September 24


Better Than Google – And Never Wrong!

By Michael Q. Pink

September 24, 2021

As you know, Google gives you amazing access to a world of information in nano seconds. Never before in human history has it been so easy to access volumes of information on just about any topic in seconds.

But there are two problems with it…

The first is the subtle one.


It’s the process of excluding from search results, a point of view the Google execs have deemed not in your best interest. (We’ll be making an important announcement addressing that in October.)

We all make decisions based on the information we have, not on the info we don’t have.

Think about that.

Secondly, the results you are shown are from anyone with an opinion on the matter who has posted that opinion online somewhere. There is a super abundance of erroneous and error ridden information that in many cases is well packaged and appears convincing.

Things like Elvis being spotted at Burger King or JFK jr at the ball game with his wife not too long ago. But my point is not to pick apart the goofy info flooding the internet daily.

There is a ton of information about Biblical matters, theology, Jesus Christ, etc. Whether you’re looking for info on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, prophecy and eschatology, etc., when you “google” the topic, you get more opinions than you have time enough to read.

So what’s the solution?

If you’re born again, you have been given the mind of Christ. You can instantly tap into what Jesus knows (which is everything) and get the correct, indisputably accurate and reliable answer.

The problem for most is that they either don’t know they can, or don’t know how to access His mind. It’s really a transformation process.

Your mind has to be trained.

The Bible calls it transformation by the renewal of the mind.

That doesn’t happen by accident. Nor does it happen just by sitting in a church pew for a couple hours a week.

Transformation happens in part by deconstructing the false narratives we believe and use to guide our lives, and then reconstructing our lives based on the truth of God’s Word.

But you say you’ve read God’s Word and it didn’t change much in your life. If that’s true, you must be a bird, because birds eat seeds when consuming fruit, but they typically pass the seeds out of their body, undigested.

Most birds don’t chew on the seeds (God’s Word) and break it apart and examine it. They just want the sugar that’s in the fruit.

In church terms, the sugar high may come from the worship team or the emotionally exciting preacher.

That’s all good, but if you don’t digest the Word, even that which is preached, you will just keep coming back for more sugar and never be transformed.

I’ve been in the 5 Day Face-To-Face With God challenge for the last two nights. We are being led through a seed digestion process which is igniting transformation in everyone! It’s a real WOW experience. (You can watch replays here after registering here.)

As a result of that fresh seed being crushed and served last night, I experienced some more mind renewal in areas I thought I knew. (There’s always more to learn!) And one of the things I realized this morning via Hebrews 10 and other places, is that I can access pure Truth instantaneously from Jesus on any number of topics.

It makes Google virtually obsolete. For me, that’s a WOW!

Have a blessed day my friends. And for all of you that sent me dessert suggestions for my birthday yesterday, here was the final result as recommended by both Judy and Judah! 😊 Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

P.P.S. After sending this blog out and taking my beloved Labradoodle Judah out for his morning walk, I got what for me is a major download that answers a question most Christians have. We know that Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice” but we often say, “I don’t hear him”.

How can both be true?

I’ll make that my next blog!

Michael Q. Pink

About the author

Michael is America's leading authority on applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business and has authored 19 books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves and God's Best Kept Secrets. Using that knowledge, he has helped thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs experience radical transformation in their lives and careers, including helping a start-up with 3 struggling sales reps turn the corner and become the 16th fastest growing company on the INC 500 list. 

    • Thank you my friend. Got a great picture revelation on this topic minutes after posting that blog and leaving the house. Can’t wait to share that, because when I do, not only does it help other folks, but it helps me even more! 😊

  • Dear brother, I love you. You’ve got your ABC’s (Always-Be-Closing) down right. Persistence and Passion are a winning combination.

    We may rapidly be approaching a season where being familiar with virtual machines, VPNs, Tor Browser, the so-called dark web, etc may be a necessity. Once you do, you’ll be on a list more closely watched than those on the top of the jihadist food chain. For a while yet we are to remain in the world. Therefore, be wise as serpents but remain as gentle as doves.

