January 30


Serial Entrepreneur Turned Venture Capitalist Shares His Secrets – NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

By Michael Q. Pink

January 30, 2015

Last night in the International Christian Business Institute (ICBI) evening session, I had a very special guest come on LIVE and take people through his journey as an adventurous kid into entrepreneurship and beyond. Before he could drive he owned a business with two vehicles and his employees had to drive for him. By the time he was in college, his business failed and he was truly humbled.

He restarted with a new perspective and was earning $50,000 per year (mostly in the summer) while completing his college education. How he got his first job as CFO as a 23 year old and turned around a failing $12 million tech company was very instructive.

Perhaps the best part was the Q & A which lasted for almost as long as the interview itself. He answers incredibly practical questions with the voice of wisdom I hope you can hear. Next week, we will continue with our teaching in the school. If you are not part of it, register for this webinar and join ICBI now.

Last nights session is available to members of ICBI…


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