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GOD'S WAYS, WORD AND WISDOM for Starting a Business & Succeeding in Sales


Training can take on many forms depending on the corporate culture and the perceived needs of the business owner.


The most common request is for one day of onsite training. This is where I come to your business and take your team through my Biblically based training program, teaching things like:

  • How to Create a Climate of Trust Based on the Life of Jesus,
  • How to Close More Sales by Following the Moses Questioning Strategy
  • Gaining Agreement Using the Motivational Secrets of the Ten Commandments/li>
  • How the Holy Spirit Persuades the Heart
  • Winning the Battle for the Heart Based on the Canaanite Conquest
  • Three Levels of Sales Acceleration Based on the Tabernacle of Moses
  • Powerful Presentation Skills Based on Acts 2
  • How to Adjust Your Attitude & Perception Based on David, Abraham & others

This is training unlike anything you’ve heard. To get an idea of the result it produces, you can watch this video clip…

Customized Sales Training

If you want a customized sales training program that can also be introduced to new sales team members as they join your firm, this may be right for you. We begin by coming in and doing an analysis of your current sales process and then see if there is an ideal process we can standardize for your company.

In the analysis stage, we will make calls with your top performers and/or your typical performers to see the environment they work in every day and become acquainted with their skill level as well as the corporate vernacular. Here is a video my client ( produced from some customized training I did for their organization. (The Charlton Heston intro was their idea.)

Define Your Value Proposition

During this process, we will also see if you have a clearly defined value proposition that can and should be built into every sales presentation. In fact, everything from the opening statement, value proposition, questioning sequence, presentation strategies, handling objections, and closing skills are carefully crafted with your customers, your market niche and your positioning objectives in mind.

This Is Not A Cut And Paste Approach…

Each member of your sales team will end up with one of a limited number of workbooks specifically created for your company. All examples in the workbook of dialogue, correspondence, objection handling, opening remarks, etc., will be from your industry, in the context of the competitors you compete against, with your company’s specific advantage and bias built into the program.

In order to accomplish this, we will need to identify the top objections your sales people face everyday and craft the best possible response, then standardize that in the training. We will work with you to identify the best analogies, word pictures, proof sources, etc to help your sales team close more sales.

The Investment

It is appropriate to consider the investment carefully, but in most cases the investment for training is dwarfed by the results achieved in the next twelve months. As in any investment, there is a direct correlation between initial investment and size of return. The investment for our customized program is proportionate to its value and depends on the size of your sales force and the depth of analysis performed

The Testimony of Others…

I believe that Michael Pink demonstrates the greatest ability ... to integrate Biblical principles into strategies applicable to the selling process. I have heard hundreds of speakers in seminars and conventions... I consider Michael to be the absolute best in his chosen career of marketplace sales training and counseling using Biblical principles.

Colonel Hank Lackey, USAF (Retired), President
Aim at Health, LLC

Michael Pink was a valuable asset to us and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He updated and reformatted our Sales Reporting System which resulted in generating of new sales leads for us. Michael's initiative and creativity came through as he ran our Marketing and Sales Campaign which brought new ideas and leads...

Jay Fant, President & CEO
First Guaranty Bank

We have loved the materials here in the Sales Department at Focus on the Family. There is so much application that it will take awhile to really absorb the materials.

Stephen R. Reed, Sales Manager
Focus on the Family

The information you shared was incredible!

Linnae Young, National Sales Manager
Salem Radio Representatives

Your sales training was superb. The prepared material was precisely targeted to the needs of the group and your presentation was excellent. I was impressed with the depth of your preparation as reflected by the customized training material. Clearly, the days that you spent with us in advance of the training session allowed you to direct the course to those segments that were most relevant to our sales group.

Dan Hobbs, Director of Marketing & Sales
Trilogy Communications, Inc.

Prior to our time together, we had been struggling with sluggish sales and tough recruitment problems. Since then, things have really taken a turn for the better. We are experiencing record sales...we have seen a 56% increase in commercial business and our people are really functioning as a team.

Michael D. Rivers, President/CEO
A-Plus Personnel Services, Inc.

The coaching call you did went just outstanding. I truly hope that we can work together in a significant way over the next several years.

Ron Blue,
Founder of Ron Blue & Company

Thank you for the terrific work last week leading Eastern’s sales seminar. The insights and sales strategies you shared were on target and will help us in our sales efforts.

