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The Divine Blueprint- Book 2


The bible contains an ancient blueprint for success in life. It’s a vivid, detailed description of an actual place in Heaven that God dictated to Moses so he could create a replica on earth.

This blueprint is so powerful in its substance and reveals how life can be lived on three different levels. The first being the natural level where you can achieve excellence and great results by following natural laws. The second level is where you find God’s wisdom, embedded in His Word, that lays out detailed models that can be emulated in business.

Whether it’s the Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul, the Presentation Strategies of the Apostle Peter, the Communication Secrets of Jesus, the Moses Questioning Strategy or more, book 2 in the God’s Best Kept Secrets series unfolds amazing strategies that have been proven highly effective in the marketplace.

Level 3 is the realm of the supernatural, where faith and grace collide to produce miraculous results. (See book 1 for those secrets.)

Here’s What’s Inside…

Chapter 1.                   The Moses Questioning Strategy

Chapter 2.                   Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul

Chapter 3.                   Presentation Strategies of the Apostle Peter

Chapter 4.                   God’s Divine Blueprint for Success in Life & Business

Chapter 5.                   Seven Marketing Secrets Discovered in the Scroll of Isaiah

Chapter 6.                   God’s Success Formula

Chapter 7.                   The Great Business Commission

Chapter 8.                   The Three Step Persuasion Process Jesus Promised

Chapter 9.                   How to Change Your Life Forever

Chapter 10.                 High Probability Selling (Parable of the Sower)

Chapter 11.                 Selling Among Wolves

Chapter 12.                 Sixteen Qualifications for Corporate Leadership

Chapter 13.                 Gaining Market Domination

Chapter 14.                 Three Battles Every Leader Must Win

Chapter 15.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Know Your Stuff

Chapter 16.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Identity Shifting

Chapter 17.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Word Pictures & Illustrations

Chapter 18.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – The Power of Story

Chapter 19.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Speak With Authority

Chapter 20.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – 4 Ways to Establish Credibility

Chapter 21.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Be Substantive

Chapter 22.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Passion, Mystery, Contrast

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