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Christian Wealth Building MP3

Christian Wealth Building
A Candid Look at Rich Church – Poor Church
It’s Not About Toys and Trinkets Anymore
It’s About Influence, Destiny and the Soul of a Nation!

Are You Called to be an Economic Warrior?

God is raising up “sons in the marketplace,” mature men and women who are no longer enamored by the hollow lure of riches for riches sake, but instead are burdened by the rapid decline of Biblical values once embraced by so many. These economic warriors know they are called to the marketplace and desperately want to be equipped to fight the good fight on the job and in the business arena.

Let’s face it, we know the rich get richer, but most of us don’t know how they do it, or we would already be doing it and not taking the time to learn about Biblical wisdom to give us an advantage in this battle for control of the planet’s resources.

Learn How John Muratori’s 11-Year-Old Son Began a Successful Internet Business…

When I read Rich Church – Poor Church by John Muratori, I was lit! It’s possibly the best book on the subject of Christians and wealth I have read. But I wanted more! I invited John to do a six-hour teleseminar with me so we could pull out a lot more detail. I wanted to know real examples of wealth building that he has practiced and how he is raising his children to be entrepreneurs. Wait till you hear the story of how his 11 year old son made hundreds of dollars per month in his own innovative business that tied into his passion. (He raises poison dart frogs and sells them on the internet!)

This is Not About Giving to Get – It’s About Tapping Into Biblical Laws for Wealth Creation

The 6-hour teleseminar takes you deep into the Biblical foundation and motivation for obtaining wealth and frees you from the causes of poverty unlike anything I have ever heard. This is not another sermon on how you can become rich if you just send your money to some questionable TV ministry. It is not another discussion on the topic of tithing. That’s a given. This goes into what to do with the other 90% and how to make the most out of limited resources.

Why Grow by Addition When Scripture Teaches us to Multiply?!?!

In this seminar, John Muratori shares one example of how he and his wife turned an income tax refund of $1,500 into over $50,000 in just one year! How they did that is not something you will hear at any investment seminar. This one practice alone can make a huge difference in your life. In fact, learning just one thing from this seminar and applying it could yield a lifetime of rewards. Sound interesting?

Here’s what you will learn…

  • Why the Heathen Prosper and the Church Isn’t And How Knowing Why Makes ALL the Difference!
  • The REAL “Golden Rule” and How it Really Works
  • The 7 “Mind Molders” or “Gates” That Control What Comes in or out of a City
  • How Knowing the Jewish Roots of Capitalism and Abstract Economics Can Give You Leverage Today
  • The Twelve Laws of Wealth Creation
  • How to Number Your Days, Minimize Your Losses and Get Back in the Game
  • The Most Powerful Law of Branding and How You Can Build Your Own.
  • Principles of Management to Bring Order out of Chaos
  • The Law of Diversification and How to Get Money Working For You.

It Would Cost THOUSANDS for a Day with These Men

John Muratori and Michael Pink are paid thousands of dollars just to speak for an hour to business leaders and even more for consulting. But now you can get 6 hours of audio coaching in this seminar for only $97 on CD and $77 on MP3. That’s a remarkably small investment for what you will receive in return.

John Louis Muratori is a sought after speaker with a unique message that crosses denominational and cultural barriers. He is a recognized authority in organizational management and strategic planning, advising numerous agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Mental Health. John has consulted many national ministries and mentors CEO’s, millionaires, and ministers across the nation. John is the founder and president of multiple companies and non-profit corporations. John is the Sr. Pastor of Calvary Life Family Worship Center in Cheshire, CT. He is also the Executive Director of Turning Point Christian Center, a nationally acclaimed faith-based substance abuse rehabilitation program. John has authored several books, including Seven Women Shall Take Hold of One Man and Rich Church Poor Church. He resides with his wife Carmela and two boys in Connecticut.


Christian Wealth Building MP3



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