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The Perfect Business Model- Book 4


This book unsheathes the hidden wisdom God built into His creation and applies it to business. How I discovered it and what you will learn will astound you. If you love God, are intrigued by science, and enjoy business, you’ll love Section Four.

When 7 conditions exist, trees have a virtually 100% success rate (compared to about 5% for startup businesses). They produce a product on a schedule following precise and consistent practices which can be emulated by business. Due to their near perfect success rate, it makes sense to study the processes that make them so successful.

The Apostle Paul tells us that the since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are madeeven His eternal power and Godhead.” In fact, 1 Kings 4 says that the kings of the earth sent their emissaries to hear Solomon’s wisdom because he understood this truth and became fabulously wealthy. In addition to his teaching on living creatures, he also taught extensively about trees which are in fact, God’s perfect business model. Discover what the patriarchs of old, understood.

Here’s What’s Inside…

Chapter 1:                God’s Perfect Business Model

Chapter 2:                Seven Success Secrets of a Tree

Chapter 3.                Everything Starts with a Seed

Chapter 4.                Seven Success Indicators for Startups

Chapter 5.                Four Indicators for Picking the Right Market

Chapter 6.                Three Primary Nutrients Every Startup Must Have

Chapter 7.                Three Secondary Nutrients for Building a Sustainable Business

Chapter 8.                Micronutrients for Maximum Success – God is in the Details

Chapter 9.                Business Runs on Water

Chapter 10.              Connect to the Power of Light

Chapter 11.              The Warmth Factor – How Intensity Moves the Needle

Chapter 12.              Problems Are your Provision CO2

Chapter 13.              Seven Success Habits of Trees Every Business Needs to Emulate

Chapter 14.              The Only Two Things That Can Kill Your Business

Chapter 15.              The Hidden Cost of Pests Can Sink You

Chapter 16.              Seven Natural Strategies to Maximize Productivity

Chapter 17.              Defeating the Pathogens That Defeat You

Chapter 18.              Flower Power – How to Make Your Offer Irresistible

Chapter 19.              Seven Natural Laws of Marketing

Chapter 20.              The Seven Phases of Growth

Chapter 21.              Seven Roles Every Business Must Fill

Chapter 22.              Brazil Nut Effect – How to Profit Without Cash

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