Reveal How You Can Literally…

  • Be 10 Times More Productive
  • ​Grow 13 Times Faster
  • ​Be 20 Times More Likely To Succeed
  • ​Dominate Your Niche

The Natural Strategies Revealed in “Rainforest Strategy” Have Already Helped Countless People Dramatically Grow Their Business!
Natural law massively outperforms man’s wisdom. As eminent biologist and famed Princeton professor, Edwin Conklin stated, “Man cannot change a single law of nature, but can put himself into such relations to natural laws that he can profit by them.” 
The wisest man that ever lived was Solomon…
He was also the wealthiest. See the connection? But how did he become so wise? He studied how God made things work – through natural law! It was his father, King David who taught him, “the works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them.” So Solomon studied them.
As a result, Scripture records that he spoke of trees and animals, birds and fish, even insects. So profound were his discoveries, that world leaders either went or sent their emissaries to learn what he had discovered. In one year alone, he received over $1 BILLION as grateful gifts from those wanting to access his wisdom and grow their wealth.
1000 years later, the Apostle Paul affirmed that God uses the created order to reveal the secrets of his dynamic working power. (Romans 1:20) But you don’t have to be the son of a king or an apostle to access this wisdom. It’s available to anyone.
Consider George Washington Carver… He was born a slave in 1864 and was once traded for a horse. His future prospects were bleak, but he followed Solomon’s example and earnestly studied the created order (natural law).
He famously said, “I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. If you listen carefully, you can learn more from the flowers and trees than from books, because the flowers and trees speak with the voice of God.”
He invented plastics, many cosmetics, paints and hundreds of other witty inventions. He was honored by U.S. presidents, compared to Leonardo da Vinci, had a battleship and a nuclear sub named after him.
Oh yeah, he also earned a Masters degree in botany and went on to teach his wisdom at the first black college in America, founded by Booker T. Washington in 1881 (Tuskegee University). Students were taught everything from hygiene and Bible to natural law and trades. Many of them were former slaves themselves.
Amazingly, during that time of teaching Biblical wisdom and natural law, Tuskegee produced more millionaires than Harvard, Yale and Princeton combined!