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7 Laws Of Persuasion- Partner

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This downloadable audio series consists of three, one-hour sessions complete with PowerPoint presentation to help you be much more effective in your communication.

Whether you are preaching, teaching, selling, negotiating or just trying to get across your point, the 7 Laws of Persuasion – How the Holy Spirit Persuades the Heart will give you a tremendous boost.

Learn How To PERSUADE Without Being Manipulative

The Apostle Paul was full of the Holy Spirit and when he was brought to King Agrippa because of his faith, he gave a powerful account of his conversion experience. Though his words carried the force of the Spirit, the King replied, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian”.
King Agrippa was not persuaded.
Therein lays the difference between force and Godly persuasion. Godly persuasion still leaves the choice up to the hearer. Consider Jesus… Not everyone who heard Him, turned and followed Him, but yet in all of history, no one has come remotely close to the number and loyalty of His followers.