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96% Of All Businesses Fail to Achieve Profitability Within Five Years of Starting Up, From Causes For Which There Are Already Proven Strategies The Other 4% Use With Great Success!

What Do The 4% Know?

Sure, there are the common attributes you've heard a thousand times before. Things like goals and vision, strategy and planning, motivation and integrity.

But if that was enough, there'd be twenty times as many success stories.

But it isn't, and there aren't!

In fact, only 4 businesses in a 100 are still in business after five years with at least one employee AND generating a profit.

As it turns out...

There's only one thing that separates the 4% from everyone else...

Some of them found it by accident. Some just do it intuitively. But most, had to learn it. And when they did, it made all the difference.

Doing this one thing is like putting on a pair of "x-ray glasses". You can see things you never saw before and instantly know what to do.

Take for example something as simple as productivity. We all want maximum productivity from minimal effort, but how is that achieved?

Well, according to the Smithsonian World Headquarters for Tropical Research, there is one simple strategy modeled in the rainforest, that enables growth at 10X the normal rate.  Wearing these "x-ray glasses" makes visible exactly what you need to know, so you can 10X YOUR productivity.

The great thing about high productivity is it dramatically frees up your time to do what YOU want to do with YOUR life. For some, that's spending more time on building their business instead of working in it. For others, it means more time enjoying life with those they love.

If that was all this one thing did, it would be worth its weight in gold, but we haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Take for example, revenue growth...

Who doesn't want to 10X or even 100X their sales volume, but is that possible within a reasonable timeframe?

Well, according to a one-year University study, using an enormously overlooked "drip strategy" resulted in accelerated growth 13X the normal. The business application of this "information" drip strategy has been proven to radically increase sales and grow business in orders of magnitude!

As impressive as that is, the compounding effect of deploying multiple strategies made visible by these "x-ray glasses" turned a struggling 3-man commercial real estate company into the 16th fastest growing, privately-held company in America on the 2018 INC 500 list with an astonishing 113X growth in just 30 months.

People say business is risky but according to Warren Buffett, "risk comes from not knowing what you're doing". And it's these "x-ray glasses" that remove so much of the element of risk by simply providing certainty. 

When you have certainty, taking the right action is easy.

To quote Warren Buffett, "you only have to do a very few things right in life, (so long as you don't do too many things wrong).

These "x-ray glasses" help you see the right and necessary things you must do, to keep you away from the wrong things the 96% do repeatedly, which keep them from ever being in the top 4%.

Take Brian for example... He and his wife ran a business with a dozen employees. They were in the 96% group. No matter his staffing levels, the business always seemed to demand more of his time, creating enormous stress and tension in his personal life. 

After having his eyes opened to the real issues in his business, Brian quickly made the necessary adjustments and then left his business in the hands of his employees while embarking on a 3-month dream European vacation with his entire family.

It was the trip of a lifetime and his business actually ran better and more smoothly while he was gone, simply because he implemented the strategies he learned from those "x-ray glasses".

Or consider Jeremy, CEO of Hire-Loop, Inc. He said this empowered him to focus on the important strategic issues for his business and "execute the revenue generating ideas that were dormant." 

Care to quadruple the value of your business?

Consider Ken Simmons. He's a serial entrepreneur who wanted to scale up and sell his company for a good multiple. The problem was, his business depended entirely on him, which makes any business harder to sell.

Sure, he did several million in revenue annually and had a great team around him, but it was like having 80 umbilical cords all tied to him! (Can you relate?)

Once he learned what the 4% knew and made the adjustments these "x-ray glasses" made possible, he was able to increase the multiple he could sell his business for, from the industry standard of 3X to an extraordinary 11X, nearly quadrupling its value with a net gain of many millions of dollars!

Now, you're probably wondering what this tool is that gives you "x-ray" vision into your company's inner workings and whether it will help you with your business goals. 

In reality, that does depend on what your goals are, but if growing your business, increasing productivity and having a lot more freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor are on your list, then you're going to love this tool.

To be clear, not everyone who puts on these "x-ray glasses" is successful...

But everyone who is successful, puts them on frequently to give them the advantage that puts (and keeps) them in the 4% category! 

Flagship Assessment

Of course, these aren't really "x-ray" glasses, but this tool known as the Flagship Assessment™ will give you a comprehensive, and highly effective assessment of the 12 governing factors the 4% know, that determine success for any business.

For example, the Flagship Assessment™ will give you insight into your team's capabilities so you can develop them into a force that runs efficiently without you. You'll see where you can build "process equitywith systemization to make your company much more valuable to potential buyers and much more profitable and trouble free until that time!

No assessment would be complete without an "x-ray" of your sales, marketing and cash management. You'll learn exactly the corrective measures you can take to greatly improve marketing, skyrocket sales, and wisely manage cash flow to bring immediate improvement and peace of mind in these areas.

