April 17


There is Much Increase in Your Fallow Ground

By Michael Q. Pink

April 17, 2014

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“Much food (increase) is in the fallow ground of the poor, And for lack of justice there is waste.” (Proverbs 13:23)

Incredible Potential Lays in Your Fallow Ground!

Finding increase after a season of rest

When you understand AND act upon the implications of this verse, MANY of you will experience life changing increase! After losing my wife of 24 years and starting over with Judy (watch this interview for some history), I stepped back from active ministry and business. During the next four years our relationship prospered beyond what we could have hoped for, but my business, ministry and website laid pretty much dormant.

At the end of last year I asked the Lord about why things were so tight. He spoke softly the truth… “Son, you have let your ground lay fallow.” Instantly, I recalled the Proverb that states, “There is much food (provision) in the fallow ground of the poor.” Do you hear what that is saying???

Fallow ground by definition is ground that has been plowed and readied for sowing, but then seed is withheld and the ground is allowed to lay dormant, and it becomes hard and unproductive. If you are not a farmer, fallow ground is anything you have that was created to yield increase but is not being utilized.

It could be a skill, a gifting, or a talent. It could be a business, a website or your sales territory. It could be a specific demographic, a region or a calling. Anything God has given you that could yield increase if properly and diligently worked!

God made provision for anyone to have abundance                   

God says that even the poor have enough “fallow ground” to produce MUCH FOOD. Some translations refer to the potential as “abundance”. But the reason the poor or those in a state of lack are still poor is they are not working their field.  This may not be a work ethic problem. They may not even know they have a field or how to work it.

But because they (we) are not planting, nurturing, watering, or grooming the field God has for us, we are not experiencing harvest. There is usually a little because of the random seeds from prior harvests that have fallen in the ground and grown up, but by and large there is lack.

So God was gently pointing out to me that the field He has called me to has laid dormant these last four years. And if I wanted to see harvests again, I needed to plow that untilled land I had previously worked so hard, for so many years. I needed to begin sowing into that field and lending my sweat and labor, my heart and love to that calling.

So how about you? Are you experiencing lack right now? Are you working your fallow ground? I am not asking if you’re busy. I am asking if you are working the field, by sowing, watering, laboring, etc. DO NOT confuse activity for productivity. Take a hard look at the metrics that produce a harvest in your line of work. Lay the “story” (excuses) aside and just look at YOUR metrics. Then ask two questions…

  1. Are you working in the field He has called you to?
  2. Are you performing the metrics at a high level that produce a big harvest?

In follow up posts, I will share much more on this. If you have chosen to download some of my courses without using money, please remember to pay it forward by using clicks and sharing on social media. If you want to know how to get my courses without financial cost, visit my About page and read the details found below the picture of me deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! When you truly grasp the secret of the fallow ground, your life will never be the same again, and lack will not long be your portion! Watch for the next posting… We’re just getting started!

Michael Q. Pink

About the author

Michael is America's leading authority on applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business and has authored 19 books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves and God's Best Kept Secrets. Using that knowledge, he has helped thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs experience radical transformation in their lives and careers, including helping a start-up with 3 struggling sales reps turn the corner and become the 16th fastest growing company on the INC 500 list. 

  • I am so glad that you are FIRED UP and back to what the Lord has called you to! May His name be praised and may His kingdom be increased as you deliver the word that He gives to you. Excited to go into the wheat field, the vineyard and the olive grove with you, my darling.

  • Michael I was privileged to know your first wife. She was nearly as devoted to you as she was to her Lord and Savior!
    Regarding fallow ground I so identify with this and seek God’s direction and provision more earnestly now than ever before. I look forward to your understanding of this principle along with prayers from you and Judy.
    If I may be of assistance just let me know.

  • May I remind you that “the end of a thing is more important than the beginning”. Ecc. 7:8, my friend. Jesus is very pleased with you two!
    We love you and are looking forward to the Great Harvest here in Oregon !
    Grace and peace to you!
    Good Friday and Happy Resurrection Day!

    • What an encouraging reminder Robert! Thank you for getting after me to upgrade my site as well!

      Grace and peace to you as we remember the horrible price paid for our salvation and why it had to be so horrific. What horror we are saved from. What glory we are saved to!

      We love you and Barb

    • Hi Robert and Barbara.

