B.S.A.T. Answer KEY
Biblical Sales Aptitude Test

1. Succeeding in sales requires professionalism. Which profession is most like sales?

2. Which is more important in sales?

3. Which of the following is most likely to influence the customer’s decision to transact business with you?

4. Which of the following skills is the MOST IMPORTANT to develop for sales professionals?

5. When is it okay to misrepresent the facts?

6. What's your LEAST FAVORITE part of the sales process?

7. What's your FAVORITE part of the sales process?

8. Which of the following attributes best describes your communication approach?

9. Which of the following is more persuasive MOST of the time?

10. 90% of the decision rests with the...

11. Why do most customers buy?

12. Check all that apply: What does it USUALLY mean when a prospect won't return your call?

13. Check all that apply: If the prospect says your price is too high, you should...

14. It's okay to withhold certain information if it will hurt your chances of making the sa

15. When should you ask for the order?

16. Never Project Vulnerability in sales

17. Nice guys finish last

18. When a prospect raises an objection, it usually means...

19. I have a sales process that I closely follow

20. Check all that apply: I track the following sales metrics monthly

21. Which is more important?

22. A good work ethic and honesty will make you very successful in sales.

23. As a general rule, when is it appropriate to reveal the cost of your product or service?

24. How many testimonials should you offer?

25. Using pressure tactics can sometimes be a good strategy and should be employed when the buyer is slow to make a decision

26. Check all that apply: When should you use open ended questions?

27. Check all that apply: When should you use close ended questions

28. 60% of the sales are made after the fifth closing attempt

29. The fortune is in the follow up

30. Friendliness is the most important key to success in sales

31. Most prospects make their final decision based on price

32. Being the lowest priced competitor is the strongest position to be in.

33. When a prospect says "NO" to your offer, what should you do?

34. It is NEVER appropriate to bring matters of faith into business discussions

35. People should buy from you if you both are Christians

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