You'll also get an assessment of your own leadership, the strength and clarity of your vision, your long range goals and more.

In short, the Flagship Assessment™ tool will enable you to see, (maybe for the first time), exactly how you rank in terms of preparedness for success, and what you need to do, to become numbered in the ranks of the 4% who have found and implemented the true and practical keys to longterm success.

BUT You'll get so much more than a "pass" or "fail" grade.

Your Flagship Assessment™ Report will include the following feedback:

1) Business Model Health Index - This is a ranking that details the overall, big-picture capabilities of your business. Learn your real, full potential as a leader in the context of your current business model.

2) Comprehensive Systems Ranking - This ranking provides you with a list regarding which of the 12 areas need the most attention and in what priority based on the four dimensions: Performance, Systemization, Standardization, and Scalability.

3) Strategic Roadmap - This is the main event. You'll also receive a 1-year roadmap that will guide you in the process of building a business that finally runs without you. This will give you specific objectives for each month and the exact process for building, improving and supercharging the systems that govern every aspect of your business from hiring to management to customer service.

The assessment is the first step, but we won't stop there... 

If you were going to pay a standard business coach to come evaluate your business in all 12 of these areas, you would easily pay $7,500 - $10,000 just for the initial assessment. But we're offering much more than that.

If you take this assessment now, I'll also include a 30-minute video coaching session I've produced to explain the precise method of systemization we use with our clients at no extra charge. This video session will help explain each assessment area ranking, AND give you specific steps for improving your business systems... FAST.

But that's not all. You'll also get a FREE copy of our Strategic Module "FINANCIAL RADAR." This module is one of our key resources we use in our MasterCoaching program. In it you'll learn the 20 key questions you should ask and answer each month to give you precise decision making focus.

This Strategic Module is available only to participants in our MasterCoaching programs, but today it can be yours.

The numbers make your decision SIMPLE!

The difference that the Flagship Assessment™ will make in your business is worth thousands of dollars every month.

The price people pay us for these same services when done in person usually adds up to right around $10,000. But don't worry... I'm not charging you $10,000. In fact, not even close.

You can get EVERYTHING listed above for only... $195!

However, we're so confident you'll love what you get from this assessment that we'll assume all the risk.

Simply enter the coupon code: SPARK for a 100% discount at the checkout, making your assessment FREE OF CHARGE.

So what's the catch? 

Let me explain...

So the other day, I was at Trader Joe's grocery store when I noticed their seasonal, baked almond Kringle. Seeing my casual interest, they offered me a sample... a melt in your mouth kind of sample. The kind of sample that makes you not only want to buy one, but you want to get extras - just in case.  

That's what I want to happen for you... That you'll try a sample of what we have to offer (the Flagship Assessment™), and experience the rush of insight and possible exhilaration when you see - maybe for the first time - what your life can become with a business that runs and grows profitably without you. 

If that's all that happens, we both win.

But for some who take this assessment, it becomes the beginning of their exodus from the 96% and the end of their exclusion from the elite 4% who have found and implemented the practical, not at all mystical, master keys for success.

If you're one of those business owners who realize how much potential for improvement you have, and realize that if doing business the way you've been doing it was going to get you what you wanted, it would have already happened, then I'd like to invite you to a complimentary 30-minute consult - after you complete your assessment.

In that time, we can both learn whether we're a mutual fit...

And if so, we can enter into a risk-free 30 day trial of our coaching services, designed to bring you into a high level of productivity and profitability by implementing the strategies the top 4% of all businesses use.

I've worked with more than 1000 small businesses over the past 23 years to do just that.

And that work directly impacted tens of thousands of employees starting way back when I was the Director of Training at Michael Gerber's E-Myth, helping him launch his coaching program worldwide!

That may or may not be for you, and that's alright.

I know that whatever you decide to do after receiving the assessment and guidance, that we will have helped you and your business improve. That alone is quite rewarding for me.

So, If you'd like to finally discover the real benefits that can come with leading a business -- more freedom to do what YOU want to do, more profit for you and your team, and more impact for good in the world...

...If you're ready to start enjoying vacations with your family and sleeping great at night without worrying about the details of your company...

...If you miss the feeling of "punching out" at the end of the day or the end of the week with the satisfaction that you've really made a difference...

Then, I'd like you to INVITE YOU NOW to see how Founder's Fire can help you systemize your business, gain your freedom and RECLAIM YOUR FIRE

Just CLICK THE LINK BELOW and take your Flagship Assessment™ today. You'll be glad you did!


Eric Beck, CEO

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It sells at my conferences for $359 but it's yours FREE when you take the Flagship Assessment .

This bonus online course will help you get your energy and focus back... Free yourself and your business from the burden of the clock... and start using time to your advantage. If you have tons of unread email, text tsunamis everywhere, and an unending to-do list, this course is for you.