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GOD'S WAYS, WORD AND WISDOM for Starting a Business & Succeeding in Sales

MPI Christian Business Institute Boot Camp

Applying Biblical Truth and Natural Law

To Sales, Marketing and Business Processes

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 A Two Day BOOT CAMP to Revolutionize Your Marketing, Radically Increase Yours Sales and Firmly Establish Your Business.


Ministry Folks Have More Vision Than Provision.

Many times, their supporters are tapped out or experiencing financial lack, though they tithe and give. They’re looking for the “miracle in the mail” when all the time God has put the power to obtain wealth in their hands. (Deuteronomy 8:18) He has opened the windows of Heaven and is willing to teach them HOW to profit (Malachi 3:10, Isaiah 48:17), but they don’t know how to access what God is making available. God’s people and their dreams are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

Let’s Change That By…

Providing solid, proven, Biblically based teaching on business related topics that will help participants excel in their work, increase their revenues and grow their businesses.

People need three things to succeed.

  1. Effort: Hard work. Diligence. The value of a good work ethic has been largely lost.
  2. Motivation: It’s the fruit of vision. Without motivation, nothing moves.
  3. Knowhow: It’s the great advantage. The person with knowledge has power at their disposal that others don’t.

Those three things; effort, motivation and knowhow in combination, always develop skill, increase wisdom and build wealth. Effort is up to them, but we can renew their motivation and show them the way to generate provision with a kingdom agenda. For details on the 14 sessions covered in this seminar, continue reading below this section, but here is the summary…

People will leave the seminar with these major takeaways…
  1. Highly effective strategies for increasing productivity
  2. Practical skills to improve sales
  3. A high level of vision fueled motivation
  4. Specific marketing strategies that work.
  5. Technical skills for how to make a presentation
  6. How to develop a sustainable business model
  7. A Biblical pattern for strategic planning
  8. High level negotiation skills
  9. The ability to be more persuasive
  10. A renewed passion for the Lord and for souls.

The MPI Christian Business Institute offers a truly unique, one-of-a-kind seminar experience you won’t see elsewhere. If you are interested in learning how you can bring this seminar to your city, please scroll to the bottom of this page or send an email inquiry to or call 877-293-2556

Now, take a look for yourself…

Day 1

1. Seven Laws of Increase: How to Turn the Corner on Poverty

This teaches incontrovertible laws of nature that bring about increase in the natural world. They are not fluff. They are real and immediately applicable. More than twenty years ago I asked the Lord why I wasn’t experiencing the provision I believed was promised in Philippians 4:19.

As I walked through the woods, He asked me where the tree got its wood from?  When I confessed my ignorance, He told me that when I understood where the tree got its wood from, I would understand how to access the riches in Heaven referenced in Philippians. I went immediately from the woods to the public library. What I eventually found out will astound you.

  • Know Your Metron
  • Define Your Value Proposition
  • Beliefs, Attitudes & Values That Promote Growth, Provide Strength & Resist Disease
  • The Absolute Necessity of Vision
  • The Power of Knowledge & Information Systems
  • Service: The Evidence of Love
  • The Reward of Diligent, Consistent Effort


2. The 7-Fold Genesis Mandate For Flourishing on the Earth

God gave Adam and Eve a mandate to be fruitful and multiply. He also gave them FIVE other keys. Knowing these fundamentals and applying them are key for anyone who wants to excel in their work or start and manage a business.

  • In the BeginningIn The Beginning
  • Becoming Fruitful
  • Multiply the Franchise
  • Know Your Boundaries
  • Be a Leader in Your Market Space
  • Subdue Your Lower Nature
  • Master Your Thoughts
  • Selecting the Right Team


3. How to Develop a Strategic Vision For Your Life & Business

Anyone can have a vision, but God only blesses what He originates. In other words, God is not going to bless your vision if it is all about fulfilling the lusts of your flesh or someone else’s for that matter. So before you learn the practical steps of laying out a strategic vision, you need to know how to see what God sees.

This session deals with the source of your vision and what in fact you should have a vision for. It is not just about business. This session provides clarity and when folks have clarity, they can take action. When they take action, they can receive correction along the way and enjoy the opportunity for success.

  • Lion portrait on savanna landscape background and Mount KilimanjNo Vision – No Direction / Know Vision – Know Direction
  • See What God Sees
  • See Yourself Rightly
  • Look For The Design
  • The Lies We Believe
  • The W.O.R.S.H.I.P. Order for Life
  • How to Get F.O.C.U.S.E.D.
  • 7 Questions You Need To Answer to Define The Vision


4. Multiplication vs Fractionalization (7 Factors of Multiplication You Should Know)

This session removes the mystery of the 100-fold return. God’s people and people in financial lack are often caught in the cycle of fractionalization. That is where they are shooting for a percent return on their investment such as 5% or 10%, etc. But God said to multiply and He put in place certain things that only know how to multiply.

