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The JOHN THE BAPTIST "Roll Out" Strategy 

The JESUS Ultimate Growth Strategy

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The Isaiah Strategy For Ground Breaking Announcements

3-Part Online Video Program ($97 value)

In Isaiah 11, the prophet reveals what is known as the 7 Spirits of God. The context is how they will help people recognize the Savior when He came to the Earth.

The role those seven Spirits or characteristics of God play when announcing something that is coming is what every sales person and entrepreneur needs to know and model when promoting their product or service. 

The Habakkuk Strategy For Commanding Attention

4-Part Online Video Course ($127 value)

Habakkuk had a big burden for his people who had strayed from the Lord. He cried for them and sought God for an answer.  Before God directly answered his question, He gave him a 7-point marketing strategy to get the word out so the message would have maximum exposure.  God wanted the message to be easily visible and quickly understood so that anyone reading it would be able to respond appropriately. 

John The Baptist "Roll Out" Strategy

One Hour Video Teaching ($27 value)

John the Baptist was sent to "prepare the way" for the coming of Jesus Christ, the most consequential event in all of human history. God revealed in Isaiah 40 a 7-fold directive for John to follow that would maximize the receptivity of the masses, that can be emulated today for anyone rolling out and / or launching something new.

JESUS Ultimate Growth Strategy

One Hour Video Teaching ($27 value)

There is a marketing approach hard wired into the way trees attract their customers (pollinators and seed distributors) that Jesus modeled perfectly during His earthly ministry. You can find it in Matthew 4. I call it the Ultimate Growth Strategy because nothing has even come close to producing the results this strategy did.


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The Orchid Element

7 Marketing Secrets of the Rainforest

3- Part Online Video Teaching ($97 value)

Nothing in the rainforest is more alluring than the vast array of remarkably attractive orchids. They will draw your attention from a 1000 feet away and invite you to come near. There are 7 marketing secrets employed by the orchid that demonstrate how lavishly God likes to display His glory and wisdom. For those with eyes to see, they lay the foundation for incredible success in marketing.

3-Step Natural

Marketing PROCESS

One Hour Video Teaching ($27 value)

The system God put in place for fruit trees to replicate involved their ability to attract pollinators, and the way trees use their flowers to do that is a three step process that was popularized over 100 years ago by one of the fathers of modern advertising. It has been working consistently for thousands of years in nature and has done wonders in the world of commerce.

The Best Lead Magnet Strategy

One Hour Video Teaching ($27 value)

Lead magnets are commonplace today and many marketers are finding them less useful. But there is a lead magnet strategy that is modeled in nature that will always continue to work well.  When you use this strategy, you will greatly differentiate yourself from the noise on the internet and distinguish yourself as a trusted resource.


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