October 29


Look at the Time!

By Michael Q. Pink

October 29, 2014

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I want to talk to you about time and timing. God operates on a schedule. He is not random. Just because you don’t know there is a clock or don’t believe in one, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Near Space photography - 20km above ground / real photo

The heavenly bodies are on a circuit of precision.

We have seedtime and harvest, four seasons, night and day. Jesus came in the fullness of time (Galatians 4:4) and his death and resurrection were on such a perfect schedule as to defy any other conclusion. But people do.

We are living IN the clock and have become so accustomed to the ticking, we don’t hear it or see it. Daniel heard the clock and knew the 70 years was up. He was shown the clock in the future and wrote about it in code, sealed up until the last days. The sons of Issachar were able to read the clock (discern the times) and as a result, they knew what to do. So did the Magi. But we’ve tuned out the clock. Or perhaps we simply tuned into lesser things.

For some time, I’ve become aware of the clock.

I could hear the ticking but couldn’t find the clock. So I began studying patterns and seasons in hopes of finding the clock and discerning the time. Then slowly, I began to hear the faint ticking of the clock. I could hear it softly in Daniel. Then recently in Exodus. Slowly the time began to come into focus.

It puts a new slant on “teach me to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom”. You can’t number your days without a counter, a clock, a means of measuring time. The most recent piece came after a short (2 day) fast that ended this past Sunday. What I discovered in the context of what I knew startled me – to put it mildly.

I was seeking the Lord about what to do.

He showed me instead the clock. It was similar to a child asking his parent whether he could watch a movie or read a book, and the parent points to the late hour on the clock and the child knows – it’s bedtime!

I was closing in on the clock when a dear friend of mine shared the piece he had found. It was like one of those game shows where you know there’s a 12-letter word but you only know 3 letters. Then someone hands you a vowel and suddenly, you know the word or the phrase and you win the prize. My friend handed me that vowel in his sermon. Thank you Vin!

It’s not the blood moons.

It’s nothing I’ve seen before – and I’ve seen a lot. In one sense I feel like the guy late at night on the Titanic who spotted the fatal iceberg. It’s one of those moments where you finally see what you have been looking for and it’s size and magnitude startles you.

We run our lives by the clock. Shouldn’t we plan our lives based on God’s clock? It puts urgency in my business, soberness in my daily walk and expectation in my heart. If you like, I will share the time with you, but only if you let me tell you how the clock works – something I am still discovering.

Until next TIME, be fruitful and multiply!

Michael Q. Pink

About the author

Michael is America's leading authority on applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business and has authored 19 books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves and God's Best Kept Secrets. Using that knowledge, he has helped thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs experience radical transformation in their lives and careers, including helping a start-up with 3 struggling sales reps turn the corner and become the 16th fastest growing company on the INC 500 list. 

  • Amazing! I know you are not necessarily looking for confirmation…but I must share it anyway…It is the reason I wrote the book, Prophetic Impact: Bringing Tomorrow into Today. Time is not our enemy when we learn to live from God’s time. Back in 2008 the Lord instructed me to begin studying dimensions. I have discovered that if the dimension of Time is not understood no dimension can be understood and eternity not enjoyed for the Kingdom affords us the ability to dwell in two places or dimensions at the same “time.” I found that the majority of prophecies I began to receive for the body were in the terminology of seasons and time which always pointed to God’s purposes rather than our desires. You are providing for me more “vowels” that will certainly expand what God is saying to the body of Christ at large. Thanks, again, for your insight…and your commitment. It will never again be business as usual.

  • Yes, Michael, please share with us this insight into time that you are receiving! I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

  • I was holding an expired coupon and wondering why I just let it expire. I cut it out, filed it and had every intention to redeem it. Somehow, I lost the value by allowing it to expire. Life! Looking forward to what the Father is revealing. Thank you.

  • I have always been intrigued with “time” and certainly always focused on “good stewardship” of our time, talent and treasures. Time is part of God’s orderly nature and because He sees the end from the beginning, He can ass

  • Looking forward to the continuation of your story ! For the last 2 years, the Holy Spirit points out to me the time at 10 to 2 or 10 past 10 . Clock hands in the position of praise ? No clear understanding as yet…Look forward to what has been revealed to you…

  • Thank you all for posting. I appreciate your comments and interest. It will be a little bit before I share the next piece because I want to thoroughly research the historical time markers before making any assertions.



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