      Thanks for being such wonderful servants of the Lord and such good friends. Blessings to you both on the commemoration of the most incredible event in history!!!

      We love you guys!

  • My husband and I are very pleased to have you back in the race. Sometimes a time in a dessert is preparation for great tasks. We are looking forward to hearing what Lord has been telling you. To God be the glory! The Lord bless your family.

  • Encouraging and timely post, and for me, it is spot on. I have quite a few fallow fields (arts/design/business) that have not been worked for a long time. I have been in one field/orchard for many years (motherhood/homeschooling), and circumstances (finances) are showing me I need to work the other field(s) as well. Any recommendations -resource wise or other- for someone like me? I need a God-breathed plan / strategy so I can start moving forward w/confidence into what He would have me do. Thanks!

  • I can identify Elizabeth, although my story is a little different. I was in a high paying job, but real estate was my passion. I got bored in the job, thought God was moving me into my passion. NO. I think I moved too fast or missed it completely. I have been trying to get back for five years to no avail, working low paying jobs to get by. Now cannot even get one of those, willing to relocate for original career, but fishing in empty water it seems. I also need a God breathed plan and direction, as I have no direction or idea what or where or how. I am staying faithful to my commitment to the prayer ministry in my church but that does not pay the bills. My passion for real estate has not wavered but do not have the resources to move forward. This is a cry for help. Loved Michael’s post before and praise God he is back.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Are you interested in investing or real estate sales?

      Either way, here’s a thought. I was in real estate sales for over 10 years. I have some ideas for you to ponder. Prayerfully decide which RE brokerage you want to affiliate with. It should be one that has the resources to help you succeed going forward, possibly the #1 company. Ask to work for them until you can become licensed, etc. If they aren’t able to hire you, volunteer to work there. Many agents would love having your help. Maybe they can buy your gasoline to and from the office. Eventually, you can make the transition into becoming an agent. In the meantime, you will have some great exposure and experience. If it’s investing that you want to do, being an agent is the best way to start!
      Hope that helps. God bess you!

    • Hi Debbie;

      Please read my post to Elizabeth’s 2nd post below and share with us your feedback.



  • I hear you, Debbie. I pray that you get the direction you need. To be a bit more specific, I had a glass blowing / design biz for 10 years. Our clients included Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, etc. and I laid it all down to be a stay at home mom to our 4 kids after # 3 was born. Since then, I have been selling antique feather hat trims world wide to supplement our income (and sometimes it has been most of the income), but my inventory has decreased and with that my sales. My husband has had ongoing (and financially devastating) health issues yet to be resolved which have made it difficult for him to provide for our family, so I am looking at those fields I once worked in and wondering what pieces, if any, to pick up and run with. I tend to spread myself way too thin in the past, and I think it has made me less effective than I could be. I know in my head that God has all the answers- the problem is on my end- I need to quiet myself, hear Him, get a vision, write it down, have faith, be courageous, and take action. And trust. Easy to say, another to do…although I never comment on blogs and here I am doing that. Bless you.

    • Hi Elizabeth;

      You and Debbie are not in the minority. My wife Judy and I are working on a way that we can really help people work through these kind of issues in a more direct way, with God’s great help. It would be in the form of a weekly online meeting, for which there would be no admission cost and no products or services promoted for sale.

      Let’s face it… We all need God to show Himself strong on our behalf. We need His love and His wisdom to invade our space. We would like to create a meeting place where like hearted saints can gather together for that purpose.

      We will seek the Lord in advance of the meeting to prepare our hearts for what we will teach and share. The subject will most likely be something from the previous week’s blogs, but in much more detail. However, it could be something hot off the press, so to speak.

      Our hope would be that there would be the “practical” (outer court) wisdom with real life advice, complimented with the application of God’s Word to life and business (inner court) while fully expecting the Holy Spirit to show up strong and impart His solutions in real time. (Holy of Holies)

      We would ask the Lord to come into that meeting and meet the needs of those in attendance in whatever way He seems fit. We would pray for specific needs at the end and trust the Lord to move with words of knowledge and wisdom.

      There would be the opportunity for your questions to be raised and discussed as well as prayed over. We would allow the Lord to move as He sees fit and trust Him to impart God ideas as you are listening.

      We want to fire people up and equip them to win in the marketplace to win the world. We want to see people on fire for Jesus and to be about the Father’s business.

      Would this be of interest to you Elizabeth or anyone else reading this post?

