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GOD'S WAYS, WORD AND WISDOM for Starting a Business & Succeeding in Sales

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ICBI Logo.jpgThe Purpose of the International Christian Business Institute is…

To help you succeed in the marketplace while strengthening your walk with God. This is a fully integrated approach where faith and works collide to produce remarkable results and where God gets the glory. It is our intention to raise up Godly entrepreneurs and revenue generators who will be intentional about leveraging their spoils to advance God’s kingdom.

We will accomplish this by teaching you how to apply Biblical truth and natural laws to the business process. Just like Solomon, we can learn much by studying the way God does things, how they operate and the systems that make them flourish, despite the obstacles they often encounter. We will use the Bible as our printed textbook for obtaining wisdom and knowledge, and the natural world as God’s illustrated textbook for gaining understanding.

The course materials presented here are largely focused on the revenue generation side of business. I will not be teaching cash flow management, accounting or HR related topics, though I may from time to time invite experts in to speak to those topics.

When I Speak of Revenue Generation, I am Thinking of Three Things…

  1. Idea Transformation:The process of transforming a worthy idea into a profitable revenue stream
  2. Marketing:How to get noticed and taken seriously in a world of flash and hype
  3. Sales:How to close way more sales doing business God’s way. (Includes over 100 sales related Bible studies)

A Few of The Things You Can Expect to Learn About Business…

  1. How the creation of the world according to Genesis is a business model for setting up structure and bringing order out of chaos.
  2. How the Tabernacle of Moses is a business model for personal development and leadership
  3. How the process of turning a seed into a tree is an incredible model for teaching the systems, structure and flow of resources for any startup company that wants to flourish like a tree
  4. How the rainforest teaches incredible lessons for adaptation that any business can apply and experience great productivity and abundance despite having minimal capital.
  5. How the book of Proverbs offers incredible insights into the management of people and things.
  6. How to make a powerful presentation to a hostile audience and secure a favorable outcome based on Acts 2
  7. How the communication skills that Jesus demonstrated can be applied easily in today’s business environment.
  8. How to close more sales by asking more questions
  9. How anyone can achieve success by tapping into their fallow ground.
  10. How the right “actions”,(physical activities) can produce a 30-fold return, the right “ways”(aligning your mind with the mind of Christ while faithfully executing the right activities) can produce a 60-fold return and the right “heart” (fully persuaded heart) can produce the 100-fold return.


Multiple webinar times for your convenience


In the process of taking this course you will be drawn into a closer, more dependent walk with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. It is my hope that your heart will burn with a zeal to see Salvation come to the nations and that you will play a bigger role in that.

To attend an upcoming webinar detailing curriculum and school tuition, check availability here. Affiliate opportunities and partial scholarships are available to interested parties.