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Taking Back the Gates of Commerce MP3

Even Though We’ve Had a Leadership Change, HIS Leadership Has NOT Changed

The importance of taking back the gates of commerce to use wealth and influence to shape the culture has never been more critical.

I asked 11 top Christian business leaders to pass on their wealth of knowledge for succeeding in business as if it were there last chance to speak to their only heir. What they shared rocked everyone in attendance.

Friends…The Battle to Impact the Culture with the Kingdom of God is Heating up Fast. THE STAKES HAVE NEVER BEEN HIGHER!

It takes resources to fight this battle and we want to help you with a remarkable resource that will help you increase your resources so you can use them as God directs for your family and in the battle for the culture.

Let’s face it. Getting ahead in life is tough. Those who have made it are either reluctant or too busy to pass on their wealth of knowledge and wisdom to others. But in Ft. Lauderdale a while back there was an extraordinary event. Michael Pink Gathered Eleven of the Most Successful Christian Business Leaders to Sum Up the Most Important Lessons They Knew About Success — and Pass it on as if it Were Their Last Conversation With Their Only Heir…

What happened that day was special.

The conference was called Taking Back the Gates of Commerce. And everybody who sat in the Broward Convention Center that day agreed that it was an event like no other.

The Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of the 11 presenters — weaving a common thread through the presentations that made every session seem to build on the one before it… in a way that can’t be orchestrated by man.

And when that special day was over… well… just TRY to imagine 750 Christians — all returning to their homes with renewed vision for this nation and new energy for their work! The impact these attendees made on their businesses, their communities and their ministries is impossible to measure.

Other conferences have come and gone, but there was something special about that day.

I have a unique chance for you to learn the secrets that were shared that day, but first let me share what exactly was talked about.

Heres what you missed…

  • Pat Williams — the co-founder of the Orlando Magic and named as one of the 50 most influential people in NBA history — spoke about putting together winning teams.
  • Harry Green, featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, Investor’s Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal — spoke about raising capital for your business. The late Mr. Green was the founder and CEO of the second-fastest growing privately held company in America — at a five year growth rate exceeding 14,900%!
  • John D. Beckett, author of Loving Monday, is the chairman of R.W. Beckett Corporation — the largest manufacturer of residential oil burners in the world. He spoke on building excellence and loyalty.
  • Scott Sanders, the 30 year old who went from pounding shingles on other people’s houses to $200 million in real estate holdings in about 3 years riveted the audience with his story of humility and dependence upon God.
  • Kent Humphreys, chairman of American Health acquired 23 companies in 30 years while owning a national distribution firm. He is also a successful real estate owner and a venture capitalist in manufacturing. He spoke on growing your company through acquisition while balancing your life.
  • Or how about Rick Zachmann, owner of Life Associates, (a Government Agency Retirement Planning Company), a small Midwest airline and a very successful trucking company. It wasn’t that many years ago when he and his wife were looking for money to buy diapers for their new baby. His story will captivate you.
  • Did I fail to mention Daryle Doden? He started his $300 million steel company out of a pay phone! He spoke on the pitfalls of wealth and how to avoid them. Michael Pink taught on how to close more sales by asking more of the right questions. Dr. Ray Charles, renowned spiritual coach and trusted advisor to many CEO’s and pastors spoke the deep things of God on How to be Tactically Positioned for Fruitfulness. Dennis Peacocke and Eric Beck received the strongest praise as they spoke with an apostolic authority that held the audience in a vice grip of rapt attention.

That once-in-a-lifetime teaching is now available for you… today.

The 750 people who attended have already benefited in enormous ways by what they learned that day. We want to open the gates, and put this material in the hands of as many Christian leaders as possible.

Imagine if we could take the impact those 750 people have made, and multiply it.

What if we could get this program in the hands of 750,000 Christian leaders? What kind of impact could we make in this nation for Christ?

That’s why we decided to publish every minute of this valuable training in a format that YOU can use. We made it into a 5-Disc CD audio set, as well as a 3-Disc DVD video set. You can get the training you missed, and soak it in from your favorite easy chair, or listen to it while driving to work.

Every minute of training from the “Taking Back the Gates of Commerce” conference is packed onto this unprecedented collection!

In order to assure we could get it in as many hands as possible, we priced it a lot less than we’d normally charge for audio or video training.

What an Opportunity to Get Teaching That Will Change the Marketplace for Tomorrow TODAY!!


Taking Back the Gates of Commerce MP3


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