Kip Miller, President & CEO
Eastern Industrial Supplies

Your involvement in this organization is nothing less than awesome! All of at the Timothy Plan Family of Funds appreciate you more than you probably know.

Stephen M. Ally,
National Marketing Director

Just a short note to say ‘Thank you’ for making our initial Training Program for our District Sales Managers an unqualified success.

Jim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales Training and Business Development
Robert Orr Sysco

The training provided was invaluable and has enabled us to quickly move into a state of high productivity.

Larry Skaggs, Director of Sales
Broadman& Holman Publishing

I want to thank you for your excellent presentation...without a doubt, it far exceeded our expectations! ...Many of the people in attendance have been through a number of sales training seminars prior to yours but remarked that this was the best they had ever participated in. Not only was the material something we could begin applying immediately in a practical way, but it was highly entertaining in content and style.

Carl Jeffrey Wright, President & Chief Operating Officer
Urban Ministries, Inc.

Your customized training manual, written just for us with real life examples in the text and the interaction during the training were top rate and now our sales force is asking more questions and discovering more ways to serve our customers and thus differentiate ourselves from the competition. We have implemented your profoundly effective negotiating strategies in some key ongoing negotiations and were able to arrive at win/win solutions where none appeared to be in sight prior to the training you provided.

Daryle L. Doden, President
Ambassador Steel

Thanks for the awesome message you brought with you to Columbus, Ohio. Your wisdom was just what I was looking for to accelerate my business growth. The biblically-based leadership you demonstrated fits perfectly in my line of work.

David Wahl, District Manager
PFS, Inc.

Your seminar 'Selling Among Wolves' was both informative and inspirational. The anecdotes and your delivery were so engaging that I lost all track of time. The topic was timely and you presented the material in a way that everyone could understand. ...Your presentation drew the audience in and held their attention...

Linda Rump, Director of Graduate Placement Services
University of Miami School of Business

I attended your seminar in Sarasota on Friday.... As an experienced salesperson I felt no desire to attend, but a co-worker asked me to escort her and what really caught my attention was that the course was Bible-based. What a blessing awaited me - God knew what He was doing! Guess what two essential ingredients I've been leaving out of my selling? FAITH (thank you for your constant reminders to us to PRAY and Worship), and LOVE (care for the customer). My spiritual life has been on a roller coaster ride recently and I know God directed me to your seminar through His Holy Spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you and may He bless you and your wife richly as you strive together in His kingdom!

Deborah Flagg, Marketing Representative
Executive Tax Benefits

I have been through several sales training programs from my time with General Electric, and I wanted to comment on how your material brought new insight into my existing knowledge. For long term success, I believe your methods are right on target.

Jeff C. Lovejoy,
Successories of Tennessee

Thank you again for the part you played in making the training conference a success.

Karen D. Vaughan, Director of Training
Ron Blue & Company

Thank you very much for the two days of practical workshops. Your ideas are helping us turn away from being self-centered and re-focus on our customer's needs.

Jim L. Cook, International Sales & Rights Manager
B & H Publishers

I just wanted to say Thank You for your seminar. You are a true blessing to those of us in the business world who think that they can not succeed and still remain focused on the true prize. I am inspired and I am praying about bringing your teachings into our church ministry...

Brian Dorn,

YWords will not express my gratitude for all that you shared with us yesterday. My goal and my mission is to internalize, adapt and implement all that you shared with us. ...Thank you from the depths of my heart for doing what you do and how you make it so all may learn the invaluable truths and principles that GOD has given you to share with others. Again, Michael you have blessed my life beyond compare...


Thank you for sharing your wisdom regarding biblical principles and application in the sales process. I have been searching for something about sales aligned around my personal values and was inspired by your seminar.

Celia RenteriaSzelwach, President
Creative Collaborations Consulting, Inc.

Just wanted to say what a great day you and your organization blessed me with here in St. Louis this past Friday. The presentation was very professional, thought provoking and timely. Even though I am not in sales, I found what you had to say applicable to any area of expertise and life.

David Smith,

You FIRED ME UP. You STIRRED ME. You CHALLENGED ME. Pray that I keep the fire kindled!!!

David G. Lorusso,

I attended your Orlando event and have been using the techniques you promote in my daily business dealings with success. Thank you for taking the time to put these Biblical strategies and principles into the public domain. The training that you and I had, is the basis for most of the training models out there today in the secular world. We have all been taught those methods from early in our careers and I am so glad that God had me respond to your commercial on the radio ... and took the day to hear what you had to say.

