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Rainforest Strategy (PDF Book)

Rainforest Strategy is a revolutionary way of approaching life and business that will put you on the fast track to regaining control of your time, your money and your life. Listen. The rainforest is a system… the most productive, diverse and fruitful ecosystem on the planet – despite having limited capital (topsoil) to work with. How it produces so much abundance from relative scarcity – all at the speed of peace – is what every business person needs to know!

According to Zig Ziglar, “business leaders at all levels can benefit from Rainforest Strategy”. Following the strategies contained in this book will allow you to function in a zone where you are no longer the slave, but the master. Where you can acquire products or services of high value without cash and without bartering. You will learn the secret of value swapping which enables you to acquire something you have in ready supply for something you really need but can’t afford. In this book I share how this strategy got me a $63,000 full page ad in one of the top business magazines in the world without spending a penny!

Or consider this…

What if you could learn seven techniques, any of which could help you grow ten times faster beginning immediately? Those same techniques would eliminate your sense of time debt and liberate you to be free from other forms of debt much faster. It’s a Rainforest Strategy we call the “No Pest Zone”! This scientifically proven information will give you control back of your life and your schedule now!

Inside this book you will also discover:

The single most important thing that powers the rainforest and helped Jack Welch grow General Electric by over $1 billion every three weeks for 20 years!

The secret every leaf in the rainforest is governed by that will allow you to produce wealth quietly and consistently while maintaining a state of peace and how without that secret you will always wonder why your growth is limited, why you keep hitting an invisible barrier and why you never reach your goals.

The unseen predator that can destroy you and your business when you are most vulnerable and how you can protect yourself from that predator whenever it comes.

That timing is not about luck. There are short cycles, long cycles and grand cycles and if you don’t know which one you are in, or which ones your business and your industry and the economy are in, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Getting it right allows you to ride a wave of momentum that most people miss. We call it the Strangler Fig Phenomenon.

What one thing a rainforest plant will invest resources in no matter how bad things get or how limited resources are, and how investing wisely in that one thing may seem counter intuitive but will actually insure the survival of your business in the midst of tough times. We call it the Orchid Element.

Look At What People You Know Are Already Saying…

Order the book now that Gulf Coast Business Review says “will transform your business” and Pat Williams, Senior VP of the Orlando Magic says “you’ll be fascinated”. Peter Lowe, (president of the largest seminar company in the world), Get Motivated says, “These rapid-growth business strategies adapted from the rainforest are simply brilliant!”


Rainforest Strategy (PDF Book)



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