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Rainforest Strategy - The Planet's Most Successful Business Model

God's Wisdom For Business - Encoded in Nature (Romans 1:20)

Michael Q. Pink


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I hope you enjoy your complimentary copy of RAINFOREST STRATEGY - The Planet's Most Successful Business Model. It was an incredible voyage of discovery for me and has revolutionized how I look at business.

The main factors that make the rainforest work so efficiently (zero waste) and produce so abundantly (1000 times more abundant than the Great Barrier Reef) are interpreted through the lens of Scripture. 

If Scripture compares the Word to water (Ephesians 5) then I understand water to be analogous to words (i.e. information). Using the Bible as the key to unlock the mysteries of nature has been a game changer for me and many others.

If you're like me and love learning how God does things and what He might know about sales and business, I invite you to join me in a LIVE webinar where we can meet and discuss your specific sales challenges. Check out the time and secure your seat now here.

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