    You ask if we can hear His voice. When my eldest daughter was a 4 and I would call her she would yell “I can’t hear you” Sometimes I do the same. Messiah deserves better. Look forward again to tonight.

    • I think this falls more into the ABI (Always Be Inviting) category. 😊 But thank you for the kind remarks. As for the dark web, I am reasonably unfamiliar with it, but as for being the watch list, I suspect you are right. Hopefully the Spirit will convict their hearts.

      That’s a great example with your daughter and painfully accurate in describing our response to the Lord at times.

      Thanks for sharing Louis!

  • This is an answer to the blog above, questioning how can Gods Word say: "My sheep hear my voice, but I don't hear his voice." This is a very important question, and goes along with having so many opinions available on Google, many denominations or independent churches. Here are God's descriptive answers to why a person does not "hear the shephard's voice."

    1. God's Word is true; if you are not hearing God's voice, then, this subject if of eternal consequence for you to discover the reason why, today!
    a. you are not one of God's sheep. If you are not one of His sheep, then you constantly hear the spirit of the air, the Devil. Get to the Word of God and chew on it, like Michael Pink said to get to the seeds of life. (the seed of truth has fallen on stony ground, and there is no root)

    b. you are seeking the pleasures of this world. The sugar high of the "worship" music written and performed to attract you, for your pleasure, instead of written for God's pleasure has distracted you because of its apparent glitter and popularity. Similarly, the positive words of the preacher who hasn't digested the seeds of life are just as sweet and delicious as worldly worship. You end up being the blind following the blind. The result is the same as person a. you are not one of His sheep. (the seed of truth is choked out by the weeds, which are the cares of this world)

    c. your heart is full of rules or religion, empty lifestyle wrapped in pretty paper, but rejecting God. (the birds came and snatched up the seed before it grew)

    d. it is certain, like Warren Buffett's rule on investing, "Never lose money." and rule no. 2 which is to "always remember rule no. 1." Just like a. b. and c, you don't have Jesus and that is why you don't hear His voice. The remedy is to "Embrace Christ Today!" By now, if you have been reading about Jesus and his disciples, you have seen the price of following Jesus. It is worth the price, to believe Jesus. Just like the seed is compared to the Word of God, our clothing is compared to all that is in our lives. A close look or clothing shows lies, deceit, hatred, bitterness, & gossip which is lies, hatred and according to Jesus, hatred in your heart is murder. Our minds are filled with unending lustful passions. Today, accept the gift Jesus offers: He is willing to exchange your stained and filthy clothes for His robes of righteousness. He has paid the price for your sin; accept His Love and He will cover you in new, clean clothes, which He bought. Only Jesus can afford these holy and perfectly fitting clothes. Psalm 2 reminds us "Kiss the Son, so he doesn't become angry." Considering the beauty Jesus created, He has a right to be angry at disbelief. Believe today.

    2. God's Word is still true. If you do not hear His voice, You are not one of His sheep. Become one today. Then you will hear His voice. When you hear His voice, His certainty is reassuring. He will give you confidence that isn't built on conjuring up self-confidence and pride. By believing in Jesus, your foundation is the Creator, not something you bolster up from within. The new perfectly fitting clothes from the Savior give S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N.

    • Thank you Scott for taking the time to thoroughly respond. Your comment “Similarly, the positive words of the preacher who hasn’t digested the seeds of life are just as sweet and delicious as worldly worship” makes me think of chocolate coated seeds that taste good but without chewing, are passed through undigested.

  • Very cool. Hanging out with Dennis and his family at the "Transforum" your blog rings true because of one of the quotes Dennis is famous for is. "transformation is the only issue in a fallen world".
    Thank is why I think people need A Level coaches to fight an enemy that hates people and uses people who are fallen to destroy the foundations of a free society to enslave and destroy each other.
    God plays you at whatever level you train for.
    I think Rick Osborn is an A Level Coach on "positional truth" and knowing who you are in Christ! I don't need more info I need to understand what God has given all of us who are "in Him". Thank you for working with him my friend.

    PS How did Judah like the cake?

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