Four Non-Negotiables So You Can Work WHEN You Want, WHERE You Want, & With WHOM You Want To Make The Money You Want

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Here's Are Some of the Highlights in this webinar...

  • Five Indicators for Determining Whether Your Idea Has True Market Potential
  • Four Elements of a Winning Offer
  • The 3-Step Process For Transactionable Marketing Modeled in Nature, Designed by God
  • The Simple 5-Step Sales Process That Makes Selling Easy With Zero Pressure

Here are a few comments from webinar participants...

  • Prudence: "A lot of useable info packed in a small package. Thank you."
  • Shamara: "Have the books! They’re amazing. It takes me a while to get through it because it’s so value packed and a different way of thinking."
  • Ann: "Very informative and encouraging."
  • Raji: "Absolutely valuable"
  • Marlene: "Awesome Michael"
  • Illa: "It was great. I can use it"
  • Charlene :"Can use it and will use it !"
  • Grace: "It's the encouragement I needed to take a big step to business" 
  • Celeste: "Thank you so much! It is always encouraging to listen to you."
  • Gary: "Exceedingly great as you always do"
  • John: "This is useful to me right now!."


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