July 22


His Commands are Descriptions of Reality…

By Michael Q. Pink

July 22, 2009

That is how Winkie Pratney describes God’s laws. He says they are descriptions of reality. Some of you may not know Winkie, but he was one of the “fathers in our midst” along with Henry Blackaby in Nashville last week. At age 64, Winkie is the world’s oldest teenager, speaking to 500,000 young people a year. He wrote Youth Aflame, the first discipleship manual for youth I had ever seen.

His passion for life and for souls is absolutely contagious and inspiring. I want to share a few snippets Winkie shared with us… Winkie’s father was a cycling enthusiast in New Zealand and at age 86 tried out for the Olympics. He was not allowed to compete due to his age, but had he been allowed, the performance he clocked in the trials would have won him two gold medals and one bronze!

What Winkie’s father had in natural determination has translated into spiritual determination in Winkie’s life. When Winkie got saved in his senior year of high school in New Zealand, he was so moved with compassion for his class mates that he voluntarily repeated his senior year in school just so he could rub shoulders with his fellow students and share Christ with them. That extra year in school he led 100 of his classmates to Christ!

His passion for souls has only intensified since then. In 2007, Winkie contracted some horrible infection while in Korea. He was in a coma for two weeks on death’s door. In fact, he remembers taking his last breath and when he did, he looked around to see Jesus and/or some angels, but he was alone. He asked Jesus where He was because he was so sure he would see Him when he died.

Then suddenly, Winkie became aware of Jesus Christ being in his body, looking out of his own eyes at the room. The reality of Christ in him was never more profound. Winkie’s wife Fae told me how he was delivered from death’s door. Apparently, a woman had mailed them a prayer hankie and advised them to lay it on Winkie and pray for him.

Well Fae, and hundreds of churches worldwide, had been praying for Winkie and yet there he was about to slip into eternity. Faith rose up in Fae and she laid the hankie on Winkie and prayed over him with all the authority she could. Then she left the room to take a much needed break and get some nourishment.

While on this break, the nurses came running to her. Winkie had come out of the coma and was speaking, but the Korean nurses didn’t understand English very well and wanted Fae to see if he was making sense. The bottom line was that Winkie was touched by the Lord and his recovery began, raising him up for active full time service once again.

I had the opportunity to interview both Winkie Pratney and Henry Blackaby and will be posting those video interviews in our Learning Lab soon. The Learning Lab is an online membership training and coaching environment that we will soon be releasing and when we do, I will be passing on more details. I think you will really like it!

Michael Q. Pink

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