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Eric Beck, CEO
Expert Ownership

"I’ve known Michael for twenty years… He’s one of the fathers of Christian entrepreneurship. I consider him a mentor. What Michael said, sounded amazing so I thought I would just try it. I just followed exactly what he said and presented to 35 businesses and CLOSED 31 CLIENTS.  I just want to say that it may sound good to you right now, but it is the truth. And if we follow God’s ways... and we work how God works, then we see the miracles He promised He would do."

Chris Davis, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Finalist

"I've grown multiple million dollar companies. There is nothing like this. It's Amazing! If you're seriously looking at increasing your world, you should get involved with Michael Pink. God has given him so many special gifts and you need to let him pass those on to you, like I'm letting him pass those on to me. So take action and get involved with Michael Pink and you will not regret it.”

Robert Henderson, CEO
Henderson's Line-Up

"When Michael showed up, there was such disharmony and just a real lack of unity in the business. Michael walked in peace and he helped bring a lot of peace into the business and helped get a process started and brought a lot of peace . 

From a business standpoint, our business has done very well. Anybody that works with Michael will find out that he always exceeds expectations."

Tim Porter, Founder
God's Business Revolution

"What Michael knows and what God has revealed to Michael from His Word is second to none. Michael knows more about business and the Bible than anybody else I can think of. He has been able to extract things from the pages of Scripture that nobody else has been able to extract. The success stories that he tells from his past experience are not exaggerated at all. What he teaches and what he can do for your business are second to none."

Steve Sappington, President
Trinity Wealth Management, Waco, TX

"Michael is a perfect example of seeking first the kingdom and having all the other things added to you. 

Any of his works, I highly recommend and I’m really excited about his new updated version of Selling Among Wolves that he’s going to be presenting. 

So don’t walk – RUN TO GET IT as soon as it’s available!"

Mark Minnella, President

"The membership has overwhelmingly expressed their joyful appreciation for the time and energy you poured into your presentation. Personally, I was blessed to overflowing. 

You’re application of Biblical principles is without equal and you easily motivate us to use them in our daily lives. 

You are a truly inspiring teacher and we are blessed to have you as a friend and an educational mainstay of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants"

Wes Holsapple, N.Y. and Wall Street Journal
#3 Best Seller; Masters of Networking- Contributing Author

"Among the many benefits, Selling Among Wolves provides, is a clear and concise process for developing a selling strategy with practical tactics for every prospect you care enough about to implement Michael’s teachings for." 

"While not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to attend one of Michael’s live trainings as I have, modern technology allows anyone, serious about their business development goals, to experience the benefits over and over again for continuous improvement. I highly recommend this investment in yourself and your future.” 

Carl Jeffrey Wright, CEO
Urban Ministries International

"Far exceeded our expectations! I want to thank you for your excellent presentation...without a doubt, it far exceeded our expectations!"

"Many of the people in attendance have been through a number of sales training seminars prior to yours but remarked that this was the best they had ever participated in." 

"Not only was the material something we could begin applying immediately in a practical way, but it was highly entertaining in content and style."

Barbara Collier on behalf of Dr. D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries.

"On behalf of Coral Ridge Ministries, Dr. D. James Kennedy, and the CENTER FOR RECLAIMING AMERICA, please accept our heartfelt thanks in the 2005 Reclaiming America for Christ conference, and for your personal inspiration you brought to the conference through your unique witness and your Action Plan. Through your exhortation and information, attendees have been motivated, encouraged, and equipped to go back to their communities with their new tools and guidelines to make a difference for Christ!"

Wes Cantrell, former CEO
Lanier Worldwide ($1.2 Billion)

“The techniques Michael outlines will help make any product successful and should even be considered during the development process. Irresistible!”

Gary D. Carty, Senior Pastor
Berean Baptist Church of Wichita

"I rarely endorse or recommend a product or service for fear of damaging my own testimony or that of our church. I have known Michael for almost 20 years now and can testify that his testimony of God's faithfulness is incredible and his integrity in business and life is beyond reproach.  

I promise you these products are worth every penny and absolutely will work EVERY TIME. It’s an easy promise to keep because they are not based on my word or even Michael’s word. They are based on God’s Word and that NEVER fails!

If you need a personal guarantee, then call me. I will make arrangements with you to buy back anything that you buy from Michael that doesn’t work if you will apply it like he says for a minimum of 3 months." 

Dr. Joseph Peck, The "TIME DOCTOR"

Dagmar Fernandes, Real Estate, Austria

Mina Eissa, Export Consultant, Egypt

Mark Reynolds, Automotive Sales, Australia

Dr. Joe Johnson, INC 5000 Winner, Client

Daryle Doden, Founder, Ambassador Steel

Rob Blakely, Welfont Real Estate.

Rich Scott, Videographer, HLU

Stuart Davidson, QSConsult.co.uk

Hai Luong, Realtor & Pastor

Choose Your Program Option Here...

For folks who want to learn at their own pace and schedule. WEEKLY COACHING NOT INCLUDED

Our Most Popular Option
(Maximum Value- No Contract)

For those on limited budget who need coaching assistance right away. (No contract required)

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