Join us October 12th at the Gaylord Resort, Nashville



Includes our Flagship Assessment™, a total value of more than $450.

Systemize Your Business So It Can Run Profitably WIthout You

Create a Sales Process That Allows You To Scale

Create an Unstoppable Lead Flow

If you've ever dreamed of having a business that runs profitably without you, generating reliable recurring income so you can start your next venture, take a much deserved break, or pull the trigger on a very rewarding exit, this challenge is for you.

Hosted by TEDx Speaker Eric Beck, Who Led The E-Myth Revolution Worldwide With Michael Gerber .


Want to Create an Unstoppable Flow of Quality Leads?

Renowned marketing expert, Trey Sheneman Trey co-founder of two different agencies in the digital marketing arena, with leadership stints at John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, Ramsey Solutions, The ASK Method Company, and GrowthDay, will be speaking on the three phase marketing strategy he's developed to generate tens of millions of dollars of revenue for his clients and you can use to develop a continuous reliable source of valuable leads.

Learn The Sales Strategies That Turned a 3-Man Sales Team Into the 16th Fastest Growing Company on the INC 500 List

Selling is NOT About Telling. It's About Listening. If You're Going to Listen, You Need The Right Strategic Questions to Ask.

The Questioning Strategy Michael Pink teaches has put millions of dollars in his clients hands. Borrowed from an ancient Biblical model, this strategy removes pressure from the equation and creates a conducive buying climate. When combined with his proven E.A.S.Y. Close Sales Process, anyone can succeed.

Besides the INC 500 list accomplishment, Michael has written 20 books, selling in the hundreds of thousands, and hosted a daily radio spot on nearly 200 stations.


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