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My View About Public Speaking

Public speaking is about communicating value with impact. It’s the transference of passion. It must be relevant, authentic and impactful. It’s less about style and more about substance.


For me, effective communication involves the use of true and compelling stories that connect with the audience and inspire them to live life on a higher level.

To have a successful event, you will want a capable, experienced public speaker whose message and worldview fits with the audience and who understands what the host and the audience desire and expect from that presentation.

What Has Influenced My Worldview

Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”. What goes in, is what comes out. Here is what has been filling my tank for the last several decades…

1. Scripture: Without doubt the single biggest influence on my life has been the Word of God. The Scriptures are life to me. I love to study God’s Word and discover models, strategies and principles for life. It is my primary textbook.

2. God: Right along with God’ss Word is spending time in His presence. For me, they are inseparable. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would teach us and lead us into all truth. I depend on Him to open His word and give me understanding.

3. Creation: I love to study what God has made. Paul made mention of that in Romans 1:20 and Solomon was perhaps the greatest student of God’s creation and became the wisest of men.

4. Others: I have also been greatly stirred by the lives of men like D.L. Moody and George Washington Carver, George Mueller and Booker T. Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, Zig Ziglar and Henry Parsons Crowell. If you don’t know some of these men, they are well worth Googling.

My Speaking Background

I have spoken in arenas with the rich and famous (which is not all it’s cracked up to be) as well as at numerous Christian conferences and too many to count corporate functions.

For the last quarter century I’ve also spoken at universities here and abroad, churches large and small of every denominational stripe, mens meetings, civic groups, and retreats of various kinds.

Furthermore, I have hosted several conferences and brought speakers in, so I fully understand what is needed, wanted and expected when a speaker is invited in. Here are a couple of clips. One is my event and the other was with the largest seminar event company in the world…

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My Most Common Topics

imageThat really depends on the audience. I am known for teaching the power and practicality of God’s Word as it relates to sales and business. I have also spoken frequently about the rainforest as a business model, for high productivity from little capital.

In a church setting, I have done many Bible Incorporated Seminars, teaching people how and why they should incorporate God’s Word into their life, job & business. Judy focuses more on the “life” teaching and I focus on the job and business application.

As a result, I have spoken at anything from Full Gospel Business Men’s meetings to Fellowship of Companies for Christ with Henry Blackabee (of Experiencing God renown) in Jamaica to a variety of local Christian Chambers of Commerce around the country. I’ve received plenty of good press coverage when doing public seminars for Selling Among Wolves.

I love to connect people to a closer or even a first time walk with Jesus Christ. Having buried my first born child, my father and my wife of 24 years, I am not only acquainted with grief, but have experiencedthe power of God’s touch upon my soul through His Word in a remarkable way to take away that grief.

I know what it means to exchange ashes for beauty, mourning for the oil of joy and the spirit of heaviness for the garment of praise. Now remarried, my wife Judy who has had similar experiences, travels and ministers with me to help others recover from a broken heart and step into a life of meaning and joy, connected intimately with the Savior.

My Promise To You

1. A personal phone consultation in advance of your event to understand the outcomes you are seeking, the audience I will be addressing and the subject matter you are considering having me address.

2. If your event is open to the public, I will announce it on my blog and social media outlets.

3. I will give it my all and pour myself 100% into reaching your audience and creating an impact with eternal implications.

4. A downloadable summary of the points I will be covering including useful links and any PowerPoint slides I may use.

5. Listen to your feedback to make sure your expectations were met and to learn what could be better next time.

Call 941-377-8118 to start the conversation or email me at

The Testimony of Others…

How you correlated our everyday business activities with the Outer Court / Inner Court / Holy of Holies was masterful! We received numerous comments from attendees about the deep effect that your words had on their personal lives and on their paradigms of their business activities. They were both challenged and inspired to make changes in how they live! One of the consistent comments about the event was how you were so very REAL! Well done!

Tom Burtness,
Strategic Christian Services

On behalf of Coral Ridge Ministries, Dr. D. James Kennedy, and the CENTER FOR RECLAMING AMERICA, please accept our heartfelt thanks in the 2005 Reclaiming America for Christ conference, and for your personal inspiration you brought to the conference through your unique witness and your Action Plan. Through your exhortation and information, attendees have been motivated, encouraged, and equipped to go back to their communities with their new tools and guidelines to make a difference for Christ!

Barbara Collier, National Field Director
Center for Reclaiming America

Thank you so very much for sharing with our congregation this evening. It was certainly a pleasure having you, and your ministry was an inspiration and blessing to our lives.

Rev. Dr. Michael Crichlow, Senior Assistant Pastor
The People’s Cathedral, Barbados

God has truly blessed you with a ministry in the realm of business and personal achievement. You did an outstanding job on COPE! The way you communicated with our viewers through the medium of television was impressive.

Karen J. Hayter, Producer / Host
COPE on American Christian Television System

The membership has overwhelmingly expressed their joyful appreciation for the time and energy you poured into your presentation. Personally, I was blessed to overflowing.

Mark A. Minnella, CFS, President

The information you shared was incredible!

Linnae Young, National Sales Manager
Salem Radio Representatives

Thank you again for the part you played in making the training conference a success.

Karen D. Vaughan, Director of Training
Ron Blue & Company

Thank you for joining us as our Guest Speaker at the meetings for the Christian Chamber of Southwest Florida, Inc. Your presentation was very inspiring to those of us who had the pleasure of hearing you. We know that our communities are being blessed as a result of people like you.

Christian Chamber of Southwest Florida, Inc.,

Your seminar 'Selling Among Wolves' was both informative and inspirational. The anecdotes and your delivery were so engaging that I lost all track of time. The topic was timely and you presented the material in a way that everyone could understand. ... Your presentation drew the audience in and held their attention...

Linda Rump, Director of Graduate Placement Services
The University of Miami School of Business

I want to thank you for your excellent presentation...without a doubt, it far exceeded our expectations! ...Many of the people in attendance have been through a number of sales training seminars prior to yours but remarked that this was the best they had ever participated in. Not only was the material something we could begin applying immediately in a practical way, but it was highly entertaining in content and style.

Carl Jeffrey Wright, President & Chief Operating Officer
Urban Ministries, Inc.

Michael's approach did prepare the soil so to speak by softening hearts to be teachable and trainable. Many of his stories were inspirational and entertaining from his real life experiences in the sales field. We were more than pleased with Michael's overall effort.

Doug Peters, Director of Sales & Marketing

Your sales training Monday was superb. The prepared material was precisely targeted to the needs of the group and your presentation was excellent.

Dan Hobbs, Director of Marketing & Sales
Trilogy Communications, Inc.

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. I've been in sales for a long time and have attended a lot of presentations, but heard things in yours I'd never heard before. It was also refreshing to hear Biblical truths and specific scripture as the foundation for your teachings. Thank you again...

Sheryl Akin,
Incode CMS Division

It was an absolute joy to have you as our main speaker at our recent men's retreat. All of us were uplifted and inspired. Thank you for your freshness and openness. It was good to hear from one who was so open and candid. Your willingness to take risks and to try the unusual in your life was truly a challenge to us. Thank you for a delightful presentation.

W.D. Thomason,
Green Hill Baptist Church