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Taking Back the Gates of Commerce- Book 1


Book One in the series introduces spiritual laws and foundational truths to help you succeed in the marketplace without having to work crazy hours or compromise your values. It taps into the realm of the supernatural where faith and grace collide to produce amazing, even miraculous results.

You will be equipped and motivated to lead in the gates or power centers of your city. You’ll learn how to live by faith and produce more than all the striving in the world could ever do. That’s because living by faith was never meant to make my life scarier or harder… It is supposed to make life easier.

It’s been said that “when you want success more than your next breath, then you will succeed.” But success in life was never meant to be a relentless striving or desperate pursuit. This book will show you how to work and the speed of peace and succeed in all areas of life.

Here’s What’s Inside…

Chapter 1.                   Taking Back the Gates of Commerce

Chapter 2.                   First Things First

Chapter 3.                   Walk with God – A Game Changing Strategy

Chapter 4.                   The Bible: God’s Instruction Book for Life and Business

Chapter 5.                   Thinking the Thoughts of God

Chapter 6.                   How to Defeat the Giants in Your life

Chapter 7.                   The Coming Wealth Transfer – Not Quite What You Think

Chapter 8.                   The Generosity Factor

Chapter 9.                   Discover the Genius in You

Chapter 10.                 How Freshly Poured Wax Can Save Your Business

Chapter 11.                 The Power of Now

Chapter 12.                 Godly Indignation: Rocket Fuel for Your Business

Chapter 13.                 Destroying the Yoke with Prosperity

Chapter 14.                 The Necessity of Desire

Chapter 15.                 Hesitation – The Killer of Dreams

Chapter 16.                 The Power of Understanding: How to Get it & Why it Matters

Chapter 17.                 Mercy and Truth – The Unfair Advantage

Chapter 18.                 Imagination: The GOD CARD

Chapter 19.                 Problems are Your Provision

Chapter 20.                 The Bigger Your Problem, The Bigger Your Opportunity

Chapter 21.                 The Lies We Believe Are What Hold Us Back

Chapter 22.                 Seven Wealth Building Secrets of Isaac

Chapter 23.                 Faith That Actually Works

Chapter 24.                 All Things Are Possible, or Was Jesus Just Kidding?

Chapter 25.                 You Only Think You’ve Been Trusting God

Chapter 26.                 Never Give Up – Taking Back What’s Been Stolen

Chapter 27.                 Miracle Restoration

Chapter 28.                 Nice Guys Can (And Should) Finish First

Chapter 29.                 The Mustard Seed Fallacy

Chapter 30.                 Finding Abundance Right Under Your Nose

Chapter 31.                 The Rule of Three for More Effective Communication

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