August 10


What Distinctives Separate You From The Pack?

By Michael Q. Pink

August 10, 2014

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I mentioned there were seven areas you should be knowledgeable in to experience a high level of success.  The first two were yourself and your target market. Thirdly, you should know your company, what it stands for, what it’s value proposition is, what it’s commitment to service and quality are, etc.

Red Seat Standing Out

For many reading this blog, YOU are the company and you think you can skip this one because after all it is YOUR company. But here’s the problem, it’s always the shoemaker’s kids who have the worst shoes, the tailor’s kids with the worst clothes.

You must be intentional about every key aspect of your company. Many times I ask business owners, what separates them from the competition? I’m almost always told that is either their great product or their great service. I then ask them what they think their competitors tell their customers. Of course, it’s the same thing.

Truth is, you must answer the question…

“How or in what way is your service better?” You must be specific. If you’re a plumber for example, instead of saying your service is fast, you would say something like, “same day service or you don’t pay.” That may or may not apply to your business but you get the idea.

When I was in the copier business, we promised a two-hour response time instead of simply saying we had great service. We also guaranteed 99% uptime, not just a reliable copier. Specifics like that define your company and will often separate you from the competition.

If you don’t know the specifics you are either capable of delivering or are already delivering but not defining, you don’t know your company. Most folks do know the specifics but are so close to them, they don’t value them. By that I mean, they don’t really put a value on their own distinctives and if you don’t do that, how can you expect your prospects to?

And if you do value those distinctives, you must communicate them in a differentiating manner to attract interest and ultimately provide justification in the consumer’s mind to choose you over someone else. Do you communicate your distinctives in a clear and compelling manner that sets you apart as unique? Can you define them in a way that matters to your prospects?

Consider Jesus…

He made bold but simple claims to be the way, the truth and the life, the only way of salvation, the door of the sheep, the bread of life, the living water, the very Word of God. In so many ways and in so many settings, He defined His distinctives in ways that were unheard of in that time. He was clear and compelling in His declarations! He came to seek and to save that which was lost and to destroy the works of the devil. No ambiguity there!

Now consider my business for example… There is no shortage of motivational guru’s, success coaches, etc., offering advice. I made a decision a while back that if I were going to continue in this arena, I would focus on my core strength and interest… Teaching Biblical principles and natural law for life and business that truly produces abundance in every area they are applied.

Sign Lipstick On A PigA lot of folks use the term, “Biblically based”, but what they really mean is Biblically compatible or worse, it’s just something dredged up from the world, sprinkled with water and has a Bible verse taped to it. Like putting lipstick on a pig. That’s fine if you want to kiss a pig, but don’t call it what it isn’t. God invites us to something higher. Much higher!

I prefer to go to the source, look for Biblical patterns and models, principles and strategies modeled by the patriarchs and heroes of the faith. I prefer to study natural law and interpret what I see through the lens of Scripture. Then, before I ever teach it, I will have already successfully implemented it to make sure my understanding is correct. Because if it doesn’t produce results similar to the model, then I am missing something and I only what to pass on what works!

This doesn’t appeal to everyone, nor is it intended to, but if it sounds like something you want more of, please check out my MPI Christian Business Institute.

Until next time, be fruitful and multiply!

Michael Q. Pink

About the author

Michael is America's leading authority on applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business and has authored 19 books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves and God's Best Kept Secrets. Using that knowledge, he has helped thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs experience radical transformation in their lives and careers, including helping a start-up with 3 struggling sales reps turn the corner and become the 16th fastest growing company on the INC 500 list. 

  • Looks like I have some work to do. I realized I am too vague…and probably afraid of the obvious, placing too little value on the way God wired me, thinking it may be what keeps people away. Thanks for re-adjusting my thinking.

  • Dear Michael,

    Your post resonates…please stay on His track in building Kingdom values in His marketplace. Much blessings on your work with you wife.

    Till next…

    A fellow rain-catcher, BenjieC in Manila

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