Clint Jones,
Sport Fishing Magazine

I just want to say thank you again for the profound presentation you gave us in Jackson. It will be one of my most valued meetings. I look forward to the day when I can generously fund your ministry. I embark on a journey that is packed with wolves seemingly at every turn. I have more faith now to go forth. Thanks.

Easly Quinn,

Someone at our office told me they had heard about you on the radio and that you would be in Wichita giving a FREE sales seminar. I can honestly say that your presentation has awakened something in me that desperately needed mouth to mouth (mouth to heart any ways). ...I have never been more moved to change than I was at your Selling Among Wolves seminar. Your insight in biblical principals has injected me with a new found energy that I had when I began in selling. I know now even more than ever I was made for selling.

Gray Beaushaw, Sales/Marketing Director
U.S. Water News

I've been meaning to write a thank you note to you for the shared knowledge I acquired during your Selling Among Wolves Seminar in Fort Lauderdale last month. ...the Lord has instilled in my heart many of the principles that you shared. It was so comforting to know that my heart has been telling me to do the right thing, even when the world or upper management says to get it done the opposite way. I thank you for your words of encouragement.

Hector M. Jordan, Executive Vice President
World Interactive Network, Inc.

Your conference was very powerful and I really appreciated the fact that you didn't charge $99 or more because I would not have been able to have been there. What you were saying was confirmation on things I believe God has been saying to me thru one other person, and directly out of His word. But when you said it, the power hit me that God does have a good plan for my life and He is with me to get me thru this and I am going to make it and be victorious. You restored hope through the selfless sharing of yourself and because you make yourself so available for God to flow through.

Linda Chaney,
Madison Direct.

I'm still emailing people about what an awesome seminar I went to today... Your presentation has marked me, and I'm so excited about what God is doing in my life. Thank you for being of service to HIM, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You lit a fire under me, and I'm on fire to Learn HIM and seek HIM, and now I know why I've been doing the things I've been doing and what they were leading me up to...Again, THANK YOU !.

Maria Barsh, CRS, GRI, Broker Associate Re/Max 200 Realty
Women's Council of Realtors

I still consider myself a pup in the marketing and selling world, but you have helped me understand areas of selling that have allowed me to WOW clients that are old enough to be my parents and in some cases my grandparents. I am 32 years old and the G. M. of a local Christian broadcasting company in Miami, OK KGLC 100.9FM and KVIS 910AM. I have been with the company for 11 1/2 years. God has used this ministry to help train me for what lies ahead in the future. I share with people how your material not only challenges your thinking in the business world, but also your thinking and conduct as a family man, member of your church, and a member of your community. I tell them the wealth of growth you will experience if you apply these principles far out weights the investment in the resource. Thanks for your ministry to the selling world. ( I hope you realize that what you are doing is not only changing the world of marketing, but the whole of the people that will dare to apply what God has shown you).

Robert B. Suman,
Eagle Broadcasting

...Michael offered the most personalized attention for a company our size (sales staff of seven). He came along side us to assess our needs and design a custom program. We were not interested in just a "program" for a sales training course. We set a goal for ongoing coaching to ensure the sales reps will implement the proven sales principles... We also supplemented the initial training by providing the reps with a copy of Michael's Selling Among Wolves 12-cassette audio coaching program.

Doug Peters, Director of Sales & Marketing
Sun Ohio, Inc.

I have already used your value statement with several clients and the response has been tremendous.

Stephanie McKenna, Account Manager
Salem Radio Representatives

It was a pleasure to work with you and advance the better sales principles into our organization. In addition, you were well accepted by our team and I anticipate great results from our sales group.

Steve Shelby, Sales Manager
Nordson Corporation

The motivation factor was outstanding.

Faye Parks,
One Stop Supply

Your material is both useful and compelling . . . It's clear that God used you to make an indelible impression on our company.

Tom Perrault, Account Manager
Salem Radio Representatives

I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with both the training and the field work you did with us. The seminar was excellent in content and superb in presentation. The information has already had an impact on our thinking and our performance. As you know, we have a mature sales force, many of whom were set in their ways and we were somewhat skeptical, though hopeful, of how your unique, question-based approach could help us in our extremely competitive market.

Daryle L. Doden, President
Ambassador Steel

I want to thank you for helping us as business owners lay out procedures to meet our goals and holding us accountable in the process. Your maintaining the relationship with us has been a real key to this whole process.

Doug McDaniel, CPA
President, EFP