Based on that premise, we examine seven factors that need to be considered and implemented into your plan that are built on the premise of multiplication.

  • Rabbits. Beauty Art Design of Cute Little Easter Bunny in the MeThe Business Principle of the 100-Fold Return
  • Profitability
  • Velocity
  • Frequency
  • Scalability
  • Feasibility
  • Probability
  • Leveragability


5. The Butterfly Principle: Four Stages of Development For Every Business

There is an amazing principle lived out in nature everyday. It is the principle of succession. It’s the four step process of growth every business, every person goes through if they are to reach their full potential.

Perhaps nothing more clearly demonstrates that than the Monarch butterfly because not only does it go through a four step process – twice, but every fourth generation accomplishes more than the previous three. It’s stunning and highly instructive.

  • The Principle of FourMonarch Butterfly
  • The Fourth Generation
  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Improvement
  • Renewal



6. What Noah Taught us About Strategic Planning

Noah was given the task to preserve his family and the animal kingdom. He was going to be facing the storm of all ages and he had to prepare for many eventualities. The planning it took to provide food just for his family for all those months was something, but then to accommodate all those birds and animals was another thing altogether.

The strategic nature of the planning he did is evident and makes a great model for anyone planning a business, a move, a launch of a new ministry, etc. This series uncovers 12 practical pieces to that puzzle anyone can benefit from.

  • Noah's ArkEvaluation
  • Decision Making
  • Define Your Strategy
  • Preparation
  • Delegation
  • Know Your Mission
  • Counting the Cost
  • Adjusting to Unfolding Details


7. What the 7 Days of Creation Teach us About Business

This came out of a time when I asked the Lord to share with me how He got His business (Planet Earth) up and running. The order in which things were done and the rationale for doing so, make perfect sense to any entrepreneur.

This session discusses important things like short term profits (vegetables) vs long term profits (fruit trees) and why the first things mentioned were the vegetables. It reveals profound insights into picking your team based on the types of animals God gave Adam to be in dominion over.

  • Michaelangelo's "the Creation Of Adam"God Knows Business: Almighty & Sons
  • Day 1: Know the Vision
  • Day 2: Define the Organizational Structure
  • Day 3: Operating Strategy
  • Day 4: Management Principles
  • Day 5: Sales & Marketing
  • Day 6: Picking Your Team
  • Day 7: Let Your Systems Run


Day 2

1. What the Rainforest Teaches us About How to Flourish

In 2005, the Lord invited me to Panama. While there, not knowing why I was actually there, He spoke to me in a quiet time and said, “Son, everything you need to learn about business, you can learn in the rainforest.” To say I was surprised was an understatement!

I checked and there were no business seminars being held in the rainforest. When I got home, I googled two words in combination… rainforest & business. To my surprise the CEO emeritus of Mitsubishi America co-authored a book on that subject already. So I began to study the subject.

The first thing I learned to my surprise was that the soil in the rainforest was shallow and of poor quality. That begged the question… How does God get abundance from scarcity? The answer to that question is what every business needs to know, so I traveled to many tropical rainforests, met with botanists, scientists, capitalists and economists. What I learned will blow your mind.

  • Clear, Fast Flowing River Moving Through The Tropical Rain ForesHow to Create Abundance From Scarcity
  • Waste Nothing
  • Abundance Principles from the Rainforest
  • Grow Towards the Light
  • How to Set Up a No Pest Zone for Maximum Productivity
  • Defeating the Pathogen Problem
  • The Photosynthesis of Ideas: Turning Vision into Provision
  • The Brazil Nut Effect: How to Get Way More For Your Money!


2. What Isaiah’s Prophecy Concerning the Messiah Teaches us About Marketing

In Isaiah 11, the prophet  identified 7 things that would characterize the coming Messiah. They would be traits that would reveal His coming. It was imperative that the Messiah be easily distinguished and readily known.

Understanding those seven manifestations of the Messiah make for an excellent model for marketing any product or person you want to introduce to the world.

  • MarketingSeven Elements of All Marketing
  • Know Your Target
  • Articulate Their Pain
  • Keep it Simple
  • Stir the Heart
  • Satisfy the Brain
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Substantiate Your Claims


3. The Seven Laws of Persuasion – How the Holy Spirit Persuades the Heart

Jesus said the Holy Spirit would convict or convince the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment. Those three things are fundamentally essential for bringing anyone to a place of decision. When put in business language, they are profoundly important for persuading anyone.

