January 12


Financial Hurricane Creates Opportunity

By Michael Q. Pink

January 12, 2009

Has business slowed down for any of you? Are you feeling the financial pinch like never before? Well, millions of Americans find themselves unwittingly living in the midst of the biggest financial storm of our lifetime. We’re experiencing a financial hurricane and almost no one told us it was coming, but I’ve got some good news for you…

Broken Twisted Tree After Hurricane

A couple of years ago I visited an ancient rainforest in Tobago. I was looking for the really big trees but to my disappointment, there were none. The big ones had all been blown over in a recent hurricane, creating openings in the rainforest canopy, for light and rain to reach the many smaller trees beneath. And for the very first time, the little guys flourished! Sound familiar?

Do the names Bear Stearns, AIG, GM, Chrysler or Ford ring a bell? They’ve all been slammed by a financial hurricane that’s affecting our entire economy. But there’s good news. It’s also opening up unprecedented opportunity for those who have eyes to see.

You can sit around and complain about the tough economy or you can seize the moment, reinvent your business, your job or your life and thrive in the midst of colossal change. And just like the rainforest, when big trees fall, it creates an abundance of opportunity for the early adapters (the little guys). But you’ve got to see things differently.

What used to work, no longer does. If you seize the moment and change, the opportunity is immense! To do that, you must receive the light and drink the water that was previously available in limited supply. In other words, receive the vision; the possibilities God is showing you – embrace them and then take in the information you need to help you fulfill the vision.

My job this year is to spend the bulk of my time helping you as best as I can to bring you water (information, revelation, know-how) so you can fulfill the vision God has put on your heart. I look forward to walking with you in 2009.

Michael Q. Pink

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