God's Best Kept Secrets

For Succeeding in Life & Business Without Breaking a Sweat or Joining The Pack!


  • Tap Into Little Known SUCCESS SECRETS Discovered in BIBLICAL, NATURAL and UNIVERSAL LAW 
  • How to Get God's Riches in Glory (Phil 4:19) Into Spendable Form Here And Now!
  • How To Recover Your God Given Destiny - Even If You've Given Up On It!

Hosted by Michael Q. Pink

Join me on a very special night where I'm going to unpack as many of the 101 of God's Best Kept Secrets I can to help you succeed in life. These secrets have helped tens of thousands walk close with God, win in the the marketplace and be a witness to the nations.

Michael Q. Pink is a leading authority on applying Biblical Wisdom and Natural Law to sales and business. In addition to leading a struggling sales team of three to become the 16th fastest growing company on the INC 500 list, Michael has also written 20 books including, The Bible Incorporated,  Selling Among Wolves,  Rainforest Strategy and 7 Secrets of the Sale which have sold in the hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.

What You'll Be Learning...

  • 3 QUESTIONS (found in Genesis) that have to be answered before you can truly FULFILL YOUR GOD GIVEN DESTINY
  • 3 CONCLUSIONS found in the gospel of John that EVERY PROSPECT MUST REACH before they will buy anything.
  • Specific Biblical STRATEGIES to help you MULTIPLY your income in the next 12 months.
  • The secret to "HIGH PROBABILITY SELLING" found in Matthew 13 and Mark 4
  • The MOSES QUESTIONING STRATEGY found in Numbers 13 for making MORE SALES

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What oTHers Are Saying...

"I cannot think of another "self-help  book" that equals it! 

"Michael Pink’s was 4 volume book set, “GOD’S BEST KEPT SECRETS” has come to us at the right time with answers to guide aspiring entrepreneurs toward the pinnacle of their dreams. It is so packed with insight that I read it twice to absorb the content and I recommend it without reservation."

Dr. Peter J.Daniels

Founder of the World Center for

Entrepreneurial Studies

"This foundational masterpiece

is deep!"

"It's filled with practical business strategies and proven business models, all encoded in the Scripture. It's nothing short of amazing! With easy-to-apply formulas and step-by-step instructions, this book contains over 100 life changing secrets - and it only takes one to change your life."

David & Jason Benham

Best Selling Authors,

Nationally Acclaimed Entrepreneurs

"God’s Best Kept Secrets Is

A WOW book!"

"The culmination of the most important secrets (principles) the LORD has revealed to Michael during his life. Reading any one of the chapters will inspire you. Reading the book will absolutely transform your life and business."

Dr. Joseph Peck


President of Empower 2000

"One of America's

Greatest Teachers..."

You were born with the heart of William Wallace… As one of America’s Greatest Teachers and Evangelists with a destiny to knight businessmen and women in the army of God. It is an honor to know and learn from you. You are one of my hero’s."

John Beehner

CEO, Wise Counsel

"An extraordinary book combining the natural & spiritual"

"...That will allow you to gain incredible insights into the nature of God in a way that will allow you to apply them in your business life for success as well as all areas of your life. Your life will be enriched by reading and applying the principles revealed in this book. Well done Michael!”

Os Hillman

Author of Today God is First,

Founder of Marketplace Leaders

"You are among 'the best'"

"I was prompted to let you know how blessed your God gifted talent as an author inspires me, I say that with credibility after reading thousands upon thousands of books over the last 42 years + doing interviews, you are one of my top 10 best authors. Continue using God’s gift."

Herman Bailey

CTN Host

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