However, they must be done in the context of other factors which the Holy Spirit demonstrates as is portrayed in Scripture. By patterning our persuasion efforts after the Holy Spirit we steer away from manipulation and towards helping folks make quality decisions in their own best interest.

  • PersuasionHe Will Convict (Convince) The World
  • Awaken the Need Before You Proceed
  • Comfort Their Pain & Reveal Their Gain
  • Flow With Your Gift to Get a Lift
  • Show and Tell to Sell
  • Be Bold to Win the Gold
  • Relieve Their Bind by Renewing Their Mind
  • Gently Guide Without Pride


4. What the Tabernacle of Moses Teaches us About Leadership and Success

The Tabernacle of Moses was a replica of something real in Heaven. God gave Moses a blueprint which he followed to the letter. Understanding the characteristics of the Outer Court, Inner Court and Holy of Holies and what made them distinct will change your life forever – if applied.

The business and leadership lessons from this model have done more to help me and my clients than just about anything. I cannot overstate its importance and value.

  • TabernacleThe Threefold Principle
  • The Character Issue
  • The Competence Issue
  • Walking as a Son (As many as are led by the Spirit of God…)
  • What Power the Word
  • Integrating Prayer Into Your Work and Business Life
  • Unlocking The Supernatural in Your Business


5. Thirty-One Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul found himself in jail with a guy named Onesimus. Turns out, Onesimus was a runaway slave who belonged to a friend of Paul’s. Paul led Onesimus to Christ and then wrote an incredible letter with the intention and effect of not only freeing that slave from slavery, but also welcoming him back as though he were a good friend.

The carefully constructed letter Paul wrote to Philemon contains dozens of practical lessons that are highly instructive for anyone negotiating anything. The secrets in this series have made millions of dollars of difference to some folks and many others have benefitted in life changing ways.

  • PaulThree Kinds of Principles
  • Winning the Battle for the Heart
  • Invest in the Relationship
  • Reveal Your Position of Strength
  • Clarify the Topic of Concern
  • Re-Direct Opinion With Well Chosen Words
  • Reveal Other Available Options
  • Much more!


6. The Moses Questioning Strategy: Closing More Sales by Asking More Questions

Selling is not about telling. It’s about listening. So if you are going to actually purpose to listen to your customer or prospect, you should have some good questions to ask them. Not just any questions, but questions that are strategic in nature, that reveal flaws in their arguments and genuine needs they may have.

This one sales strategy has done more than almost any strategy I know to increase sales for my clients. IF done correctly, it takes the pressure off the “close” because customers are led to a decision by their own answers and often “close” the deal themselves. Not that you don’t bring someone to a point of decision, but there is no need to pressure anyone into making a decision to buy your product.

  • MosesWhy Question?
  • Four Components of Good Questions
  • 12 Keys to Compassionate Listening
  • Five Kinds of Questions
  • Find the P.A.I.N.
  • Circumstantial Questions
  • Competitive Questions
  • Customer Questions


 7. The Peter Presentation: How To Win Over Skeptics and Gain Converts!

I once asked the Lord if there was a presentation in the Bible, made to a group of people that had a successful outcome where there was a transcript available. Most conversations in the Bible are sound bytes. Then I came across Peter’s presentation in Acts chapter 2.

He was faced with a hostile audience with predisposed ideas in contrast with his. He asked them to make a decision that could cost them their friends, their family, their resources, even their very life. What he presented under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, caused 3000 people to make that very big and very public decision. What was in that presentation, every communicator needs to know.

  • PeterBody language
  • Back-up Resources
  • Identify Who You Are Addressing
  • Dispense With Any Major Objections Early On
  • The Power of Historical Credibility
  • Make a Powerful Impression
  • Bring Them to a Clear Conclusion
  • A Full Evaluation of Acts Chapter 2 as a Model for Effective Presentations



Morning Session

8:30 -9:00                Worship

9:00 – 9:50              Session 1

9:50 – 10:40             Session 2

10:40 – 10:55            BREAK

10:55 – 11:45             Session 3

11:45 – 12:45             LUNCH

Afternoon Session

12:45 – 1:00              Worship

1:00 – 1:50                Session 4

1:50 – 2:00               BREAK

2:00 – 2:50              Session 5

2:50 – 3:40               Session 6

3:40 – 4:00               BREAK

4:00 – 4:50               Session 7

4:50 – Closing          MINISTRY



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Bring this seminar to your Christian business group such as the Christian Chamber of Commerce to attract new members and provide great value to existing members.


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The following is the standard two day format. Content can be modified, times can be adjusted, and days can be shortened.

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