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The Race is Not to the Swift- Book 3


You’ve heard the term “rat race” before. It’s where everyone is running their heart out to make a buck, get ahead, and maybe even strike it rich. Well, Solomon teaches some pretty amazing wealth building secrets, but he also points out that the race isn’t always to the fastest person. The battle isn’t always to the strongest. The bread isn’t always the portion of the wise, neither are riches always the reward of those with understanding. Although favor typically leans toward skill, even that is not guaranteed.

That’s because there is an incredible, little known game changer found buried in the Hebrew text of the Bible nearly 10,000 times, but almost never translated. That game changer points out that perfectly timed, divinely orchestrated events happen. By recognizing and cooperating with them, there is great success with relatively little effort and God adds no stress or sorrow to it.

Here’s What’s Inside…

Chapter 1.                   The Race Is Not to The Swift

Chapter 2.                   Good “Luck” Favors the Prepared

Chapter 3.                   The Ultimate Shortcut – Discovering The “et” of God

Chapter 4.                   Timing Trumps Everything

Chapter 5.                   Outshine Your Competition – 17 High-End Service Strategies

Chapter 6.                   Belief and the E.A.S.Y. Close Sales Process

Chapter 7.                   Make Your Value Proposition So Compelling, People Will…

Chapter 8.                   A Winning Formula for Creating Unbeatable Offers

Chapter 9.                   Binding the Strongman of False & Limiting Beliefs Increases

Chapter 10.                 The Proper Use of Bonuses and Guarantees

Chapter 11.                 The Ephesian Model to Win Over Your Market

Chapter 12.                 The W.A.S.P. Memory Method

Chapter 13.                 Gaining High Resolution Clarity for Accelerated Growth

Chapter 14.                 Vision Gives Pain a Purpose

Chapter 15.                 Lead with Speed

Chapter 16.                 Leverage Through Others

Chapter 17.                 Top Ten Reasons Businesses Fail

Chapter 18.                 How Incremental Improvements Bring Monumental Increase

Chapter 19.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – PROFITABILITY

Chapter 20.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – VELOCITY

Chapter 21.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – FREQUENCY

Chapter 22.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – SCALABILITY

Chapter 23.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – FEASIBILITY

Chapter 24.                Seven Laws of Multiplication – PROBABILITY

Chapter 25.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – LEVERAGABILITY

Chapter 26.                 Twelve Secrets for Developing a Winning Mindset

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