October 12


Are You Super Abounding?

By Michael Q. Pink

October 12, 2009

“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:” 2 Corinthians 9:8

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Paul is telling us that God is able to make all grace super abound toward us so that we, always and at all times, will have thorough sufficiency in everything, so that we may super abound, excel, have enough and with some to spare for every good work. So here’s my question… Are you experiencing that level of super abundance for every good work?

It’s going to take a few blogs to get this across, but let me begin with a couple of basics. First of all, God loves you. He would never, nor could ever lie to you. Therefore we know that His word is true! Yet most are not experiencing what He promises. So many of those who are, only experience it occasionally and when it happens, we get all excited and shout and testify and make a big deal out of it.

Being amazed at God coming through for you is a sure sign of a hard heart. Here’s why… When I tell my wife that I’m depositing funds into the household account, she doesn’t hold her breath hoping against hope that I will follow through, nor does she call all our friends with giddy excitement when I follow through on my promise. She knows and trusts me. But with God, we act surprised like we just won the lottery when He provides abundantly for a pressing need, precisely because we don’t know Him very well, nor do we fully trust Him. After all, His ways are higher than our ways or some such excuse.

Consider this… Jesus was walking across the lake during a storm one night which rather unnerved the disciples, but when He got in their boat and calmed the storm they were amazed beyond measure. Seems like a reasonable reaction, but Scripture says they were so amazed because they understood not the miracle of the loaves and fishes they had just witnessed, for their hearts were hardened. Jesus wants us to be in the place where the miraculous doesn’t astound us. After all, the miraculous is really only the manifestation of laws we weren’t taught in school or seminary.

What looks miraculous to us is not at all miraculous to God. Jesus walked through walls and a host of other things because He operated both by natural laws and by those unseen laws which we are unschooled in, but are accessed by faith. Now this is getting scary, but exciting… I promise you that I have stepped into another level on my journey. It’s as if God has pulled back a curtain and is showing me things that have long mystified me, but now begin to make perfect sense. As I walk in them, my world is changing in measurable and practical ways.

I want to share those with you if you are interested so, I’m inviting you to a private conference call this week. When I say private, I mean about a dozen or so folks on a call so I can know everyone on the call and share what’s really going on and invite you personally to join me on this walk. You will need to be online to see what I have to show you. I will be sending out another email with more details, but spots are filling fast so if you would like to be in on a call with me, please reply to this email so Cheryl, my trusty administrator, can schedule you in on one of the open spots.

Michael Q. Pink

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