July 2


You’re Invited…

By Michael Q. Pink

July 2, 2010

Hello, Friend. As promised, this is your personal invitation to join me along with my good friend, David G. Johnson, for “How to Grow Your Business Now Using 21st Century Tools.”

event-graphicDavid will be sharing some recent experiences of small businesses who are not only growing in this economy… but experiencing DRAMATIC results. More importantly, he’ll be breaking down specific strategies these businesses are using and will show you how to put them to work in your business

In addition, in this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • how Google rankings and social media affect your sales
  • why SEO (search engine optimization) companies and web designers may be COSTING you sales
  • how to more effectively get your message in front of the right prospects and create new revenue for your business!

Space is limited for this event. I urge you to reserve your spot right away at no cost to you.

We’ll get started at 9PM EDT on Tuesday, July 6th. Here’s where to check that time in your local time zone.

If you’ve been on events in the past with David, you know that he’s always got valuable things to say. You can’t afford to miss this important information.

Click here to get in on this event.

David & I are looking forward to connecting with you.



Michael Q. Pink

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