April 21


Adversity is Coming Your Way

By Michael Q. Pink

April 21, 2009

Adversity: Nobody wants it – Everyone gets it. Proverbs says “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” (Prov 24:10) So what does that tell us about adversity? It’s a test. It’s not optional. You will be tested.

Rear view of a male kayaker paddling through rapids

The only question is how will you fare? How are you preparing now for the test? To begin with, it helps a great deal to know that the test is coming. Accept the fact that you will be tested in the form of adversity. I don’t care what “religious camp” you are in, you will be tested. You can blame the devil, be mad at yourself or receive it from God. That’s another conversation. But rest assured, it will come and by accepting that fact, you are already positioning yourself to come through it.

Did you ever have a pop quiz in school? A test you were not expecting? Had you known, you would have prepared, studied, rehearsed, practiced and as a result, done much better. Well, here it is folks, you are about to be tested. I am about to be tested. Regardless of the source of that test, we are about to be tested. Take this warning seriously. And if we are about to be tested, then how do we prepare? I will make this the subject of my next post, but in the meantime; I invite you to post your suggestions and testimonies for the group to enjoy.

Michael Q. Pink

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