Why Would Anyone Want A Farm Truck Scale?

(HINT: The Same Reason They Got a Tractor, a Combine or a Grain Cart)


Farming is a tough business. There are good years and there are lean years, and farmers need every advantage they can get to trim waste, save time and increase profits.

We don't need to tell you how many ways there are to lose money in farming... Equipment breakdowns, crop failures, market price fluctuations, rising fuel costs, seed costs, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. The list goes on and on.

But there's one piece of equipment that you may have overlooked or underestimated... A rugged Massload Farm Truck Scale. Having a heavy duty Massload scale installed onsite doesn't eliminate all your cost factors, but it does reduce fuel costs and a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on trucks and tires. And that's just the tip of proverbial iceberg!

With Massload scales you never have to be shortchanged at the grain elevator or run the risk of a driver skimming 100 bushels of your high value crops on his way to the grain elevator. Farmers tell us this has saved them tens of thousands of dollars alone!

Listen to one farmer's fascinating tale of how Massload eliminated that risk and how it paid for the scales many times over...

Knowing how much seed is coming in off harvest, how much you have on the farm to sell is so important and when it comes to crop insurance, having accurate, reliable inventories ensures you'll never be shortchanged by a low insurance estimate. 

And what about the high cost of fertilizers these days? Did you ever hear of a rail car with a leak in the bottom of it? It happens. And in this next video, this same farmer was facing an estimated $80,000 loss. Take a listen to how the Massload farm truck scale saved the day for him...

Take a Look at Some of These Product Highlights...

  • Proven Durability Under the Toughest Conditions
  • Fully Made in Canada
  • 84″ x 30″ axle pads for dual axle truck weighing
  • 144″ x 30″ axle pads for tri-axle truck weighing
  • 168″ x 30″ axle pads for dual and tri-axle truck weighing
  • Gross vehicle weight (Super-B) accurate to within 1% FS
  • Axle weight accurate to within 0.25% FS
  • Calibrated with fully traceable certified weights
  • Axle scales can be used on compacted yard gravel
  • 6″ low profile for ease of use
  • 2″ clearance under platforms
  • Forklift portable for use in multiple locations
  • 10 year warranty on axle scale platform
  • 5 year warranty on our Made in Canada truck scale load cells
  • 2 year warranty on electronics, printer & cables

    If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, 

    we're pretty sure we can help you keep more profits!

    Are you... 

    • Tired of going to the faraway scale and wasting time and money?
    • Worried about getting in trouble for carrying too much weight?
    • Anxious about dealing with fines for overloading? 
    • Not sure if all your product is getting weighed at the terminal?
    • Want to make sure you're getting all the inputs you paid for?
    • Worried about using too much or too little of what you need?
    • Don't know if your combine yield monitor is right?
    • Upset about manually keeping track of all your product flow by hand?
    • Rising fuel costs sucking away on your profits?
    • Excessive, unnecessary wear and tear on your trucks?

    Join lots of profitable farmers in Canada and start experiencing these benefits...

    • No more driving to the faraway scale.
    • Stop losing money from fines for carrying too much.
    • Easily keep an eye on and control the things you use to grow.
    • Don't worry about running out of seeds or fertilizer.
    • Be sure you're getting what you paid for.
    • Save time, use less effort, and make more money.
    • Have peace of mind with a farm scale right in your yard.
    • Keep track of all your stuff with easy-to-use software.
    • Know how much product you're carrying over after seeding time
    • Keep track of inventory - what's coming in off harvest or when moving from one storage bin to another.