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Massload is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of custom weighing products (load cells, force transducers, instrumentation systems, etc.) for OEM's that has built our reputation on the quality of our products, responsiveness of our service and our ability to maximize cost effectiveness for our clients. 


We are the only Canadian load cell manufacturer to achieve VCAP certification (considered the ISO9000 for load cells) and our Quality Management System is externally audited every 3 years.

Every step of our process is tracked, performed by certified technicians, checked to meet specifications and fully traceable down to the technician performing the task. Our heat treating and industrial nickel-plating partners are also ISO9000 certified.


Massload is dedicated to providing exceptional response rates to our customers to fully satisfy the pressing needs and demands common to OEM's. To that end we offer...

  • Real-time phone access to committed after-sales team.
  • Direct access to our production and engineering staff as needed.
  • Response time in minutes, hours or same day, 99% of the time.
  • Clearly understanding customers concerns and acting on them.
  • Fast problem resolution including technical, warranty or repair issues
  • Fast turn-around on product repair if needed.


We are the first in our industry to offer an Infrastructure Partner Agreement (IPA) that utilizes cutting edge PFE TechnologyTM (Preemptive Forensic Engineering) that anticipates potential points of failure and designs those weaknesses out of our systems BEFORE there's a problem, thus eliminating costly rejections and post production failures.

The PFE TechnologyTM strives to remove all points of potential failure from the finished product that integrates with our customized weighing solutions, thus ensuring the highest customer satisfaction with the lowest possible failure rates in the industry. In our relentless pursuit of perfection, Massload has been averaging less than 1 point of failure every two years.

Many companies offer a weighing system. Only Massload partners with OEMs as part of the manufacturing infrastructure to apply our PFE TechnologyTM to maximize profitability, brand equity and performance

Whether you're looking for custom designed precision engineered load cells, transducers, industrial sensors, etc., for optimal force management, Massload has the proven competence and bankable capacity to deliver.

We specialize in developing custom, proprietary components, unique to your application through our OEM specialist team and assist in the creation of client directed, customized load pins, tension links, etc.

Massload is the partner you can trust to develop and manufacture to the exacting standards you require to ensure your customers expectations are fully met.  

We're An OEM Components Supplier That Designs, Engineers, Builds, And Stress Tests The World’s Premier Force Measurement Systems.

As a Massload IPA partner, our team of product designers and test engineers become an extension of your team to ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it. Our technical application specialists are ready to assist OEMs in developing rugged, reliable and cost effective weighing applications for any industry.

We recognize the process can sometimes be a long and winding road, and we come alongside your team to develop the specs and design concepts all the way through to production and delivery, while maintaining a priority hotline of communication between our two teams.

The end result will always be the highest quality parts, superior performance with optimal functionality and maximum cost efficiency.

When you partner with Massload, you get more than beautifully designed and highly functional parts to make your products industry leaders... Our team becomes your team. Here's what that looks like...

  • Supply Chain Solutions: In recent years, there have been severe and disruptive supply chain issues worldwide. In response Massload has taken preemptive measures where possible which enabled us to maintain a 95% OTD, even during the pandemic.
  • Design House Partner sharing drawings and spec recommendations
  • Product Engineer, Designer, and Resource Developer 
  • Product Lead to oversee design and build
  • Production Team Members where needed

In short, your vision becomes our vision. Your success becomes our shared success.

Take a Look at This Case Study...



Not often highlighted in Oil & Gas and with OEMs are the needs for weigh solutions for a variety of applications, including gas desanding, proppant weighing, pipe laying, hoisting, and wireline tension monitoring among others.

With the extreme conditions often associated with these application locations, durability and accuracy 

are absolutely critical to the success of any such solution. OEMs need to be very selective in choosing a weigh solution partner.

In a recent project, our customer needed to measure the weight of the desander vessel during operation.

Rising to this challenge, our team designed a custom single-ended stainless steel shear beam load cell that could accommodate their custom cable assembly together with an industrial custom swivel foot assembly to provide accurate levelling of the load at installation.

Let’s dive deeper into the details of this project, and explore the process behind the creation of this specialized solution.


A well-known Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a prominent player in the Oil & Gas sector, needed to measure the weight of a desander vessel during operation.

Given that accuracy and reliability were paramount, the OEM faced several key challenges that necessitated specialized weighing solutions:

  •  Harsh Environment: The desander operates in a harsh environment with varying temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive elements. The weighing system had to be rugged and capable of withstanding these challenging conditions.
  • Accuracy: To ensure efficient operation, the weighing system needed to provide precise and accurate measurements of the solid particles separated from the gas stream.
  • Integration: The weighing solution had to seamlessly integrate with the desander’s existing infrastructure and control systems.
  • Compliance: The system needed to adhere to industry standards and safety regulations prevalent in the Oil & Gas sector.


Our team of engineers worked closely with the OEM to understand the specific requirements and challenges of the project.

They proposed a unique custom weighing solution that addressed all the key challenges and provided optimal accuracy and reliability.

The solution included the following components:

  • Custom Load Cells: Massload designed and manufactured rugged and durable stainless steel load cells and load cell mounts which, together with custom cabling, could withstand the harsh operating conditions of the natural gas desander. These load cells were equipped with advanced strain gauge technology to ensure precise measurements.
  • Environmental Protection: As the desander was directly exposed to the environment both the load cell and the load cell mount were manufactured from stainless steel with environmental sealing to address the extreme temperatures and corrosive agents. This custom design ensured the integrity of the weighing system was maintained, extending its lifespan.
  • Calibration and Accuracy: Massload helped to ensure that the weighing system underwent calibration procedures to achieve high levels of accuracy.
  • Integration and Communication: The custom weighing system was designed to seamlessly integrate with the desander’s control systems, allowing real-time data transfer and monitoring. This integration enabled the OEM to gain insights into the separation process and ultimately optimize the desander’s performance.
  • Compliance: Massload’s weighing solution met all relevant industry standards and safety regulations, ensuring the OEM’s compliance with legal requirements.

The collaboration between Massload and the Oil & Gas OEM resulted in a seamless and successful implementation of a custom weighing solution for the natural gas desander.

The project enhanced efficiency from the weighing system which enabled the OEM to optimize the desander’s performance and increase overall operational efficiency.

Additionally, the precise measurements of solid particles facilitated better separation, resulting in higher-quality natural gas output with reduced impurities while helping to extend the lifespan of the equipment due to the rugged design of Massload’s load cells.

The success of this custom weighing solution for the natural gas desander serves as a example of our expertise in providing tailored weighing solutions for OEMs in the Oil & Gas industry.

Through close collaboration and innovative engineering, we delivered a robust and accurate weighing system that significantly improved the efficiency and performance of the desander.


Are you facing similar challenges in your operations? At Massload, we specialize in crafting weighing solutions tailored to the unique demands of highly specialized OEM's in a variety of industries including the Oil & Gas industry.

Whether you’re dealing with harsh environmental conditions, needing to integrate complex systems, or striving for operational excellence, our team is ready to collaborate and engineer a solution that meets your specific requirements.

Get in touch with us today to explore how Massload’s expertise can enhance the performance of your equipments.

Let’s work together to create a weighing solution that drives your success.