  • Dear Mike,

    Thanks for this new post. While much could be said about poverty and prosperity of which are referred to in this portion of Prov 13, the poor among us are usually exposed to loss and wastage because of injustice (v. 23b). In the Christian community, both Equippers (pastors, teachers…) and Workers (marketplace team) have their share of the poor segment that should be addressed and those among us who are above this segment could do much by “acting on justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God” (Micah. 6:8) to empower them with whatever capacity building or wealth creation our fallow ground may provide which should prevent if not cure or reduce loss and wastage.

    Growing abundance while there is injustice is not a walk in the park, but we need not walk alone. We have each other with Christ and His community that is graciously commissioned to move progressively forward, piercing thru barriers erected by the structural evils among us and the imperfections within us for the great work of restoration of His creation.

    With His Team that works in His marketplace,

    • Hi Benjie…

      I concur 100% with you. There are unjust structures and schemes set against the 98% who are “wage slave” to keep them down and out of the race. To keep them in servitude. Their is wickedness at every level making it difficult to break out of that slavery.

      When you are poor and struggling, it takes all you can do to survive, let alone break through into abundance. It is (as you say), no walk in the park. But there is a way forward and out. I believe there are huge reservoirs of untapped potential in the poor. My aim in life is to help them break free and it will take an army of men and women like you and me Benjie, empowered by the Holy Spirit, filled with knowledge and wisdom to lead the way.

      If you agree and think that my contribution is worthy, please help me get the word out daily by regularly sharing my posts on social media. As you most likely know by now, all of my courses are available worldwide without financial cost, thus allowing me to reach the poor. I am utilizing the Brazil Nut strategy to help all who want help.

      Blessings my brother!

  • I am glad to see you back.
    Your post made me think of all the things God has had me do over the years that have gone by the wayside.

  • Hi Michael,
    I just now saw your post/response to Debbie and I, and YES! I would be most interested in something like that. We recently started a home group with another couple and have talked about supporting / encouraging one another in the specific areas you talked about. It was the impetus for starting the group back in January and while the intention is still strong and we have been learning and growing together, none of us have a strong ‘plan’ for implementing that part of it. What a blessing it could be to tap into what you and Judy are offering. It could be the thing that helps us all get unstuck from where we have been and move forward into better establishing His kingdom. God knows we are trying. “We want to fire people up and equip them to win in the marketplace to win the world. We want to see people on fire for Jesus and to be about the Father’s business.” I just told my husband about this and he would love to be a part as well.
    Thank you! I look forward to hearing more.

  • I did not check the box to “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” with that last post- so had to leave another comment to do that. Thanks again.

    • Hi Elizabeth… We so appreciate your feedback and interest! It is something we would most likely begin closer to summer as there is quite a bit to putting something like this together. One thing we would want to do is find out just how much interest there is for it.

      We also want to determine a good format and the technical platform to carry it off. For example, we are considering live streaming which can be expensive or perhaps Go To Meeting. We want this to be something that is a blessing to all who come.

      We will be sure to announce it when we get closer. Please stay in touch and continue to help spread the word by sharing posts with your friends and social networks. When we feel we have a core group to begin with and God’s pleasure on the timing, we will begin.

      Bless you!

      • Hi Michael- that makes good sense to me. Those are all things to consider. I appreciate the communication-it means a lot to me. I feel encouraged. And yes, I will help by spreading the word.
        Bless you,

        • My wife Judy is very much my co-laborer in this. She has a powerful annointing upon her life as she prays for and speaks with people. When we begin this, you will see what I mean. Until then, we welcome your participation whole heartedly.


  • Michael,
    It is good to see you back. I have looked for you online occasionally over the past few years and felt you were still recovering. I know it does take time to get STILL before the Lord to see what He has to say. I have read several of the posts and I would like to join in on your group that you spoke with Elizabeth Waters about if that would be possible. I, too, have struggled to find exactly what the Lord is saying in my life. I have a network marketing business that I would LOVE to succeed in…I have in spurts, but am ready to make it a sufficient income stream for my family. My husband is on board with it, too. If that would be possible, please include my name and contact when things work out…Great to have you back…

  • Thank you for rejoining us! We are excited to see how the Lord wants to move this forward. Judy and I appreciate very much the interest you and your husband have in this and will be sure to let you know when we move ahead.


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