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96% Of All Businesses Fail to Achieve Profitability Within Five Years of Starting Up, From Causes For Which There Are Already Proven Strategies The Other 4% Use With Great Success!

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Here's the promised GBS Module. It's jam-packed with revelation for business. There's an optional 10 minute segment at the end for those interested in training and coaching options.

Here is what's inside your free session...

  • 0:55 My discovery of God's Business Secrets
  • 5:00 How to access favor in business 
  • 8:39 The Moses Blueprint
  • 9:35 Level One - Natural Law
  • 11:30 God's Perfect Business Model
  • 13:35 Three kinds of "natural" marketing
  • 17:00 Seven elements every business needs to succeed
  • 21:02 Seventeen "business nutrients" for growth
  • 24:53 Seven roles every business needs to fill
  • 26:24 Level Two: The Strategic Wisdom of God's Word
  • 27:38 The Moses Questioning Strategy
  • 32:03 Isaiah Marketing Strategy
  • 33:02 Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul
  • 36:40 Business Lessons from the 7 Days of Creation
  • 38:01 Problems Are Your Provision!
  • 41:43 Level Three - The Miracle Experience
  • 53:53 The Genesis 1 Mandate
  • 54:10 Three value related non-negotiables
  • 54:45 Top 10 reasons business startups fail
  • 58:01 Program details

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